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Ploss-Bartels report on sexual gourmandism

“The lower in civilization a tribe is, the more frequently lasciviousness and animalistic sensuality are manifested. Many primitive peoples use excessive stimulants to arouse female lust. On the island of Pohnpei (West Carolines), it is considered a special mark of feminine beauty for the smaller labia to be lengthened considerably. The man arouses lust in the woman by grabbing the lengthened labia with his teeth, in order to stretch them further, and, as Kubary reports, some men go so far as to insert a fish into the vulva in order to lick it out again bit by bit. Such disgusting and horrid experiments are carried on with the main wife, with whom the man intends to produce a child, until she starts to urinate, and only after that does coitus begin.”

As a “civilized” counterpart, let us recall that earl who inserted strawberries into his mistress’s genitalia and later ate the fruits thus marinated. The “renifleurs,” who sniff female urine, also belong in this category.

Having a fish inserted in a sexual orifice sounds downright bizarre to nursemyra. In 2007 a 14 year old indian boy claimed a fish “slipped” into his penis while he was cleaning an aquarium. He was holding the fish in his hand when he decided to go to the toilet. while passing urine, the fish slipped into his urethra but was removed safely in a hospital setting 24 hours later.

sea cucumbers also have sexual uses according the the CRC. These sausage-shaped, worm-like echinoderms are rumoured to have aphrodisiac qualities as well as medicinal properties

They are very popular in Japan.

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  1. Honestly, I’m soooooo glad I’m British – fish and chips on a Friday, washing on Monday etc etc

  2. on which day do you have your bath?

  3. Sunday was bath night in our house 🙂

    What an interesting way of serving strawberries …. cream anyone? …lol

  4. “insert a fish into the vulva in order to lick it out again bit by bit”

    What kind of fish?

  5. I wish I had a nickel for every time the the wife and I have run the old “fish, pee, hump” routine. I do find I have to be careful about mixing fish and altoids.

    Al Tonguescraper

  6. As to type of fish, we like to go with the rare Sierra Golden Trout. There is just something so naughty about doing it with endangered species.

    Whitey Shadeofpalin

  7. I can usually count on you for a morning dose of titillation but this post almost made me wretch into my coffee mug. Icky.

  8. i sincerely hope it wasn’t a dead fish. ewww. then again, i hope it wasn’t a live fish either.

  9. Oh my Cod!

    Sorry, Sorry, Someone had to do it.

  10. there are many erotic foodstuffs – butter/cinnamon, fruits, chocolate, whipped things… somehow? mackrel never made my list…

  11. Wait…are you saying that fishyvagina licking is not standard sexual practice?

    I am going to kill that guy.

  12. Well, this certainly makes the Find the Fish bit from Monty Python and The Meaning of Life even funnier.

  13. My mate did this in Thailand but it turned out to be Phish instead. *drums*.

  14. was he phishing for jesus or was there an entire band up there?

  15. Well, well, well. will wonders never cease? My education continues apace. I have some titillating stuff over at my blog, for a change. Come check it out, actual sexusl activity going on right in my garden. Not as neat as my turtle porn, but still, not bad.

  16. sheesh… and here i am still happily experimenting with liberally spread chocolate… does that mean i’m more civilized or just less adventuresome?

  17. Perhaps the boy came in contact with the infamous Amazon penis fish.

  18. i’ve always wondered about some
    people’s fascination with koi.

  19. Oh dear, well depending on how cleanly the woman in question is, a fish may not be needed as certain odors mimic the fish scent and make “eating out” rather unpleasant.

    Fresh fruits out of the right woman sounds very appetizing to me however.

  20. I can think of several other things I’d like inside me before I’d succumb to fruit…..

  21. I had a picture of a a women and a fish sent to me in an email, wasnt game enough to look at it.

  22. So that poor little fishy belonging to the Indian boy went swimming upstream?

  23. yeah… a likely story…

  24. I find myself wondering what sort of fish the young boy was able to get up his urethra.

    From my experience of tank fish, and my (wholly unrelated) experience of the male urethra, that’d have to be a pretty damn small fish.

    Maybe a neon?

  25. did you click the link? 2.5 cm long and 1 cm wide. they put forceps down his penis but it was too slippery to grasp…..

    ok, you can uncross your legs now

  26. […] yes I have posted about fish getting caught in other orifices before Published […]

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