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nursemyra and many of her readers find the commercial sex industry in Japan rather fascinating. The Sankei Sports Newspaper understands that foreigners may not know how to ask for a particular service so they’ve developed a helpful dictionary

ANARU ZEME [a-na’-ru ze-me]
1) To stimulate the anal area by touching, licking in and around the anus. At adult service places, people usually use a lotion and a fingertip. “zeme” means “attack”
2) To abuse the anal area in the S&M play. This includes enema, cold water, milk and sometimes live loaches etc.

ANUSU NAME [a-nu’-su’ na-me]
To lick anus. This service became available in the 1980s.

CHINGURI GAESHI [chin’-gu-ri ga’-e-shi]
To give you a head with your body held up just like in a wrestling match.

FERACHIO [fe-ra’-chi-o]

GANKI [ga’n-ki]
The service that a masseuse rides on your face and press down her pussy. One of the latest popular services in 2000.

GANSHA [gan-sha’]
To cum on your partner’s face.=BUKKAKE To cum on your own face by accident is called “OUN GOURU (own goal.)”

HONYO KANSATSU [ho’-nyo’ ka’n-sa’-tsu]
“Honyo” is to urinate. “Kansatsu” is to watch. HONYO KANSATSU is to watch your masseuse urine. One of the services that certain kind of place offer.

JUKUJO [ju’-ku-jo]
Women in the middle age.

KAO MISE [kao-mi’-se’]
Generally the massage place will choose a random masseuse for you. However, most massage places offer the chance for choice by doing KAO MISE (to show the pictures of the masseuses available.) You choose the masseuse you want before you pay for the service. This usually requires some extra fee. 1,000yen is industrial standard.

KEMEKO ZURI [ke-me’-ko zu’-ri]
The service that your masseuse with a hairy pussy rides on your belly and rubs your body with lotion.

KUGURI ISU [ku-gu-ri’ i-su’]
A special kind of chair with a unique shape. You sit on it and your masseuse put her hands or head under it to give you a blowjob and do other things. Only expensive places offer this service.

MAJIKKU MIRAA [ma-ji’-kku mi’-ra:]
“Magic mirror.” When you pick your masseuse, there usually is a mirror between you and them so that they don’t have to see you wondering which one you want.

NG SHITEI [enu-ji: shitei]
“Shitei” simply means “to label” or “to rate.” “NG” originally means “to make a mistake during acting on the stage or on the movie set.” In this case, “to label too annoying or strange customers NG and keep them away from certain masseuses who want to avoid them or sometimes even lock them out.” Be nice to them.

RIBASHIBURU [ri-ba:-shi-bu-ru]
“Reversible.” People who can play both S and M.

note: “reversible” erection 🙂

SEISUI [sei-sui]
Holy water. In this case, “urine.”

SENBOKYO [sen-bo’-kyo]
“Periscope.” You get in the bath tub with your masseuse facing each other. And she put her legs under yours to lift them up with knees so that your erect penis pops up just like a periscope. Then she gives you a blowjob. One of the major services that Sopu Rando offers.

SOKU SHAKU [so-ku’ sha-ku’]
The service that your masseuse gives you a blowjob without having you take a shower.

SUKEBE ISU [su-ke-be’ i-su]
A special kind of chair with which a masseuse can wash your crotch with you sitting down. We see more “kuguri isu” lately.

SUPPON [su-p-po’n]
To have a vaginal spasm.

TAMA NAME [ta-ma’ na-me’]
To lick testicles.

TEIKU AUTO [tei-ku’ a-u-to’]
One of the services that you get some goods to go after the service. In most cases, your masseuse’s urine. If you bring a bottle, they give it to you for free. If you don’t, you may have to buy an empty bottle for about 2000yen.

YOBAI PURE [yo-ba’i pu-re’]
“Yobai” is to sneak in your girlfriend’s bed to have sex. This service simulates this situation.

YUBI IRE [yu-bi’ i’-re]
To stick your fingers into your masseuse’s vagina. Usually it is prohibited at most Fasshon Herusu. Sometimes they just let you do it.

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  1. Wouldn’t it just be easier to get by with a little Engrish and if that fails, switch your R’s and L’s?

  2. omy myra. you’re making me blush.

  3. Because when it comes to commercial sex, an educated consumer is their best customer.

  4. I like the sounds of ganki. Could a woman make herself come doing that?

  5. …. but can you get a nice cup of tea?

    daddyp it’s japan. of course you can get a nice cup of tea 🙂

  6. usually I always roll my eyes when someone says what I am going to say here to me…but a great deal of them gives a whole new meaning to the phrase, “urine trouble”…;)

  7. “JUKUJO” – hey? where’d they get that picture? i quit smoking cigars years ago…

  8. I am so going to Japan.

    Been lurking for ages, thought I’d stop twitching the curtains and say hello. Hello!

  9. Live loaches? At first I thought maybe they switched their R’s and L’s and were talking about live roaches, but it seems that the loach is a fish. Either way, thanks but no thanks, don’t want any around my nether regions.

  10. notkeith: welcome, welcome. I love your drawings!

    silverstar: yep, I though they meant roaches at first too. then I remembered researching this

  11. 70s pops up in your posts a number of times .. are you trying to tell me something?? 🙂

  12. just giving you a free plug 🙂

  13. Well, excuse me. but as a professional massage therapist it truly bugs the hell out of me to have sexual services equated with massage. It has taken us as a profession years and years to overcome the automatic association of therapeutic massage with prostitution, and I have to say that all these definitions using the word “masseuse” just tend to perpetuate the problem. Why couldn’t you use the more appropriate and correct term “Your whore”?

    Sorry to be such a bitch about it, but I have had to re-educate far too many people about the difference between sexual services and massage therapy.

  14. whoah! they’re not my words – if you click on the link in the first paragraph, you’ll see I’ve just quoted excerpts from a published article.

    I think the majority of my readers know the difference between commercial sex workers and legitimate massage therapists but I understand your concerns. A lot of nurses take umbrage at the popular image of nurses as sex symbols too. not me obviously 🙂

  15. My father-in-law was an executive with a major telecommunications firm and use to travel all over the world. Occasionally, he had to attend classes on foreign cultures. I’m pretty sure they never covered this stuff.

  16. >>To cum on your own face by accident is called “OUN GOURU (own goal.)”

    I think the Sankei Sports just dropped that one in there because they thought it was funny.

    ‘Ha. Look Nigata-san! Clumsy gai-jin making oun gouru again… Bwahahahahaha!’

  17. Actually, is that the same as friendly fire?

  18. ‘JUKUJO [ju’-ku-jo]
    Women in the middle age.’

    Not the best pic to illustrate that I dont think. 🙂

  19. Anaglyph: *wink wink*

    Alex L: but she looks like she’d be great at ferachio

  20. that was a funny read, especially all the comments!

  21. That dear old lady, smoking a big, fat Cuban, puts me in my mind of my dear, sweet grandmother.

    Ah, happy times.

  22. so… i’ve got $5.95USD in my pocket… how many of these can i afford?

  23. I learned a few Japanese words over the years related to the game of Go, which I have played for a very long time. I’m happy to now be able to expand my Japanese vocabulary.

  24. Nurse: Well as long as she keeps the cigar I guess its would still be pretty hot!

  25. keeps the cigar where?

  26. Myra, I feel compelled to comment on this one, but frankly, I’m speechless. From experience, I can attest that Japanese sexual nuttiness knows no bounds.

  27. what? not even a comment on the reversible erection?

    that’s what marriage does to your brain 🙂

    congratulations by the way. don’t forget to send me your snailmail address xx

  28. Nursemyra, I apologize for the tenor of my comment. I do have to say that I was probably in a bad mood when I wrote it. I’m sure most of your readers do certainly know the difference, but I live in a pocket of the world where not only do people not know the difference, they think Bush and Co. are doing a heckuva job and abstinence based sex education is the only proper sex education (guess what kind of a percentage of teen pregnancy we have? Highest in Missouri! Woohoo!). My son had a biology teacher who glossed over the THREE chapters in the biology textbook on evolution where the authors indicated that possibly the Theory of Evolution might just be one of the most important concepts to learn since it was the basis of most biological study because SHE was a born again christian and it says in the Bible that the world was created in 7 days so there. She actually wore a t-shirt to class that had the Christian fish symbol labeled “Truth” eating a little fish with legs labeled “Darwin”.

    The level of ignorance and crap I deal with on a daily basis probably has me super-sensitized. I have to control myself from hurting my massage client who tells me she has to vote for McCain because he is “principled” (?!!!) but most especially because Clinton banged his intern in the Oval Office. Like having sex is such a bad thing. And this has contaminated all Democrats forever. Oh for God’s sake. Besides, didn’t McCain dump his wife after he returned from VietNam and get his marriage license for the bank account he was marrying as a replacement before his divorce was final?

    Okay. I’ll shut up now, thanks for letting me vent.

  29. no problemo 🙂

    can’t believe your teachers wear t-shirts to class. I went to catholic schools and the teachers (they were all female) wore shirts, blouses or dresses – never a t-shirt. let alone one with an inflammatory cartoon

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