essence of bend over

Essence of Bend-Over is the curious name of a series of hoodoo spiritual supplies designed to subjugate another person to your will. clicking on the link will take you to a site where you can purchase 9 of the 16 ingredients required and a detailed recipe to extract obedience from the recalcitrant.

and here’s how to make a pact with a demon and create your own little devil

Write on a virgin piece of paper with your own blood: “I, with the blood from my little finger, write this to Lucifer, so he will do everything I want in life, and if this does not happen, I will no longer belong to him”.
Write the same text on the egg of a black hen, fertilized by the cock of the same color.  Then, open a hole in the egg and let a drop of blood from the small finger of your right hand fall inside.  Wrap the egg in cotton and place it under a pile of manure or under the black hen.  From this egg will be born a little devil, who should be kept inside a silver box, with silver powder.  Every Saturday you should put in your baby finger from your right hand for the little devil to drink blood.  Whoever is able to possess the demon in this way will get everything he wants in life.

for non-australian readers, this is a Tasmanian Devil


there’s also a spell to make a man love you A woman should give the chosen man a cup of chocolate, to which she adds two pinches of powdered cinnamon, five spikes of clove, ten grams of vanilla, and a pinch of ground nutmeg.  After it is ready, take out the cloves and add two drops of Spanish fly.


If the woman is afraid that the man will get away, she must repeat this medicine every two weeks. In the meantime, she should invite him to dinner and serve an omelette prepared like this:

Beat the eggs; then throw them down your naked back, letting them run down your bottom where the back ends.
Then fry them and serve them hot.

For dinner grind meat for meatballs and mix in the beaten eggs.  Before taking the balls to the stove pass them, one by one, on your sweaty body, breasts, back and stomach, letting them stay longer under your armpits.


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  1. Singed minge alert!!!!! ……. [did I really just say that? ……. tsk]

  2. careful… I’ve got a hotline to TG 🙂

  3. Baby, you don’t need to give me sweaty meatballs to keep me happy. Some role-playing and an occasional unexpected reach-around will do just fine.

  4. ah, the old reacharound, I remember it well….

  5. I’d like two eggs over, a side of bacon, and a slippery nipple… Hold the bush.

  6. I’m predicting the bush will make a comeback one of these days

  7. Wait, I pass his balls along my sweaty breasts and my black cock what? I have to get my reading glasses out and try this again.

    I love the Tasmanian Devil! I want one along with a Red Panda!

  8. Look, if you’re making me hot chocolate and dinner, you already got me, no need for all the fancy odor imparting.

  9. damn. i’m screwed… if it involves cooking? i’ll be sleeping with a dog for the rest of my life…

  10. This spell malarkey seems like an awful lot of trouble to go to for a man. And those young ladies have by far the nicest breasts I’ve seen on the internet all day.

  11. I’m so looking forward to the bush comeback. My formative years were spent in the 70s and early 80s before shaving became the craze.

  12. bring back the bush, I say. In my youth, all the girls in the porn mags had nice fluffy ones. thats how theyre supposed to look. theres nothing sexier.

  13. oo i like the idea of possessing a demon, rather than the other way around. subjecting him to my will. and i love escape clauses (“he will do everything I want in life, and if this does not happen, I will no longer belong to him”) although I would change the wording slightly to (“he will do everything I want, and if this does not happen, he’s toast”).

    seraphine next time daisyfae and I meet up on the other side of the world for a pyjama party I want you to join us

  14. God I am so glad I am in Africa. When i Looked at the photo of those two lovely girls cooking breakfast, I just longed to be back in the bush.

  15. This explains a tremendous amount about these “surprise breakfasts” I’ve been getting served recently…

  16. Vapour: it’s good to have you back you sexy beast!

    Rev: aren’t you the lucky one?

  17. She can do what she likes with my balls just so long as she is gentle. I don’t like my meat balls all broken up.

  18. Although that little devil looks cute, I don’t think I want to meet one in a dark alley. The hot chocolate recipe sounds good…until you get to the Spanish Fly. I’ve always been told to be careful with love spells because they rarely turn out the way you think they should. And practically bathing in eggs and passing meatballs over my body? Just no.

  19. I think just assembling a Catholic schoolgirl outfit would be a cheaper and less work-intensive way to keep a man around.

  20. do i have to wear pajamas?

  21. only if they’re the babydoll type. otherwise dress is optional

  22. I just want to know who finds this stuff out, it maust take a hell of a lot of experimenting to get that recipe right.

  23. I think it’s volunteers 🙂

  24. I remember being asked to show some bogun my map of tazzi…took me another 3 months in the country to work out what he meant.

    cute devil..

  25. I had to stop the spell after the word virgin… shucks ;-0

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