make your member splendid

nursemyra has been dipping into the perfumed garden.

many men, solely by reason of their insignificant members, are, as far as coition is concerned, objects of aversion to women, who likewise entertain the same sentiment with regard to those whose members are soft, nerveless, and relaxed. Their whole happiness consists in the use of robust and strong members. 

one remedy is to wash the member in water until it becomes red, and enters into erection. Then take a piece of soft leather, upon which spread hot pitch, and envelop the member with it. It will not be long before the member raises its head, trembling with passion. The leather is to be left on until the pitch grows cold, and the member is again in a state of repose. This operation, several times repeated, will have the effect of making the member strong and thick.

Another way is to bruise leeches with oil, and rub the verge with this ointment; or, if it is preferred, the leeches may be put into a bottle, and, thus enclosed, buried in a warm dung-hill until they are dissolved into a coherent mass and form a sort of liniment, which is used for repeatedly anointing the member. The member is certain greatly to benefit by this.

the Jamu Shop also recommends leeches

a lesser known use of the leech is the strengthening and enlargment of the male organ. Jamu shop makes a leech oil concentrate that recovers 6,666 vital veins! They recommend it for a kumdalini massage of the lingam here. to be honest, while I was reading the instructions I felt an overwhelming desire to massage the first available lingam but maybe I’ve been drinking too much red wine which always makes me miss stephen even more *sigh*

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  1. I have to say most of the treatments I read about here are just frightening to me. Hot pitch, leeches, leather, its all very worrying around that area.

  2. but the lingam massage sounds nice…..

  3. mmmmmmmm that black one brings back a memory or two…….. of this morning………. mmmm!

  4. you need to get a boyfried nursey. I’d offer my services but you live a bit off my beaten track.

    However, if you’re ever in Edinburgh – look me up.

    PS: Any news on that bodystocking?

    next friday

  5. “…Their whole happiness consists in the use of robust and strong members”

    a new sign for my bedroom? “Robust and Strong Members Only”…

    Lingam massage sounds like a great way to spend a few hours… *hugs*

  6. I’d cut out the leach middle men, I find just burying mine in a warm dung-hill is very stimulating.

  7. i just hit the link and read the poem you wrote and i think i might have to disagree with you sweet nurse, love does indeed last forever and i think you are living proof of that, so pour some more wine, laugh, cry, sigh cuz that love thing seems to be able to transcend the physical world…
    shit i think i’ve turned into some hopeless romantic, don’t worry i’ll be back to my normal f#$ked up self soon enough.

  8. I wish that poem was something I’d written but it’s by W. H. Auden

  9. Jeeze, it would seem that Viagra has rendered all of this unnecessary. Question for you: if your bedmate is using Viagra, would you rather not know it? Is it relevant to you?

  10. I’d rather not know. it’s more of a turnon to think it’s me that would be making him that hard

  11. Deep Heat works well too. Nothing quite as dis-a-point-ting than a soft cock. Thanks goodness ours are all in government.

  12. I don’t want to sound vain but just let me say 6,667 veins ……… most of them varicose ……

  13. I always like picturing how they first came up with these plans to make members robust and strong. “All right, putting your dick in that beehive didn’t work out so well, but what about a dung hill?”

  14. how about a concoction of volcanic ash and mashed spiders?

  15. I think I’ll quit reading the words and just look at the pictures, Nursie. The whole idea of pitch and leeches on a nice lingam is off-putting. But the pictures are great.

  16. Nurse- Well I guess once you were used to it…

  17. I work hard and deserve to have my lingham massaged!!! But I’ll skip the leeches. Where do you find this crazy stuff nurse? I love it.

  18. I usually put the links at the top of the page. If you run your mouse over “perfumed garden” you can read the whole chapter

  19. OUCH! That position depicted in the first picture looks too painful! Good God.

  20. oh I don’t know…. a little more yoga practice….

  21. Oh, just a LITTLE!

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