A is for Abrams

back here nursemyra reported on radionics. Albert Abrams invented diagnostic machines and pioneered a treatment called Electronic Reactions of Abrams.

According to ERA, all diseases had their own “vibratory rate” which could be measured and treated with his electronic boxes. Abrams went on to perfect his technique so that only a drop of blood or even a sample of the patient’s handwriting would suffice as a specimen for his machine.

an interesting style of vibrator?

A typical setup included the “dynamizer”, which was a sample holder with 3 electrodes. The patient’s blood sample on paper was placed on two electrodes to ground and the third electrode was connected to the “rheostatic dynamizer”. This, in turn, was connected to the “vibratory rate rheostat”, which was connected to the “measuring rheostat”. The final connection was to an electrode on the forehead of a healthy third party.

The healthy stand-in, called the “reagent” would face west with an electrode on his forehead, and stand on a rubber mat. The quack then percussed the “reagent’s” abdomen to detect areas of resonance or dullness. This technique allowed diagnosis of all diseases. Abrams made other astounding claims for his rheostat boxes – he could tell the religion of a person from one drop of blood by percussing someone else’s belly.

I wonder what religion the designer of these stained glass windows belonged to…..


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  1. I can’t get past that vibrator it reminds me of a newly born marsupial.

  2. I’m waiting for those thunderbolts ……. again.

    [this was posted from under the table – just in case]

  3. hey daddyp, I just post the pics. if you see something in them that God wouldn’t like….. is that my fault?

  4. It can be very dificulty to avoid errors like that right hand stained glass window. I once did a picture of Romeo and Juliet kneeling to be married by Friar Lawrence for an educational program and only afterwards realised that Juliet appeared to be sucking off the good friar.

  5. Romeo appeared to be enjoying the view too.

  6. “…rheostatic dynamizer” is going to be worked into the next technical report i write… or i’m going to use it as the name of my next band.

    oh, and although you’ve found many vibrators, i generally don’t think they should have faces. somehow disturbing to look down and see a kewpie doll banging your bits, i’d think…

  7. xoggoth: you are a man of many hidden talents I think

    daisyfae: couldn’t agree more

  8. mmm. i love having my belly rubbed. if you rub it long enough, i’ll tell you my religion. you won’t have to guess.

  9. yes, nurse myra, i have a cloak about my shoulders.

  10. The next time I’m with someone who can’t still, I’m going to say, “Would you stop jumping around like you have a rheostatic dynamizer shoved up your ass.”

  11. Well I think it’s true anout the blood. If you stick a knife into someone’s tummy then usually they will shout out the person or Avatar’s name they believe in.
    Those without belief just usually say “Drat”.

  12. I love sweet old fashioned words/phrases like “drat” or “I’m cross with you”

  13. I want the RDK Deluxe. Whatever it does.

  14. And anyway, who would ever say “I’m cross with you” anymore?

  15. No one. I’m just so well behaved 🙂

  16. Actually, I think if the vibrator was inserted properly, you wouldn’t see kewpie’s face. And if it was working, you wouldn’t care. I thought it was kind of cute, myself.

  17. Jesus has great abs. Were his miracles fueled by how many crunches he did?

  18. [move up DP under that table]

    They must have had so much fun in those days electrocuting folk :-/
    … I am not sure ‘healthy stand in’ is correct ‘completely bonkers person’ would be better

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