net a corset on friday

charlie mingles requested a body stocking

Published in: on October 3, 2008 at 8:55 am  Comments (40)  

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  1. A fine pair of succulent dumplings! The perfect thing to work up an appetite before lunch.

  2. Sweet jesus mother mary, praise be the lord for this offering… boobies!

    Masterful in its simplicity Nurse

  3. I was going to join this week…but how can I possibly now? lol x

  4. oh sylvie it’s not t-shirt friday until the end of the month. will you join in then? pretty pleeze? xx

  5. ok count me in! x

  6. All I can say is thank heavens for Charlie Mingles – an excellent suggestion!

  7. Hmm I’m thinking. So difficult to think right now. Need more blood.

  8. lovely fishies! with barbell!

  9. A piercing!? Yeow! That had to have hurt, no?

  10. 15 months of corset fridays and you’ve never noticed it before?

    the piercing was pretty quick so no, not all that painful. I did however get an infection in it several years later when I wore a piece of jewellery that was too heavy. now THAT hurt. and I’ll never do it again.

  11. So edible – – – Yummmmm

  12. found a computer out here in the wildereness nursey just to see your outfit. well worth the effort miss. very nice figure madam, and now … back out into the snow ….

    Have a great weekend. dont go out in that thing you. you wont come home alive.


  13. Hell’s Bells!!!!!!

  14. One of the straps is twisted …… brownie points for noticing I reckon – tee hee

  15. Very nice…

  16. Wow – a nipple ring. I’m impressed.

    hey WC, I just tried to leave a comment at your blog but something’s up with ‘blogger’ and it’s not accepting comments 😦

  17. Well … Peek-A-Boo to you too!

    hiya joe – I had the same problem trying to leave a comment on your blog as I did with Wandering Coyote’s. will try again later

  18. Reminds me of my days as a Portuguese fisherman… we’d cast our nets and when we pulled them in we were beset by multitudes of fine breasts. How those breasts got into the ocean, we’re not sure. And how they turned back into fish once we got ashore is a even greater mystery. The point is don’t stay out at sea too long because weird stuff like that happens.

  19. sounds like a good acid trip back in the days…..

  20. Blast! I don’t have a password

  21. Vapour! you’re the first person to notice my new page. very observant xx

  22. I should only do this on the last Friday of the month, when I can hope to compete.

  23. Raising my cups up to you my dear NM … (hope Olga doesn’t object to the stealing of words?0 🙂

  24. Hell no 70’s! CHEERS!!! 🙂

  25. hey olga, I’m having problems with blogs that use the “blogger” platform. just tried to leave a comment on yours and I can’t 😦

    I love the latest batch of photos, you appear to be having the time of your life xx

  26. First thing I thought of was ouch.


  27. fracas, I love the carrot and beer recipe. I’ll be cooking carrots tonight….

  28. sweet Mother of Mercy..
    like so many of your faithful admirers..I am proudly standing in complete appreciation of your thoughtful blog..

  29. Hmmm, I don’t have a password either – but then I probably shouldn’t rummage around in a girl’s blog-drawers 😉

    I’ll send you the password now

  30. Proof of why the reviews were dead wrong.

    This drives me crazy 😉

  31. ok. ok. ok. ok.
    i get it.
    it doesn’t matter that the
    rest of the world is going to hell,
    nurse myra is here, offering
    beautiful twin
    symbols of hope and renewal.

  32. I can’t tell you how nice it is having a set of these in my Google reader every Friday. You are a saint.

  33. Nursemyra, I am in awe of your luscious beauty!

  34. Seriously… what if you caught the net on the jewelery? Ouch. ever happened? A friend of my son’s was over once and wearing a scratchy kind of sweater. He was embarassed and asked me for bandaids. I asked why… was he hurt? He sheepishly said, “No, Mrs. Frac… umm, I got my nipples pierced and the sweater keeps catching on them.”

    ROFL. He taped them over with the bandaids until he could change the sweater.

    So… you?

  35. yes, it happened in london when I was wearing that body stocking under my clothes. had to stop by the thames and step into some bushes so stephen could unravel me.

    I always wear a bra under it now so it won’t happen again

  36. I can’t get those marvelous norks out of my head, Nursey. Is there some sort of potion or ointment I can take?

    Alternatively, send me the other

    Cheers doll

  37. how about Preparation H or Tiger Balm 🙂

  38. I say madam! They really are a Corr!! Set.

    Are they au naturale?

    Not that it will diminish my fantasies any.

  39. PS. Might I request a wet T-shirt Tuesday, or would that be to gauche?

  40. T-shirt friday is the last friday of each month. usually half a dozen other bloggers join in and we all swap links. you’re welcome to be part of the upcoming December t-shirt friday if you want…..

    not many guys have joined in but my favourite blogger renalfailure did last month

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