naughty nurse girls of the 19th century*

A medical correspondent (from another century) writes “many boys will tell you that if a nurse-girl is allowed to sleep in the same room with them she will attempt sexual manipulations. In fact, a nurse-girl may ruin a boy because she has been brought up to regard the sexual organs as a mystery and is in utter ignorance about them. she thus takes the opportunity of investigating the boy’s penis to find out how it works to satisfy her own curiosity. I know of a case in which a nurse in a fashionable london square used to collect the gentlemens’s children in a summer house when it grew dark and turning up her petticoats invite the boys to look at her vulva. I think people should take on a far higher class of nurse than they do.”

* if you follow the link you will see this is another excerpt from havelock ellis’s book. the servant girls being discussed here were most often teenagers themselves.

when I was about 7, playing “doctors and nurses” with the older girl next door was my first step on the pathway that led me here to the gimcrack. as i recall, she was very keen on putting me to bed and taking my temperature…….

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  1. So where do we find these nursegirls? And what type of manipulations are they doing to ruin boys?

  2. Does that big colouring book come with a coupon for a few more pink crayons?

  3. I have fond memories of my mother sending me and my sister to go and pick coal – although she suggested the freeway was a good spot to look.

  4. I do recall seeing a similar colouring book in a second hand book shop in Uralla – but it was not filled in! Maybe they were lacking the flesh tone Textas as well. However it was delightfully and frankly titled as the Ocean* Colouring Book.

    * I’m coy about typing the c-word.

  5. did you buy the book mothboy?

  6. I passed on it, and it was gone the next time I visited. It was totally in black and white – no colour whatsoever.

  7. It’s all true. A nurse once (well a lot more than once) took advantage of me whilst I was recovering from a bout of cordite ignition. It was a happy time and her name was Santa.

  8. Mothboy: Pity. I would have liked to see it. have you got a blog?

    Vapour: Cordite ignition???

  9. I bet she didn’t your temperature in your mouth or under your arm, either, did she?

  10. No blog nursemyra – currently living vicariously through others.

  11. Silverstar I am ashamed to say that she fooled me into thinking that she could measure my temperature with her tongue. I was always dangerously hot. Of course for years afterwards it meant that I never allowed my male doctor to take my temperature and his female nurse refused point blank to take it! Even though I used to go through to his rooms just for a temperature reading.

  12. Nurse it’s a long story, I am sure you will be reading about it.

  13. Aaah. Yes. I spend hours colouring in my vagina. I like a big pink crayola to do it with. mmm.

  14. My 7-year old daughter had her 1st grade boyfriend over for dinner last Sunday. I caught them going into the bathroom together! I didn’t know I was capable of moving as quickly as I did. I was like a panther pouncing.

  15. What? It’s bad to let your children work to contribute as citizens of the family? I say bollocks! Makes ’em tough, and does wonders for their speed when they later participate in ‘track and field’ events…

  16. Boy, I would love to be ruined. I don’t remember the last time I was ruined.

  17. I didn’t play doctors and nurses until I was 45 …… by which time I needed both …… tee hee

  18. Someone tell that half-naked russian nurse that’s not a very effective spot to place a stethoscope.

  19. Best colouring book…ever.

  20. if only I could locate the companion piece that mothboy saw…..

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