tons of tongue

how far would you go to give a partner sexual satisfaction? would you allow yourself to look pretty stupid?

some people might argue that there’s plenty of opportunity during sex for both partners to look rather weird. nursemyra likes things that are aesthetically pleasing so I think I’d draw the line at wearing “The Oral Sex Helper”

if you had a partner with ‘exotic’ tastes, how far would you be prepared to go sexually? where would you draw the line? the majority of men who crossdress are straight, I wonder how many women would consider sex with a man wearing female underwear. Is a little light S & M ok or would you balk if someone handed you a paddle? what if your partner was into golden showers?

we’ve covered a lot at the gimcrack over the past twenty months or so. nursemyra has been learning along with her readers. I honestly had no idea that some cultures preferred dry sex nor had I heard of doggie style enhancement straps and ccyell minichairs.

I’m beginning to think my penchant for pearl necklaces and pierced nipples is rather tame compared to some of the ‘philias’ that are out there…….

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  1. Oral sex helper…jeez, what will they think of next? Those look about as appealing as [insert name of most unappealing item you can think of here].

  2. mammoth turds?

  3. Much as I like to give oral, it’s tough because I’m kind of tongue-tied and can’t stick my tongue out as far as I really need to. Wearing that tongue brace thingie looks really painful from my perspective.

    We all have our own unique brands of kink, and I’m happy to read about the ones you share here. And I like pierced nipples too! 🙂

  4. The more I read about what is considered “exotic,” the more I realize how sexually staid I am. All these years I had no idea.

  5. Let’s not be too quick to judge the O/S Helper… it just might correct overbite if worn continuously. Now where is the device to prevent bruised lips? I’m tired of telling people that I injured myself while overzealously eating corn on the cob. Especially now that it is out of season.

    Tom Tied

  6. But how would your partner know you looked stupid?

    Woah! You mean some people do it with the lights ON???

    Thanks for taking the time to stop by and comment on my blog by the way 🙂

  7. Totally old school, but sweet!

    totally comment of the day!

  8. Hmmmm…Personally, I don’t like pain. I don’t enjoy being tied up. But I have no idea what I’d do if I found my partner liked women’s underwear or cross dressing. I think I’d find that a little weird.

  9. “in the moment” i’ve had a bent toward going along with anything a partner suggests… which has led to a gent wanting to play with my undergarments and make up. did nothing for me, but he had fun – suppose i might have enjoyed it more if he’d been clean shaven. the 70’s porn star mustache was just a bit much. there are other ‘moments’, but perhaps another time… in general, i’m game, but probably not willing to wear a ‘penis chin strap’ or any such thing…

  10. Ummmm, I guess I am not as adventurous as I thought I was. And no way to the oral sex aid, what a turn off.


  11. hahahaha…. thank you for sharing daisyfae xxx

    Miss: couldn’t agree more 🙂

  12. I suppose a pulse is good ………

  13. yes it is. we’ll have no necrophilia around here daddyp

  14. daisyfae mentioned 70’s(lol) .. eek! 70s says NO… no way I would wear a support/gag………… [70s gagging]
    orally though with out support however is ???????…….

  15. there there 70s, calm down. everything’s going to be ok, the nurse will take it away now

    p.s. yes, of course you can use that image I sent you. you can even knit me one too!

  16. I was more than happy to discuss the filthyness of my tiny mind nursey – until I realised you now know what I look like and have my full name and email address.

  17. I conclude that I have very little adventure in my soul. Of course, at my age, just having a steady partner is a triumph. If he wanted to put on my undies? That’s OK, but he would look silly with that full beard. But then, laughter is the best medicine.

    And that oral sex thingy? No, just no.

  18. that device looks rather uncomfortable.

    As for being tame, what will the good nurse do to up the stakes and keep her edge.

    nuthin’. I’m not really the competitive kind

  19. I’m sorry…but I really don’t get what that thing is supposed to do?!?

    if you click on the link it will tell you. something to do with vibrating……

  20. So when you wear the ‘sex braces’ how do you whisper the required ‘sweet nothings’ in her/his ear?

  21. I’m pretty sure I’m not into anything to crazy… I can’t imagine that whole golden shower, hot lunch thing being sexy, I freak out when accidentally get pee on my finger. So someone elses would send me into fits.

  22. Ahhh, pearl necklaces. And nipple-huggers.
    I just don’t like the notion of piercing anything, personally, foxy as it can look. It’s enough of a rag when I have to dig out splinters.

  23. mmm… nipple huggers look good. hadn’t heard of them before, thanks.

  24. OoooOOOooh – OK. NOW I get it….you are so very educational Nursie!

  25. LOL 70steen, maybe that thing would be less upsetting to you if you knitted one?

    (DP is freaking out now…)

  26. DP is always freaking out

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