spin me round

if I end up a crazy old person I hope my sons put me somewhere like the gimcrack because at least the staff are attractive and generous with the S8 drugs plus church attendance is not compulsory. I don’t want to end up in an asylum where they treat their patients with this regime:

No salt food — bacon particularly — or flatulent vegetables ; no onions, legumes, radishes, or turnips ; no wine. Severe discipline — chains and stripes — to cure the fury, and depress the elation of mind.”

“Foolish deliriums are often cured by foolish remedies ; for instance, a man imagining serpents within him
was cured by putting them secretly in his evacuations”

 “Cold bath once a day from May to August. For convulsive motion in throat, open the jugular vein.”

‘”strait waistcoat answers every purpose ; legs, if violent, may be secured in a bag”

“To be immersed in water as cold as possible, and kept under it, covered all over, for a long time, until he is near killed.”

bleeding, purging with emetics and swinging patients round and round until they vomited were all popular ‘cures’

“Very obstinate ; but by means of the swing, which exerted its full effects, made to do anything necessary. Swing used only once in five days, though compliance often procured by threatening it”

“Don’t make me bring out the swing………!”
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  1. That book on the treatment of insanity is much older than the one I have in my possession, which is copyrighted 1905. I haven’t dared explore it for treatments. I think I will stick to good drugs, good food and good friends.

  2. I like how the advert says basically our weed isnt as good but its cheaper! I’m sure when your old and crazy Nurse the young ones will find you the best of places to kick it out.

  3. ooooh I bet there’s something in your book I could use at the gimcrack 🙂

  4. hey alex – do you listen to triple j? did you hear Patience from the Grates talking about trombongs?

  5. I suppose it’s a case of “when all you have is a hammer, everything starts to look like a nail”.

  6. Sounds like Hell on Earth. That dominatrix in the first photo looks prety foxy though. Stick me in with her if I ever start to foam at the mouth more than is usual.

  7. Booking my bed at the Grimcrack as I write this.Scary.

  8. Vapour: GrimCrack is a serious medical condition which could play havoc with your sexlife. you should see the nurse.

  9. “…if rope is wet, hold to heater/fire/sun”

    if you’re close enough to a fire, why not burn the rope, rather than roast it dry? sheesh….

  10. So our new American way to deal with people who are crazy is to just let them be homeless on the streets of our major cities, since we can’t seem to provide a safe place for them. This may be just as crazy wrong as some of the treatments suggested above.

    The one that struck me was “for convulsive motion in the throat, open the jugular”. I’ll bet that any convulsive motions ceased shortly after the jugular vein was opened. Also breathing, heartbeat and life. But hey, no more problems with that patient!

  11. No bacon! No wine??? What cruel and unusual hell is this?

  12. Every time I get confined in a straight jacket, my nose itches. I’m not one of those people who enjoys getting tied up, handcuffed, or restricted.

  13. I’m going to put myself in your tender hands young Nursey ………

  14. I’ve been looking for someone to cure my fury…

  15. Did I ever show you my book on ‘Water Cures’? It’s somewhere in storage still, but when I get it out, I’ll scan some of the pics of the treatments and you can try ’em out on the inmates of the Gimcrack.

  16. anaglyph, I don’t believe you did – how very remiss of you 🙂

    and I would love scans of the pics when you get everything out of storage

  17. Aaah. The good ole days….

  18. I believe you can do spinning classes at the gym Dolce. and water cures are currently all the rage in europe…

  19. I listen to it but not through the day, I only really catch full metal racket and radio funk trust

  20. what time’s radio funk trust?

  21. 10 pm on a friday night, great music drum and bass electro stuff and some old funk classics

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