pieces of cod

ever wondered why the codpiece went out of fashion? At the wonderful Frick Museum in NYC there is a painting of Lodovico Capponi by Bronzino where the codpiece he is wearing really draws the eye.

Once considered a fashion accessory, they also functioned as a purse, holding coins, keys, handkerchiefs and sweeties with which to entice damsels. there is another theory that they may have been utilised to protect clothing from stains caused by syphilis creams containing mercury.

back here, nursemyra showed you a picture of Eldridge Cleaver’s unsuccessful attempt to revive the codpiece. perhaps if he’d used an attractive chick in the ad he may have had more success……

image sourced here

the scots have their own version of the codpiece. the sporran is available in plain leather for daywear and beautifully decorated fur varieties with intricate silver filigree cantles for more formal occasions. I particularly like the red one featured below. as well as providing the same function as a pocket, the weight and placement help preserve decency when indulging in a wee bit of wild dancing on a windy day…..

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  1. First! Do I win some sort of prize? I’m scottish but have never worn a sporran. Having said that, even the ugliest Scotsman get foreign woman on their knees when dressed in all the tartan paraphenalia.

    I can never bring myself to be so uncouth and manipulative though – prefering instead to use my charm and intelligence to woo a woman. Failing that, I use the method employed by unreconstructed comedian Chubby Brown – pop your cock in their hand and start crying.

  2. well if the cock were erect and stayed that way while you cried I’d fall for that trick!

  3. Maybe we could revive the fashion if we could convince cricketers to wear their protective equipment on the outside?

  4. Thanks for comfirming what Id always hoped Nursey! I’ll try it next time I’m in Sydney.

  5. I’ve often wondered – why ‘cod’? – does that make me sound odd?

  6. I’m so happy i’m Scottish even if i am a filthy merkin, i’m working on getting my kilt but that asshole Axl Rose kind of set kilt wearing merkins back a few years.

  7. I translated a tapa menu last month and almost wrote Fried Cod Pieces, but then I said it out loud and realised it wouldn’t do.

  8. I bought a nice kilt one time. I even had the whole family lineage thing figured out so I could get the right plaid and sporran. I had no idea until I tried to buy one of these things for a local festival that family’s have plaids and sporrans specific to their pedigree.

    Anyway, you’d be surprised how many dudes in a dress become your friend when you find yourself wearing the same outfit to a party.

    You end up gravitating toward your clan. Weird.

  9. I have a skunk fur sporran that I bought several years ago at the Maryland Rennaissance Festival.

  10. Could have done without the upskirt shot – I may have just become a lesbian. Penises just can’t be attractive from that angle.

  11. My eyes! My eyes! where is the eye bleach!

  12. Tastes obviously differ. I thought that photo was — um — “the balls.” I’ve always enjoyed the approach from that angle — either I’ve got a little John Donne in me, or it’s just that the guy’s ego is less in the way.

  13. sorry ginny, I was trying to tone down the penis shots which is why I shrunk the photo and snuck it in at the end of the post. just focus your eyes on the guy in the kilt on the right – he’s pretty cute.

    mark: it’s on the same shelf as the anal bleach – don’t use it! just breathe deeeply and go floss 🙂

    sledpress: ok, I’m a pervert too. I like the vulnerablity of this shot, and it makes my hands form cupping shapes….

  14. yesss. grr. Perverts unite.

  15. Me pervert. I think that shot is spectacular. (Note to self….must get the cuteboy to pose for a pic like that.)

  16. I definitely enjoyed that shot, Nursey. More, more.

    Meanwhile, I’m surprised that no one has made a Commander Codpiece joke yet.

  17. Does that picture count as being off-kilter?

  18. Talk of cod pieces just makes me want to go and watch black adder 2

  19. Perhaps that were the scottish saying,’let me check my bag of tricks’ comes from?

  20. oh I’m so glad a few of the gals agree with me that this is a fun image. I got such a drubbing about all the “porn” on my blog in a recent review that it really freaked me out

  21. Let the bluenoses and primsnots go sniff to themselves about how they’re better than all that. Long live genial and witty raunch.

  22. Captain Birdseye always pronises 100% cod pieces in his fish fingers??

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