presentation is everything

nursemyra loves a spoof, especially one where the creator keeps a straight face throughout. Burton Silver and illustrator Heather Busch published a charming little book called Kokigami about the ancient Japanese art of gift wrapping a penis to enhance and prolong love making. a lot of people took the idea seriously, I’d like to have been a fly on the wall when measurements were being taken according to these instructions.

For accurate sizing the organ should be firmly pressed against the screen image. As this creates a rather difficult viewing angle, it is a good idea to get your partner to check your reading. Measure the size at the thickest part (usually the stem) by holding a flat vertical object like a ruler against the organ’s edge and lining it up with the appropriate line.”

(image from Meiji period in Japan)

the letters from supposed enthusiasts are also rather creative

I like my husband wearing the Squid Koki most of all but there’s good news and bad news on the squid front that your readers might like to know about. The good news is that when he’s wearing it in front of our large tropical fish tank, all the fish are attracted to its quivering tentacles and crowd around for a few minutes to take a look.” (Mary, Sydney)

…when Arnold wears the fire engine with the ladder extended, it comes up so high he can blow on it and make it sort of quiver…and I find it really gets me going. (Prue, Auckland)

ah Prue, you must be one very lucky lady……..

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  1. How loverly to have it wrapped and presented ….. the Japanese certainly have some style

  2. Sometimes unwrapping something is half the fun…

  3. Its the gift that just keeps on giving.

    And giving…and giving…

  4. You speak of pressing one’s organ against the computer screen as if it were something unusual. How come?

    Great relief spread through the male web community, i can tell you, when they brought out those natty widescreen monitors that rotate ninety degrees, allowing a single screen to accommodate an organ up to, oh, let’s say 44cm in length. Or is that height?

    That solved a lot of compatibility issues we menfolk were having. Technology be praised!

  5. The Japanese seem to have issues with scale.

  6. really? don’t most naked men look like that in real life?

  7. Looks like Anton Chighur from No Country For Old Men, except with a creepy porn mustache and a hydra for a penis.

  8. Those tentacles are scary, I must admit. I like mine one at a time, thanks.

  9. The dragon piques my interest. Anything else….I’d be sent into giggle fits.

  10. Clothes maketh the manhood.

  11. I like my penises unclothed. but only after I get to know them really well

  12. Renal- Well thats nightmares for me tonight.

  13. but did you love the film Alex?

  14. It had its moments, but I’d much rather one of the Coens comedies.

  15. like Burn After Reading? I HAVE to see that one.

  16. Yes me to definitely. I assume you’ve seen the big lewboski, but you should see the one with billy bob thornton if you havent, in black and white I cant remember what its called.

  17. do you mean The Man Who Wasn’t There?

  18. Yeah I think thats the one, I could just go and check on IMDB, but I’m far to lazy, so yes its most definitely that one.

  19. […] related news, silverstar has passed this lovely image along from NurseMyra’s, but I can’t post it on the blog for fear of getting Adulted again. Nobody wants to see that […]

  20. we can’t have that, Rain 🙂

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