white corset friday

Published in: on October 17, 2008 at 11:09 am  Comments (21)  

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  1. Ooooh, love the allusion to innocence … 😉

  2. the allusion is no illusion 🙂

  3. For fucks sake woman!!!!

    You need a good hard …photographer.

  4. would that be you?

  5. Yes. hang on till I get me extra long lens …

  6. Nurse M, how do you expect a girl to concentrate now?

    PS have you ever come across Violet Blue in your searches? Oooh, the places that girl takes me…

  7. The purity of white is as tantalizing as the softness of pink. Once again, black is nice, but this plays right into my weaknesses.

  8. Very nice montage, very nice.

  9. One for your wedding night, Nursie? Your boobies look very inviting in the left picture.

  10. I think that white is my favourite colour ……

  11. If the girl’s wearing white, she’ll go all night.

    Now I don’t know if that’s an actual saying, but it should be. And now it is. I just made it so, with my mind.

  12. if renalfailure says it, it must be true

  13. That was a nice mind maneuver. But it could lead to danger. Someone might suggest that if a girl is wearing ochre it is ok to poke her when clearly that is not necessarily true. I just want to err on the side of caution.

    Otto Body

  14. Very pretty. I am still impressed with your ability to photograph yourself.

  15. ooo, never realized you were so virginal! very nice…

  16. That is one helluva gorgeous corset NM …I have oe similar but lets say I don’t look as lovely as you in it 😉

  17. 70s! it’s all in the photography, just ask daisyfae. we have very different body shapes and BOTH of us have figure faults. but look at the photos on her blog, we only show the best shots


    if I visit england again some day we can do a double corset friday shot too – with our pink and red striped hair as a feature 🙂

  18. Very nice!

  19. As always, this perked things….up. Thank you.

  20. Hi nursemyra how have you been keeping. It has been a while since I visited your blog the last time. And I saw a X’mas greeting today from you from Dec. 07 at fuelmyblog!! As usual, you blog is always always interesting and intriguing. Great and fun stuff. You are an exceptional individual too with all the good and humanity work you do.

    Luv and hugs!

    hi franco, nice to hear from you. I had to edit your comment as you used my real name, still trying to keep some anonymity for work 🙂

  21. my oh my…:)

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