well colour me sunshine

Astrolozy recommends sunshine for several ailments.

through sun ray therapy a person can attain victory over all diseases and become long lived. One can increase body energy and live to an age of hundred.”

“Bring pure water of the rain or a mountain stream and fill bottles of various colours. Close the mouth of the bottle and seal with clay. Then place the bottles in the sun”

“After two or three days the effect is produced and the water becomes miraculous. It has the power to remove ailments. Make the patient drink some of the water daily and soon he will be well.”

If a patient suffering from smallpox is made to lie in a red room and is made to drink water from a red bottle he will be cured in a few days.

If one suffers from paralysis one should be put in a red room and made to drink red bottle water too

for those suffering cold, liver disorders, constipation, jaundice, kidney trouble, bronchitis, pneumonia, and disorders of the digestive tract, water from yellow bottles should be used and one should be made to live in a yellow room.

For retardness of brain keep the person in a blue room and make him drink water from a blue bottle

By keeping a person in a green room and making him drink from a green bottle, eye trouble can be cured and the mind made more sharp.

nursemyra is unimpressed by Astrolazy’s recommendations. And for those who want to live to be 100, I’d recommend some slip, slop, slap if you’re trying that sun therapy thing

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  1. Personally, I prefer to rely on Tom Tobbins’ Jitterbug formula of controlled breathing, plenty of sex and hot/cold bathing …

  2. My retardness of the brain is color-blind and incurable.

    Though I think it goes into remission during sex.

  3. I think tNb means Tom Robbins, one of my favorite authors. I loved his book Jitterbug Perfume, and several others.

    Meanwhile, I wonder how many melanomas were caused by the heliotherapy ward at Fitzsimmons, since it is at a high altitude, one where I sunburn in about 15 minutes without slip, slap, slop.

  4. Well of course the devil would be gay, how else does he pull off all that red!

  5. Hehehe. That last picture is in my town, and really it’s no surprise: Denver averages over 300 sunny days per year – more than Miami!

    Who’s ready to come visit? I’ve got enough SPF 70 to share.

    over 300 days per year? I’m retiring to denver!

  6. Good picture pick for retardness of brain.

    Oddly, an indigo-blue spotlight (it’s a long story how I happened to ever try this) puts me to sleep like nobody’s business.

  7. i’m a believer in sun therapy. it’s a miracle. of course, i burn easily so i’ll probably die of skin cancer.
    the bottled water thing, it’s wonderful if you like to brew tea. i’m not a believer in miracle cures, especially the ones that cure everything from turf toe to the black plague.
    love is as close as one gets to a miracle cure. it’s pretty good.

  8. I’ve lived in blue rooms and drunk outta blue bottles ….. don’t work …. not at all. Chocolate?

  9. Sunshine or the lack thereof has a profound physical effect.

  10. as a sufferer of S.A.D, I crave sunshine so much that I have to go overseas every winter to a warmer climate. we really only have two months of winter in sydney, but I hate every minute of it.

    when I stop work and no longer get holiday pay to fund my ‘medical treatment’ I’m moving to Denver!

  11. Before you go deciding to move to Denver, let me tell you from experience that some of those sunny days are 10 degrees below zero. Farenheit. That’s 23 below Celsius. Yes, it has 300 days of sunshine, but they aren’t necessarily warm.

  12. Phoenix, AZ would be a better choice. Same amount of sunshine, but much warmer since it’s below sea level instead of a mile high up in the sky.

  13. I might stick with my original plan of moving to queensland when the time comes……

  14. I must concur that the advice is not too helpful and your better off hammering a nail into your head.

  15. eeeeek… trepanation!

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