how’s the air up there?

my savvy readers know blowing air into a vagina is dangerous, right? vaginal insufflation can result in surprisingly large amounts of air being pushed further up into the abdomen. As it can take several days for the body to absorb the air a woman often may not connect the ensuing pain with its cause.

the people at the finchley clinic practise air therapy for the treatment of thrush. nursemyra thinks it’s better to see your doctor than to take advice from a website that doesn’t spellcheck

Vaginal insufflation of ozone is used for thrush and related problems. It involves the patient – not the practitioner – inserting a small catheter into the area and guiding ozone into it at a low flow rate (i.e. slowly). This method is completely painless and women usually report that they can’t feel anything at all except a slight gurgling sensationl. For obvious reasons of discretion, the catheter is inserted by the client herself and she then covers herself with a towel around her waste.

there are several clinics offering this service. the ozone therapy company has an interesting disclaimer on their website. “Please note: We are now only offering vaginal insufflation for women.”  Perhaps they had an influx of animals or martians wanting to try the treatment. Is it sexist to only provide vaginal services to women?

according to the International Journal of Legal Medicine (1990), a 40 year old woman was using a carrot as a dildo when, bicycle pump style, she manged to push enough air into herself to cause a lethal embolism in her bloodstream. so please guys, if you feel the urge to inflate a woman, restrict yourself to the safe, sporting floatable type

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  1. I suspect that “journal entry” is an ancient urban legend. A carrot is not equipped with a valve as far as I know.

    I do not have an inflatable doll but overinflating one presumably gives it a sex change unless it bursts first.

  2. I believe the carrot thing. It doesn’t take a valve, only a tight fit that would push air past the cervix. The shape of the carrot is such that (assuming you insert the narrow end first) the outstroke would allow air into the vagina, at which point, postulating a tight fit on distal end, the air would have no where to go but up. OK, did I just medical geek you out?

    Any woman who’s had an endoscopic procedure knows that the air they pump in gets up under you diaphragm and makes your shoulder hurt. They warn you about it. But if you didn’t know, you would probably never connect the shoulder pain with air under your diaphragm.

  3. I think xoggoth was just kidding about the valve.

    hmmmm… why does the word “outstroke” make me feel horny?

  4. yep, i’ve heard the caution… but did, in my teens, have a friend who purposely blew air up his girlfriend’s vagina, just so he could then press on her abdomen to get ‘pussy burps’. brought him no end of humor. i could think of better things to do down there.

  5. Maybe when they say “women”, they mean not girls.

    You know how girls love their slight gurgling sensations. No good will ever come of pandering to that sort of thing.

  6. vaginal insufflation? Pfffft!

  7. Someone has to say it – No blowjobs for the girls!

  8. In Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, women are often described as “wonderfully pneumatic”, but I expect that means something else entirely. RAWR!

  9. I’ve spent a lot of my time in that region and it never once occurred to me to start blowing air into it.

    I do know that if you spend a lot of time and use several positions, the simple Bernoulli action of sliding in and out of her causes some “inflation” leading to hilarity.

  10. There aren’t too many reasons I can think of for someone to blow air up there.

    Sorta reminds me of the blowjob joke:

    “Suck Martha! Suck! Blow is just a figure of speech.”

  11. I think I’ll stick to yoghurt …..

  12. TG will never fall for it daddyp

  13. I recovered from the effects of “outstroke” by pondering that “…towel around her waste” just might not be misspelled after all. Might as well put the towel all the way over it, gimcrack stylie.

    Sy Suspect

  14. But will Ozone Therapy help you get your O-Face on? If not, then I have no use for it.

  15. how would air… i’m sorry, ozone… cure a thrush infection? i think sunlight would work better.
    or wait… ice! if you freeze an infection, it will fall off on its own. my dermatologist did that with a wart a few years ago.
    i’ll go wrap a tissue ‘around my waste’ and sit in a tub of ice now. NOT!

  16. I think that the air embolism risk is limited to pregnant women (some of whom may not know that they are). Frangible vascular membranes in the cervix (you can see it with a speculum if a woman is pregnant) are susceptible to uptake of forced air, including air captured during a douche.

    I have trouble imagining enough air getting from cervix to uterine body to Fallopian tubes to produce a palpable effect in the abdominal cavity. But then I have Falope rings on my tubes (which would stop any breeze in its tracks), circa 1981, and I do remember the effect of the air inflation during that procedure, which had the lingering aftereffect of a mule kick.

  17. a towel around her waste… that can’t help at all can it? And how hard are you blowing in there to get waste out?

  18. ick…. nasty mental images… I need a drink

  19. gives whole new meaning to the phrase “blowing air up her skirt”…

  20. Vaginal blowing? I have enough problems breathing down there.


    there’s a gadget for everything Joe 🙂

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