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we love unusual words at the gimcrack. gossypiboma is the word used to describe a surgical sponge accidently left behind in a patient’s body. yes, it happens so frequently there is a name for it. if you’re overweight your chances of ending up with a gossypiboma after an operation are significantly higher. talk about adding insult to injury.

another favourite word beginning with “g” is gomphiasis which is the technical term for having loose teeth.

nursemyra likes made up words too. like ‘grogambulate‘. this means to walk with special attention paid to your posture and carriage whilst very very drunk.

I think it’s time for another gimcrack competition. First prize is an Australia-shaped stress ball (except it’s not a ball obviously) and a copy of “Sex in the Future” by my favourite science writer Robin Baker. Runners up will probably get cds again and maybe australia-shaped postit notes. the task this month is to submit an interesting word beginning with the letter “G”. It can be real or made up – just so long as it qualifies as a grandiloquism.

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  1. gropesecrote- to fix/re-align ones junk stealthily…

    I dont know, I got nothing really that doesnt have to do with BALLS!!!

  2. balls are cool!

  3. So, no room for grammalogues, then? At the risk of appearing a gobemouche, I would suggest that this promises to be a gigantomachous contest.

  4. What’s Jesus doing in an operating theatre without a mask???? A little bit of ‘the mote in your neighbour’s eye’ going on there if you ask me.

  5. Gaundiardous- hard drinker. As in he was a gaundiardous chap.

  6. oooh excellent G words guys.

    anaglyph: I know you’ve got one or two up your sleeve…

  7. gramoriffic, a word i overheard while sitting in a dive, said from paying customer to bored speed dealer after purchasing a package of well you know, i’m assuming he bought a gram. I’ll even attempt to use it in a sentence. The speed freak was gobsmacked at the gramoriffic prices of the garrulous dealer.

  8. Ginormous is one that sounds really dirty to me – like what you call a woman who enjoys fisting.

    Googolplex is a 1 followed by one million zeroes if I remember my Carl Sagan correctly.

    Gringo is what Mexicans call us white folks. I always remember Los Beatlos, the Mexican Beatles: Juan, Paolo, Jorge, and Gringo.

    Grungy is any Seattle-area garage rocker, circa 1990.

    I don’t make up words; there are too many fun real ones. 🙂

  9. grandolicious -lovely
    grimdom- scruffy place
    gackaroobieboobie – being stuck behind the open door of a public toilet door ? Urban dictionary

  10. Gargoylepogenicism is the study of people with gargantual heads who insist on being seen, no matter how many times you turn away. large-egoed, selfish, loud and obnoxious, these people sit in front of you in theatres, spill their beer on your table, or talk loudly on their cell-phones while you try to engage in private conversation. One abhors their presence.

  11. My girlfriend is a prostitute. Lucky me… I am entitled to gratisfaction.

    Nada John

  12. Gerimantriculating- the act of folding old people into new shapes for baths, etc.

  13. Gynoceros – a woman with an extremely large clitoris.

  14. gubernaculum

    a real word, describing the parts that locomote your genitalia. i prefer to use it in variable context to keep people on their toes: “He studied for 10 years at Gubernaculum, elevating his stature amongst the Testicularati…”

  15. Gropenomics: Your eyes set upon, well, a set. And you wonder … would it be worth it to cop a feel?

  16. Don’t forget specific gravidity – the point at which a woman can no longer hide her pregnancy. As in, by her fifth month, she had reached her specific gravidity, and could no longer conceal her condition with sweat shirts and joggin pants.

  17. I want to be in a band called Gustofuck. Definition implied.

    Lee Singer

  18. gawdalmighty! this is going to be one helluva competition to judge. off to work now but will decide on a winner tonight. after a glass of cogitating red. or two glasses…..

  19. Let’s fire up the gynoscope and see what I can find… aw, beef curtains again?

  20. Don’t forget Gunt, the combination of gut and c*nt, mainly applied to those that are very large, man or woman doesn’t matter.

  21. am i too late?

    Gallumpitudinous – i have no idea what it means, i just like saying it out loud while drinking heavily.

  22. Goofiscrumptious – Something that looks weird but tastes awesome. I made that up . . .

    And it’s late . . .

  23. Aha – I knew my undergraduate botany degree would come in handy some day:

    Gynoecium: the female reproductive part of the flower.

    Floral, feminine, sexy, what more do you need?

  24. Glossolalia- If it has to be a g-word that’s the one that comes to my mind. More from a psychiatric standpoint than a Sarah Palin one.

  25. well this has been the hardest to judge of all my competitions so far. wish I had prizes enough for everyone but I don’t so here are the three winners:

    1st – Seraphine for gargoylepogenicism
    2nd – Joe for gropenomics
    3rd – Alex for gropescrote

    send your snailmail addresses to and I’ll post out your prizes in the coming week

    thanks to everyone who entered

  26. I always think it would be really nice if surgeons left little free gifts inside their patients as they sometimes do in cereal packets, fridge magnets, little torches shaped like Snap, Crackle or Pop, that sort of thing.

  27. well that would be a lot more considerate than the 8cm of wadding that they left inside my ex-husband when he had an emergency op a couple of months back

  28. Grrrrr.

    I missed it.


  29. Sheee. I missed it too, and I had a great word: gossiplalia — uncontrollable gossiping

  30. great word – would have been equal third but I’ve run out of prizes for now. next time…

  31. well I missed it too..

    too many good ones anyway..
    my favorite:

    “gerimantriculating” Casey..
    the art of folding old people into new shapes for baths,etc….

    totally brilliant!

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