hand me my guessing tube* Mr Throckmorton

every industry or workplace has its own language and slang terms. at the gimcrack we use acronyms like BMT** so as not to embarrass a female patient with faecal incontinence who is in need of a very thorough wash.

then there are some affectionate terms like “house red” for blood or “bordeaux” for blood in the urine and one of my favourites, “chocolate hostage” for the constantly constipated. we also use DILF but only occasionally as there aren’t that many attractive doctors practising geriatric psychiatry.

thanks to Archie for showing me this chocolate kamasutra page

but my favourite piece of medical slang relates to the Throckmorton Sign which is the supposition that on an abdominal or hip xray, the penis will point to the site of the injury.

* a guessing tube is, if you haven’t already guessed it, a stethoscope

** a BMT is a bowel movement taco. yes, I know it’s gross. that’s why we use the acronym

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  1. Ow!

    My mum talks about how important RBMs are (regular bowel movements). She’s just going to get worse, isn’t she?


  2. when we were children, my mother (the nurse) referred to diarrhea as “runny bowels”. me, being quite the illiterate little spaz, took that as “runny valves”…

  3. Another cringe-worthy, leg crossing post. Please make it stop.

    The BMT is also a subway line in New York.

  4. Wow The karmasutra choccy could be huge fun….. obviously if I was fitter and not such an old crock…. lol 🙂

  5. “chocolate hostage” is great!

  6. Still cringing …

  7. That second picture makes me wooooooosie.

  8. stiffen up old chap, it’s just photoshop up to its ugly tricks again

  9. BMT? Isn’t that a Bacon-marshmallow-Tomato sandwich?

  10. My proud Lord Palmerston often points to the site of an injury. That is if the injury in question is on my chin.

  11. I thought we had already discussed the penis bone, and noted that humans don’t have one. Is that photoshop or xray shop in the picture. But I like the chocolate thingy very, very much. Not that I could do it at my age…

  12. I must get an interested party to try that, especially since I’ve been embracing inventive upside-downness in the gym of late. I knew there would be a practical application.

  13. BMT, and there goes any hope of eating mexican again!

    Shame about the lack of DILFs, maybe you should turn to NILFs

  14. there’s no shortage of those at the gimcrack alex

  15. a guessing tube? that sounds slightly vulgar and titillating. and i can’t even guess why.

  16. A broken ‘wishbone’ egads I wonder what he wishing for?

  17. Just as I was getting over my chocolate cravings – – –

  18. well you only have yourself to blame archie

  19. Nurse you must have a much stronger stomach than i. Dunno if i could handle a BMT…

  20. I couldn’t handle it either Greeneyed Miss. that’s why I now shuffle paper instead of doing any actual nursing 🙂

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