corset comparison

regular readers know nursemyra has a large collection of corsets. recently I conducted a search to see what else is out there in the world of corsetry and I discovered the Little Tailor. the site has some great images but the translation leaves a lot to be desired

“Model statement: there is a wave pattern of tights which claims to have a massage effect of fat push in order to allow the meat to squeeze in more than a lap to the waist but the figure can see completely useless. the only normal waist, he did not have any so called magic to do it.

In the 16th century corsets were made of iron or brass. they were beautifully intricate but must have been hell to wear. both sexes wore them for orthopedic support as well as for body shape manipulation

Mary Rouncefield makes amazing corset art. here are two of her metal creations

the freakiest corset wearer is this 70 year old pensioner who is in the guinness book of records for having the smallest waist. my corset photography days will be put to rest long before I reach her age.

what I want most to add to my collection is the mario brothers corset or this particularly lovely one at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

for extreme corsets of a totally different kind, check out Paddy Hartley’s face corsets. they make for confronting viewing but it’s art for a good cause…..

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  1. Kind of mixed message in the mario corset though dont you think. He doesnt scream sex to me… but thats just me.

  2. As long as there are no Barney the Dinosaur corsets… there aren’t, are there?

  3. not as far as I can tell…. yet…..

  4. The Mario Brothers corset is adorable, but the woman with the one-inch waist (looks like, haha) is scary.

  5. the scariest thing is that she reminds me of babyjane – one of our patients who’s now moved on to that great nursing home in the sky.

  6. I am in love with the corset at the Met … *sigh*

  7. me too. isn’t it exquisite?

  8. Creepy Wasp-Waist Barbie – now in the “Clearance” bins at Toys R Us…

  9. Male corsets? Brass construction? Really? Oh, the pain! Oh, the vanity!

  10. I like the properly boned ones. The others just make me look like an attractively wrapped sausage.

  11. OK, those metal corsets are scary. Corsets should be used as you use them, for allure. Half the women in the Victorian age had the vapors because their corsets were so tight they couldn’t breathe. Personally, I think the best thing that happened in my lifetime is that women abandoned girdles.

  12. I was in a production of Cloud Nine during college. One of my characters was corset bound (properly boned & laced in). After the production was over….I threw out every corset I owned (at the time).

  13. If you don’t buy that Mario corset I shall!

  14. Another vote for the Met corset from me … simply gorgeous, elegant and way sexy…… unlike the freaky granny ‘shudder’

  15. Whatever, that Mario corset turns me on.

  16. how do you feel about roadrunner, rassles?

  17. A woman in a Mario corset is a woman who can win my geeky heart. A woman in a Legend of Zelda corset, however, is a woman who WILL win my geeky heart.

  18. i saw that 15″ small-waisted wonder on Snopes recently. amazing.

    are the cartoon corsets for kids?

  19. I adore the one under the Mario corset…actually I love them both.

  20. AM, I love your new avatar photo. how long have you had it?

  21. I’ve had it up for a couple of weeks- finally got brave enough to show my face, plus I’m going to be 44, it’s probably time I deal with what I’ve got…
    PLEASE REPOST YOUR COMMENT on my blog….it may have got scraped when I dumped a hater comment, I feel bad about that cause you are NOT a hater.

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