put a frog on your frog

the cantharidin in the pretty green spanish fly has been used for medicinal and erotic purposes for centuries. fortunately, with the development of viagra, men are less inclined to experiment with these and other dangerous compounds.

back in 1861, a doctor making rounds in a field hospital “discovered several French Legionnaires with a most peculiar complaint: ‘Erections douloureuses et prolongues’ – known more technically as priapism. Vezien suspected the soldiers had been taking something they should not have – cantharidin, an insect toxin better known as the aphrodisiac Spanish fly .

the unfortunate soldiers had merely been eating the local frog’s legs, but these frogs had been dining on meloid beetles and the toxins passed on through the food chain. more recently a biologist at Cornell conducted experiments with beetle fed frogs to see if they retained their appeal as food to other animals.

“Eisner offered 16 cantharidin-fed frogs to 4 broad-banded water snakes. The snakes ate all but one ‘without undue delay, as is usually the case’, Eisner reports. How about leeches? Would they feed from an affected frog? To keep the frogs from eating the leeches that he briefly attached to their hind legs, Eisner designed a unique restraint. He cut off the receptacle end of a condom and slipped it over each frog’s front legs and torso. The leeches seemed no worse for wear after feeding on frogs’ legs.

in another example of humans being affected by food their food has eaten, Paul Devereux has this to say

The reindeer of these remote wastes have a hankering for Amanita muscaria (fly agaric or magic mushrooms). When they eat it they become stupefied and stagger around. If a reindeer is killed at this point, the meat will pass on the intoxicating effects devoured by the animal — but this is merely one part of a strange menage a trois involving human beings, reindeer and the mushroom itself. When they dine on certain mosses and lichen, reindeer also develop an insatiable passion for urine, their own and that of humans.

The Koryak, and doubtless other tribes, made use of this strange fact by carrying sealskin containers they called “the reindeer’s night-chamber,” in which they collected their urine. This was used to attract reindeer who were proving difficult to gather into the herd. But there was another value in human urine: the active constituents in Amanita muscaria remain intact even when passed through a person’s bladder. “The Koryaks know this by experience, and the urine of persons intoxicated with fly-agaric is not wasted. The drinker himself drinks it to prolong the state of hallucination, or offers it to others as a treat

Richard Rugley quotes from the encyclopaedia of psychoactive substances. the article is very interesting and quite long so I’ve reproduced a couple of sentences from it to whet your appetite to read more

“Holy men in India are reported to smoke cobra venom for its psychoactive effects. Both the king cobra and common cobra are used in this way; their dried venom glands or crystallized venom is often mixed with cannabis when smoked. In Russia it was apparently a custom that if a cat ate mukhomor (the fly-agaric mushroom) it was given the hemp or cannabis plant to sober it up”

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  1. I’ve licked a few toads in my time. Sadly. *ik*

  2. ……. or, a nice cup of tea with some toast spread thinly with Gentleman’s Relish is quite invigorating ….. [you might have to have a Google!]

  3. Frac will be after the mushroom that is for sure *snigger* 🙂

  4. frog legs sauteed in mushroom sauce… it’s on the menu for my next [ahem] sleepover. i’ll skip the urine…

  5. I’ll stick with chocolate and a glass of red wine.

  6. my favourite combination

  7. That explains why Santa is so jolly…reindeer urine.

  8. Jeez, men don’t need no stinkin’ mushrooms or snake venom or Spanish fly to get their libidos up. All they need to do is visit this site every Friday. 😉

  9. Lizza! I love your new beer avatar

  10. Hmmm, glad you didn’t mention some of the uses of human corpses.

  11. I think I mentioned some a while back. something to do with cutting down a freshly hanged murderer’s body. and it helped if he was young and red haired….

  12. This post was made funnier by the fact that a half bottle of merlot had found it’s way into my system prior to reading it….I too shall pass on the urine.


  13. I wish I could be that happy pissing into a toaster. That is unbridled joy on that man’s face and I envy every bit of it.

  14. I swear I saw David bowie pissing in a toaster… I did, I did see David Bowie pissing in a toaster.

  15. yes that is david bowie alex, you must be the only reader I have with 20/20 vision

  16. if only i bottled my urine in my younger days i could’ve been rich, my friends and i used to laugh cuz we knew you could trip off the wiz of the tripping but none of us ever did try it, i would like to add that when eating the magic mushrooms the male should wait as long as possible to wee after the trip starts, i don’t know why but it’s like an extended male orgasm so obviously the longer you wait the better it is and the first wee is always the best, i’ve damn near passed out it felt so good, but then again maybe it’s just me.

  17. That’s not our Dave. How dare you Nursey?

  18. Re: Kono’s comment Goodness the things I missed not getting into the drug culture in college. I think it’s too late for me now, but I’ll try to do better next time.

  19. hey gulfboot – it sure looks like our dave to me 🙂

    silverstar: so does that mean you’re going to be reincarnated as a drug addled dropout? not that I’m casting any aspersions on kono…..

  20. no worries, i graduated then i dropped out.

  21. Nursey- You a fan of Nathan Barley?? Bowie/Toaster picture is 15Peter20…the artist that states “I believe that pissing is crying through your genitals” 😛

    Reindeer Urine? *Shudders*

  22. Damn! I’d never heard of Nathan Barley, I wonder if it ever made it to Oz. Perhaps I should try and find it on dvd. Who is the reporter with the beard? the one who looks like a hairy Keanu Reeves?

  23. Real Name: Julian Barrett who plays Dan in the series(he also acts in the Mighty Boosh, Gareth Marenghi and a few other bits)

    Dunno if it’d made it to Oz yet but if you get a chance to see it,it’s brillant :p

    One thing i’ve started watching on youtube and think it’s genius is the Ronnie Johns Half Hour which seems to be an Aussie program but i can’t find it on DVD anywhere.

  24. http://store.ronniejohns.com/

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