hey shortarse

the people at demandby.com promise to make you taller without popping pills or worrying about side effects. all you have to do is slip one of their reflexology insoles inside your shoe

Kimi Height Increaser can enhance the thickening of the cartillage at the knee joint areas so that you may grow taller and have height increase. Thus the application of KIMI™ helps you lose fat, gain muscles, grow bigger, stronger, and taller all at the same time

these people make elevator shoes or “height enhancing footwear”. and they say that Kimi and her sister product Yoko are both scams. false claims in advertising are nothing new. but would you buy a product from someone called Dr Minges? or is it only in australia that minge means pussy?

some people still believe you can achieve more height by stretching exercises but there is no proof of this, no matter what method is used

for the vertically challenged, there are sites that give advice on sexual positions when one partner is short and the other tall.

Spoon position
Straight Version: While you’re lying behind her, you can slip your penis inside her and enjoy a soft, smooth motion of penetration while her back’s to you. Your body doesn’t have to be pressed up against hers; you can opt to form yourselves in a Y position instead.

Gay Version: Both partners lying on their sides means you can focus on the sensations of a gliding penetration without distraction. To avoid hot breath on the back if the top is significantly shorter, you can opt to form a Y position.

I’m impressed with the writer’s political correctness, especially as he says his 12 year marriage provided the inspiration for this article….. guess his wife’s hot breath on his back was not a problem……


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  1. Oooh, that works whether you’re tall or short. *grin*

  2. I rather fancy Y positions myself, even though The Boyo and I are both munchkins. Easy on arthritic knees and backs.

  3. …… well, that’s the long and the short of it really …… I wonder what I said? …… mmmmmmmmmm

  4. Hmm the wagon burners look like they are doing the oohh ouch position. Pumpkin fancies the WHY position. We don’t have the problem of hot breath as I usually sink my teeth into her neck top hold her in position and also so as to ensure I don’t fall off. Sexy I know. I learnt it from cats.

  5. hay vapour, if pumpkin ever wants to trade you in, catch a plane over here. being held in place by a bite on the neck really does it for me

  6. Minges is a term over here too …..

    Interesting reference material just in case I find a man shorter than me (I prefer same height sex though 😉 )

  7. me too 70s. until I met stephen all my partners had been very tall men. now I have a definite preference for a shorter demographic, say 5’8″ or 9″….

  8. “…say 5’8″ or 9″…” shouldn’t that be 5’8″ with 9 inches?

  9. Minge means the same in Britain as well. Became one of my favorite words while living in Oxford.

  10. kyknoord: Yes, they were his dimensions

    cdv1971: thanks for dropping by again. your baby boy is gorgeous

  11. may have to look into this “stretching” thing… might be easier than losing that last 25 lbs. Let’s see [ciphering]… if i were about 18″ taller, i’d be at the perfect weight!

  12. I use to work for a landscaper who had an inferiority complex about how short he was. To add height, he would wear platform shoes (this was about 1980 when men’s platforms shoes were still in vogue.) A funny sight: a short man cutting grass in platform shoes.

  13. Nurse,I tried that but the second hand car market is really depressed. Have asked her pappa to repossess and give me my Labola back (Three cows and a mule). 9″ inches uhm what’s that in meters?

  14. I think you might be a bit swift to write off this Kimi deal. Anything that can make you grow taller AND give you height increase sounds pretty cool. And I’d buy something from anyone called Dr Minges…

    somnambulist, your blog link is a dead one, though I’m sure I’ve seen your comments on other blogs before. I’ll have to try and track you down somehow. or you could leave a
    “live” link for me…. ?

  15. actually, whispers of breath on my back is rather sexy. little neck kisses too. mmmm.

  16. I get emails about “enlarging my cartilage” all the time in my Spam folder…how annoying!

  17. I first heard the word minge from a British friend. I adore that word. I wanted to open a British pub, call it “The Itchy Minge”.

  18. Minge, huh? Here, we call it a furburger.

  19. “Funky menge” (so spelt when I encountered it) was used by gypsies of Brit origin who relocated in Virginia. Don’t ask me what I was doing talking to a downstate gypsy.

  20. My driver’s license lists my height at 5’9″. Unfortunately the Department of Motor Vehicles declined to take any other measurements of mine, despite my strident insistence.

  21. when i want to be tall, i hold my shoulders back and raise my chin.

  22. Minge… haha, sorry I just love that word.

  23. LOL In Scotland, we used to say it to describe a woman’s pubic hair! (not the actual pussy!) 🙂


  24. Nursey – youre a nurse. Am I correct in thinking you can fairly accurately gauge a womans vagina size by her shoe size? dont midwifes ask this rather than the more impolite ‘how big is your fanny?’

  25. welcome to the gimcrack andy. do you have a conjoined twin on your shoulder like your namesake?

    charliemingles: yes you are correct. you can also find babies under cabbage patches and avoid pregnancy by drinking coke and aspirin. though that last method failed twice for me. otherwise it’s pretty safe.

  26. is that yes or no?

  27. I’m a 7

  28. […] hope this is a more reputable company than Kimi, whom you may remember from here) Published […]

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