when I am an old lady I shall wear purple

ok it’s t-shirt friday – no word yet on who’s playing along. Stephen bought me this t-shirt in New York. it’s also what I was wearing while holding him when he died. my son’s then-boyfriend had packed a little bag for me while I was living in at the hospice and this was in it. first time I’ve worn it since and I’ll probably exchange it in a minute for something cooler as it’s 35 degrees in sydney today. so stephen this one’s for you. as you once wrote to me…. “love you, miss you, just want to kiss you”

I hope everyone I mentioned last week is posting their photographs soon and I’ve heard rumours that there will be at least one new entrant…… c’mon people the nurse is waiting 🙂

first cab off the rank : Dolce

now Sylvie’s is up too plus Silverstar’s and Daisyfae’s

it’s saturday morning now for me but presumably still friday in other parts of the world. 70s has posted hers and so has Miss…..

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  1. Done!

    And what a gorgeous combination, Nursie. No wonder Stephen wanted to kiss you so much 🙂

  2. Oo la la! And that sure is one sweet statement from Stephen to you, Nursey.


  3. are you going to do a t-shirt post lizza?

  4. A technical question for you nurse since I missed your call to take part: can, uh… boys post on Friday as well? I’m not saying I’m gonna do it or anything… but just suppose.

    definitely YES Ian!

  5. Hugz NM ~ will be posting my T -shirt later will let you know x

  6. Ah yes..will post mine too…lovely T-shirt, Stephen had great taste x

  7. Mine’s up now. I see no reason the boys can’t play, but this is Nurse Myra’s game.

  8. Reminds me of an idea I still have to put into action I downloaded a crap load, well a few, posters to 60’s and 70’s porn films. And one day I will stick them on t-shirts if I ever get some of those iron on things.

    I always think the simplest things are the sexiest, the corsets are great but I love t-shirt friday.

  9. Ooooh, so I have a month to find a t-shirt with a story … ?

    oh yes tNb please join in next month. and papersurfer too if he wants to

  10. […] a fun sliver of the blogopolis…  expect there will be a few folks playing along, including nursemyra, silverstar, sylvied and perhaps queen of breast support, olga the traveling bra!  Oh, and though […]

  11. sweet story… xoxoxo

    i’m up!

  12. You look like a superhero. I’m sure many innocent lads would look forward to a bit of rescuing.

  13. Lovely – the stockings make me all melty. 🙂

  14. actually they’re not stockings, they’re thigh high stretchy boots 🙂

  15. Thigh high stretchy boots!!! Oh god, oh god. I’m dribbling. What T shirt, how the fuck can I concentrate!

  16. ’tis done 🙂

  17. Nurse Myra,
    No great story behind my t-shirt, but I finally got off my ass and I am playing too.


  18. The blogosphere is getting quite cheery isn’t it? – thanks Nursey.


    [Have you got a lot of storage space? …… just asking]

  19. I will do a T-shirt post, Nursey. But not the way you do it. I can’t do sexy scintillating sizzling smokin’ hot like you.

  20. are you waiting until the last friday in november lizza? I’m guessing it’s already saturday in the philippines

  21. I didn’t even know they made thigh-high stretchy boots. Well, you learn something new every day. And if you’re lucky, you learn something sexy every day too.

  22. I bought them at Bondi Markets for $20.00 several years ago, think they were made in the 70s. when I was in nyc I saw the exact same pair in bright orange and I was very tempted but the shopkeeper was asking $60.00 USD. A bit out of my price range for something I only wear in photos

  23. N.M.
    You will never be old- older maybe but never old.

  24. excellent story… [heavy sigh]…

    and no need to wait until you’re old. purple looks lovely on you now.

  25. purple rocks 🙂

  26. Mea Culpa. I forgot to compliment you on your outfit and your story.

  27. How is the t-shirt game played, please?

    Your post touched me… sending you a nymph hug.

  28. Don’t forget the red hat 😉

    {{{{{{{{Halloween Hugs, Nurse M.}}}}}}}}

  29. hey woodsy – wanna play in november? t-shirt friday is held on the last friday of each month, all you have to do is post a photo of yourself in a t-shirt and leave a comment so I can link back to you.

    most of us write a short story explaining something about the t-shirt too. that was silverstar’s idea and I’ve run with it but it’s not compulsory.

    easy peasy 🙂

  30. I can do that! I look forward to playing next month!

  31. That’s a good poem BTW …… leading old folk astray!!! – it’s my mantra

  32. this seems appropriate:

    Great song too.

  33. That video of Charlie’s needs an earworm warning. Now I can’t get it out of my head.

  34. What wonderful story behind the t-shirt. Never lose that.

  35. Sorry I missed t-shirt day. I even had a great Halloween one picked out. Then work and school got in the way, and I got to fretting over my unibrow. I promise, I’ll be here at the end of the month . . .

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