not another sex doll

back here nursemyra wrote about her assistant’s hypothyroidism. when she was first diagnosed I found this fabulous site which has been languishing in my “future blog posts” ever since. now it’s time to introduce Felicia and Bonnie to the world.

This manikin, given the name “Felicia,” was produced in 1955 at the Oak Ridge Institute of Nuclear Studies (ORINS). The manikin’s purpose was to help evaluate the equipment used at medical facilities to measure the uptake of iodine-131 by a patient’s thyroid.

A section of Felicia’s thigh can be seen in a compartment to the upper left of her head, just below Paul’s hand. This was included because some facilities used their patient’s thigh to measure “background”.

This particular example, the second in what became a family of twenty (or possibly more), was given the name Bonnie Boleyn.  As you might guess, Anne Boleyn was the first.

In 1955, six manikins had been constructed: Abigail (euthyroid), Bridget (euthyroid), Chloe (euthyroid), Drusilla (hyperthyroid), Euphemia (hyperthyroid), and Felicia (hypothyroid).   By 1956 the following manikins had been added: Grenadine (hypothyroid), Hortense (hyperthyroid), Ibis (hyperthyroid), Jezebel (euthyroid), Katrinka (hypothyroid), Lulu (hyperthyroid), Moira (euthyroid), Nabby (hypothyroid), Ophelia (euthyroid), Pandora (well-type), Queenie (well-type),  Rhoda (well-type), and Terry Toma (euthyroid). Abigail, Felicia and Lulu were available for one month loans while Bridgit, Drusilla, Jezebell, and Nabby could be loaned out for six months

both pages I’ve linked to are about the measuring of radioiodine uptake using these “manikins”. genuinely fascinating research which must have been fun to carry out as well. below are some more dolls (from  but I don’t think these good time girls have contributed quite as much to medical science as Felicia and Bonnie


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  1. mmm I have a bag of Barbies and Bratz (oh and one David Hasslehoff doll)in the loft… maybe just maybe they could have another career lol

  2. Playing with dollies again are we? I don’t know about those last two. And btw, the images are watermarked. Perhaps you should ask permission to use them.

    silverstar I would love to ask permission but I can’t find them. The link to is dead which is why I could only type where they are from.

    addendum: just realised the link I was using was spelt differently. off to ask permission now

  3. Those manikin’s look like something out of a horror movie… or like something in my basement.

  4. who named these dolls? er, mannequins?
    queenie? i think they named some of these girls after hunting dogs. nabbie and pandora were named after cats. drusilla and katrinka obviously from some adult rocky the flying squirrel fantasies. notice there are no bettys or karens. not one molly. they didn’t dare name one for somebody in their famly.
    Jezebel… def something sexual going on. i hope they put condoms on their thyroids before inserting them in the thigh box.

    hilarious 🙂

  5. the bedroom eyes say it all… love the “chorus line” pic!

  6. They make fantastic objects …… I feel quite avaricious ……

  7. Oh, those ’50s hairdos. I’m five again, thumbing through the Life magazines on the end table.

  8. daddyp: I’m glad you share my fascination with objects. hopefully you won’t think it strange that I’m also intrigued by these

    sledpress: bonnie boleyn reminds me of lucille ball

  9. if it’s for medical research, it must be good.

  10. I doubt they’re still in use, there are probably more sophisticated techniques available now. wish I could get my hands on one – maybe Hortense

  11. I saw a very disturbing BB documentary called, “Love Me, Love My Doll.” These guys treated them as if they were their real wives. However this is not too bad at all given that these were used for medical research. However, do we know if any of the researches got carried away? Mmmm?

    What would you do with these dolls nurse? I feel an exciting story awaits.

  12. oh I’ve seen that doco – bizarre isn’t it?

    I probably wouldn’t do anything except put them on a shelf in my bedroom so I could admire them

  13. I’ve never been partial to those sexy looking styrofoam busts they use to exhibit wigs and scarves and hats … honest. Don’t believe what you hear.

  14. “don’t believe what you hear”

    hmmm…. I’m sure I just read a paraphrasing of that line on your own blog 🙂

  15. It was very creepy. I’m shocked the men were so forthcoming about it and agreed to have it all filmed.

    They would make a great shelf display.

  16. yeah, wasn’t there one guy who rented an apartment for his collection as he had so many?

    *shakes head*

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