eat your greens

nursemyra encourages her patients to eat healthy food especially fresh fruit and vegetables. the humble cabbage cures many ills and not just via ingestion

the chilled leaves will reduce engorgement in breast feeding women. cabbage is helpful in treating acid reflux, haematomas, joint pain, constipation, hangovers and enlarged prostate. of course cabbage is also associated with creating odiferous farts so doctors in minneapolis set about collecting rectal gas to study

They collected the flatus from 16 healthy subjects using a rectal tube. The gases went from the rectal tube to a special gas-impermeable bag and were then transferred from the bag to a 20 ml polypropylene syringe. Finally, they presented the flatus to the two judges to evaluate the nastiness of the odour. They found that the smell of flatus comes from various sulphur-containing compounds such as those found in beans and cabbage

In Orlando they stage an annual coleslaw wrestling match where the ladies get down and dirty with cabbages in an effort to win $500.00

and sell a cabbage sex toy for women who like to get up close and personal with cruciferous shaped jelly

Some women have been known to wear their cabbages, and not just to reduce engorgement either.

black and white image sourced here

for those who don’t like the taste of cabbage, it can be combined with other ingredients to enhance the flavour. Pear, cabbage and walnut salad is delicious and a great way to get some healthy vitamins into you

Ron English has a way of making fruit appear even more mouth watering hasn’t he?

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  1. The cabbage is a lucky vegetable. Do any women like to have it eaten off them, Nursie?

  2. haven’t heard of that before mr bananas, but you can dine from my leaf covered body anytime

  3. oooh…a nice cabbage coleslaw is delicious….

  4. I like grated apple in mine

  5. cabbage was my saviour when I was brest feeding..

    I do have a love hate thing with cabbage. Love it raw and love to drink the water the cabbage is cooked in (a treat as a kid)…. but absolutely hate the cooked stuff.. may have to take up just wearing it lie the lady in the B&W photo lol!

  6. Nice to see that when it ends all pear-shaped that can be a good thing. 🙂

  7. “Cruciferous shaped jelly” will get a rise out of your botanically inclined readers any day.

  8. i wonder who paid for that research… National Endowment for the Farts?

  9. Cabbage has a special place in my memory banks. When I was a kid, my mom would from time to time make a huge roaster of cabbage rolls, made the way her mom taught her. I went to school about a block away from our house, and I swear when she made cabbage rolls you could smell them from the school. My mom would line the roaster with the outer leaves of the cabbage and then load in the rolls and then some tomato juice and she would use two strips of pork ribs as a lid, then roast these things slowly for hours. The outside leaves would turn dark and caramelize and us kid thought they were the best part.

    I sometimes make cabbage rolls but have never thought of using pork ribs as a lid. that sounds fantastic

  10. I think I can help out those doctors in Minneapolis. Are men more flatulent than women? It seems that way. Or are we just more cavalier about it disposing of it?

  11. Does Medical Science know *how* the cabbage leaf reduces engorgement in the lactating breast?

    I mean, it’s nice that we know that it does, but i find myself wondering what circumstances arose that someone thought to try slapping a cabbage leaf onto an over-inflated boob. Also, i wonder what else they tried first.

  12. Never noticed a correlation between cabbage and farts before. Hmm…

    (makes a note to be more observant the next time I eat cabbage)

  13. Mmmmm … My wife makes cabbage soup. I don’t think she ever did anything with the cabbage besides cooking it. Although there was that one time with the carrot …

  14. I like cabbage …… and I never ever break wind! – tee hee

  15. Is there a team of 40 of you over there at HQ Nursey?

    Ive no idea how you manage to source all this crazy stuff, such amazing photos and still hold down a responsible job. I can only assume the old folk in your hospital are locked in the dark with a bottle of whisky and constant daytime telly. Which I think is fair enough really …

  16. actually, I feel like I’m running out of inspiration at the moment. after a bad review I received recently I’ve been trying to steer away from writing about penises so much but it’s made it much harder to find crazy stuff to blog about

  17. Here’s the family cabbage roll recipe, as posted back at my place three years ago.

  18. And just what were these alleged judges’ qualifications for the job? Enquiring minds need to know!

  19. A gas-impermeable bag? They must be talking about my bed sheets, because nothing escapes when I fire up the Dutch Oven!

  20. I love cabbage and wearing it sounds very sexy in sexy vegetable wearing way.

  21. I like cabbage about any way possible. Especially in colcannon.

    Daisy Fae- National Endowment for the Farts. *snort*

  22. Why should anyone object to your writing lots of posts about penises?

    Lizza: how could anyone miss the correlation between cabbage and farts? It’s an indole thing…

    Once upon a time I ran a political campaign for a wild-eyed, honest to God freaking maniac. (File under Stories So Weird You Can’t Follow Them.) He decided we were going to go to another candidate’s fundraiser, for the PR, and it was a crab feast with a donation at the door. I am a vegetarian and the only thing that I could eat at that event was beer (Tuborg, for my sins) and coleslaw. Freaking Maniac loved crabs and that SOB got down with a wooden mallet and shoveled crabs into his face for 45 minutes while I… oh my god… suddenly I realized that for 45 minutes… I had been DRINKING BEER AND EATING CABBAGE and it was not going to be good.

    Never mess around in politics.

  23. When I was in high school, I do not remember Fart Smeller being one of the choices on career day. Who are these people and how do they get these jobs???
    The jelly looks interesting though.


  24. Maybe someone who looked into a posting like this

  25. Why do those pears freak me out…

  26. they remind you of Black Pigsy?

  27. This is a vegetable that I can never fully appreciate. Unless, of course, the invitation you gave to gorilla bananas is offered to me as well. LoL!

  28. Oh god now they do…

  29. Nursie don’t sweat the reviews, i’d have to say that if you’re doing it for that you should think long and hard about taking a break for the sheer fact that the interweb has corrupted your beautiful soul, write whatever you feel like, cuz everyone’s a critic and most people are d.j’s.

  30. I love cabbage and prepare it many different ways.

    One of my favorite cole slaws is made with Napa cabbage. apple cider vinegar, brown sugar and whole grain mustard (there are other ingredients as well).

    The way I use this cole slaw is in a dish from the souteastern US. Pork shoulder, slow roasted over wood for 18 hours, home made barbecue sauce, put together on an onion roll, with the cole slaw on top before adding the top of the roll. The contrast in flavors and textures is just amazing.

    I have made this so many times, I could almost do it in my sleep. I really should post this recipe on my blog (the one I haven’t posted to in a year).

  31. hey pushbiker, nice to see you here again 🙂

  32. […] it works for an ox….. a few days ago nursemyra was recommending the use of cabbage. Cato advocated not just consuming the […]

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