face fooling

attraction between the sexes is a mysterious thing. nursemyra looks for imperfections, I like crooked noses, small scars or a snaggle tooth….  Serena believes you can tell if someone is the right partner for you just by looking at the shape of their face. she says there are three basic shapes: round, triangular and square. according to her theory the best matches seem to occur when you choose someone with the same shaped face as your own.

the BBC has an interesting quiz to find out if your ideal partner is an introvert or an extrovert. the test offers you choices of very similar faces and takes less than ten minutes to do. apparently I’m an introvert who prefers extroverts. how about you?

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  1. Extrovert who likes extroverts. But seriously, looking at those guys made me feel like I was looking through a two way mirror, with a cop behind me asking which one of these men stole my purse.

    But there wasn’t a box for that, so I just marked “Prefer Slightly”.

    Cool quiz.

  2. so if we were in a bar together we’d be eyeing up the same outgoing guys…

  3. Equally intro and extro, who likes extroverts.

    I started to get really bored after about question 10. Does that reveal anything?

  4. it reveals that you’re not as anal as me. I love personality tests 🙂

  5. No wonder you fancy me ……. tee hee

  6. I do?!?!?!?

  7. extrovert who likes extroverts. but what i really want to know is “can he dance with his underwear on his head?” Screw the face shape, i need action!

  8. Introvert who prefers extroverts. Well, one extrovert anyway.

  9. You? An introvert? That doesn’t seem to be the case.

    perhaps you are deceived by the corset shots. I am a very typical introvert – you’ll never see nursemyra at a social event, I much prefer to be curled up on the couch with a book

  10. It says I’m a complete tosser who prefers people who don’t know I’m a complete tosser. Anyone else get that result?

  11. Introvert with a strong preference for extroverted faces. Interesting. Those faces all seemed WAY too young though. I think they should have had more variety (age, race, hair length, etc.).

  12. Extrovert who prefers extroverts. Well duh…! (could have told you that without taking the test)

  13. That wasn’t a marriage proposal! – tee hee

  14. daddyp: *phew* I wouldn’t want to upset TG 🙂

  15. Gave it a try, but the faces were too scary, so I ran off and hid in a dark corner for an hour or so. Thankfully, when I returned they were no more. Such is life.

  16. they’re still there, but now they’re hiding in your closet.

  17. Extrovert who prefers extroverts…. that’ll be about right lol 🙂

  18. Extro who likes extros… but that’s because today’s a good day. Bad days I hide from the world… which gives me time to posts more lies and fabrications.

    Us Aquarius’s are unpredictable like that.

  19. Introvert with no marked preference, but like Ginny, I thought these guys looked like juvenile punks in a lineup, or like the kind of self satisfied teenage brute (geezus, they all look young enough to be mowing my lawn) who considers a blow job his god-given right, possibly while watching MTV.

    Funnily enough I enjoy personality tests too, but this one is sort of oogy. The only creepier one I ever saw was the Szondi test — you know that one?

  20. studies have shown people’s perception of beauty slants towards those with symmetrical faces.
    i find a great smile makes up for almost any imperfection.

  21. Well, I for one am happy that you like the snaggle-tooth…

    Sorry, no time to do the quiz – plane to catch…

  22. I have a great scar on my forehead.

  23. Gad, I rated myself as an introvert and then chose extroverts by 80%. I flunked. I believe this means that I have no skills in self perception.
    Wait, I already knew that.
    I did notice that I automatically liked the ones who had the corners of their mouths turning up, juvenile delinquents or not.

  24. Same as me! But I’m not convinced I prefer extroverts, I think I like the quiet mysterious type

  25. I am an extrovert (no surprises there) who tests to like extroverts. Oddly enough though, I have been extremely happily married to an introvert for about 25 years. So just because the test says something doesn’t mean it reflects reality.

  26. I’m an intro who’s into extros, what? Very confusing…

  27. I agree. I was (un)happily married to an extrovert for nearly 20 years. Then 8 years loving S who was an introspective introvert. I like extroverts as friends but can’t imagine spending time with one as a lover

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