smooshed mammaries

Olga is promoting breast cancer awareness by asking bloggers to paint their breasts and squash them against paper. sounds easier than it is. here is my contribution.


and I believe it’s daddyp’s birthday today. many happy returns you loveable old git xxx


I’ve been scouring the net for some very special presents and am delighted to say these are on their way to you now…..


hope you enjoy playing with mammaries

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  1. Tremendous breaststrokes.. particularly on the right. You certainly have a talent for… well, I’m not sure what, but you never know when it might come in handy!

  2. Your breasts are green! That’s a pitch for environmental protection too. 🙂

    Gotta get DaddyP’s birthday present…

  3. yeah I’m not sure what my talent is either…. but I know it’s not painting 🙂

  4. hey lizza – it was the only colour I had, at least it stopped me trying to get too creative and really ballsing things up

  5. What fantastic presents!!! I’ll take a pair of some, a case of others, a raincheck on one and can you give me a hand to fix the other one on?

    [Myra, if that’s your real name – tee hee, you’re a STAR …. and can I have a print of your prints? – ta muchly …. *hugs*]

  6. […] and Somnambulist …….. and the FMB Blog …….. and Sylvie ……… and Shinade …… and Nursemyra] . This entry was written by daddyp, posted on November 6, 2008 at 6:00 am, filed under Main […]

  7. I don’t have any paint. Maybe I’ll just splash them with rioja…

  8. So Finger Painting is a thing of the past? It’s booby painting? NOICE!

  9. wonderful! now…have you had that mammogram? 🙂

  10. if i get the time i’m gonna smear my breasts with paint and post them, might even be the added bonus of chest hair on mine!

  11. Thanks for the mammaries.

    Sorry. So obvious, but someone had to say it.

  12. I gave this a try, but found myself quickly ejected from Do-It-All. Am I using the wrong type of paint?

  13. That could be least I got plenty of paint 🙂

  14. Nipple painting is the new finger painting!

  15. So when do we get to see some buttock smooshing?

  16. You know, I tried to make one of those, but the swirling chest hair pattern was a dead give away. Guess I just have to wait for testicular cancer awareness to hit this level. I already have the paint and paper.

  17. Oh my, that second picture is quite funny:-) Too bad I’m not really gifted when it comes to painting haha

  18. Your boobs look like flowers.

  19. Even your refrigerator magnets are kinky. Nice.

  20. I do hope that Dady P doesn’t explode – he has a mouthful of unconjugated latin verbs and they could be splattered everywhere!

  21. I LOVE your Smooshings Nursie! And encourage everyone to SMOOSH their boobies too…we have a few male Smooshings…the hair lends a nice textured feel to the print…so DONT BE SHY!…slap on some paint (or whatever) & SMOOSH ‘EM! 🙂

    Oh and Happee Birthday DaddyPeePee! hee-hee!

  22. I like the little added effect the nipple ring gives. Very Nice.

  23. cool smooshies 😉

  24. I do wish Olga would stop calling me Daddy PeePee …..

  25. Oh, now *those* are mammaries Daddy P can sink his “teeth” into.

    *tee hee*

  26. eewww…. he’s not putting his dentures anywhere near me!

  27. LOL… I meant the ones in the gifts you sent… second from the left.

    Dang… still hurts to laugh and you’re the guilty party again!

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