morphing into a hypochondriac

Dr Jerry Epstein writes about morphology as a way of reading faces:

In this article, I shall describe the most fundamental and easily graspable morphological element which is temperament. I allude to temperament in noting the four temperamental / humoral types: bilious, lymphatic, sanguine, and nervous. These types are read by looking at the person’s profile.

The bilious are dominant, domineering, bossy, constructors; they have an active practical intelligence and make things happen. They are indefatigable and need very little sleep. When their will is not catered or is thwarted, they tend to become morose and brooding. They require plenty of calcium and vitamin A. They are especially prone to bone injuries, eye and ear problems, gall bladder and liver disturbances.

In the sanguine temperament we find someone who can be defined by two words: acquisitive and territorial. The sanguine need to establish an empire and acquire as much as they can. They are optimistic by nature and extroverted. Being muscularly dominant, they are action-oriented. They love body building, aerobic exercise, and body contact sports. They tend to be bored easily, and to have short attention spans. They learn best by doing, and when they are not active, they literally have no thoughts swirling around. They require vitamins C and E. They are quite vulnerable to cardiovascular problems, muscle injuries and diseases of the genitals.

Nervous types are volatile and hypercritical and quick perceivers. They have high intellect and think abstractly and philosophically. They have an artistic temperament, although their productions tend to be imitative rather than innovative. They are excellent communicators, witty and hypersensitive. They tend to be hypochondriacs, often magnifying trivial injuries into dramatic events of great magnitude. They need adulation, acceptance, approval from the outside world, or they become depressed. Vitamins B1 and magnesium serve them very well. They tend to suffer from ailments of the skin and nervous systems as well as the liver, and often the thyroid gland.

Lymphatic types are devotional. They often have a strong religious inclination and are visionary. They can be dogmatic, authoritarian in their opinions, bombastic, and paternalistic. They seek justice, are companionable, tolerant, and great organizers. Like the sanguines they don’t feel guilt. Lymphatic types can use vitamin B6 as a diuretic. They suffer from endodermally connected organ problems that may involve the lungs, pancreas, intestinal tract or urinary bladder.

The ideal for establishing a successful organization is to have a bilious boss, a sanguine salesperson, a lymphatic organizer, and a nervous ideas man or woman

well that about sums up the gimcrack. how about your workplace?


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  1. As I have to work on my own, for various reasons, I have to combine all those traits in my own psyche …… no wonder I’m such a mess.

  2. Would you mind looking at my ……. ? oh never mind …..

  3. My workplace is a mess and I don’t think any of this will save it but it is food for thought. I’m checking in with my doctor as the stress is causing some very scary health issues for me as of now.

  4. Really? I’m sorry to hear that Ricardo. hope you feel better soon.

  5. I think I used to work where everything was opposite to what is recommended. Perhaps that is why it was so stressful.

  6. Well I sure am glad that I gave my Chuck Norris Action Jeans to the Salvos a few years back. Advantages to some mid life thickening.

  7. I haven’t heard the word sanguine used in years. I had no idea what it meant.

    it’s such a strange word as it has two meanings (1. bloody or blood red in colour 2. hopeful or optimistic. I once heard a sportscaster use it about a football player who was leaving the field with a bleeding head injury, saying he would be back on after a quick bandage. Sanguine in both senses……)

  8. not sure about the personality types at work… i got distracted trying to figure out why Colonel Sanders was talking to a woman with a giant mushroom on her head…

    be careful what you say about Miss Joan Crawford, daisyfae. she’ll rise from the dead and come after you with a handful of wire coathangers

  9. Everyone at the Widget Manufactory is either Sanguine or Nervous. I think there’s a causal link between the two…

  10. I can’t speak for my workplace but, personally, I’m going to get me some vitamin B1 in a mega dose form.

  11. im definitely in the nervous camp.

    I think I first read about these types in chaucer’s canterbury tales when I was a teenager. but looking at them now, they make far more sense.

    as I currently work from home in an empty room, that also covers colleagues – although I think my neighbours cat, who virtually fucking lives here, the cheeky little twat, is definitley sanguine. hes even started putting little sticky-labels on all the stuff of mine he wants after he smothers me in my sleep.

  12. Next time he does that, tie a knot in his tail. or put a “Kick me” sticky lable on his bum while he’s asleep….

    (I can’t believe I just wrote that. I love cats, though maybe not one who covets my worldly goods)

  13. Sorry to slip off-topic slightly, but where the deuce can I acquire a pair of those Chuck Norris ‘Action’ Jeans?

    They really can do anything in this day and age.

  14. I believe St Vincent de Paul shops have pantechnicons full to bursting in their loading docks

  15. I find myself sanguinely nervous.

    I need to invent Tag Larkin Action Jeans. You don’t wear them, they wear you.

  16. ‘be careful what you say about Miss Joan Crawford, daisyfae. she’ll rise from the dead and come after you with a handful of wire coathangers’

    Hey don’t laugh about it, if ‘Blue oyster cult’ sang about it then it could happen.

    I always find these personality things fascinating theres always one that almost fits me then it just shoots off completely in the wrong direction.

  17. was nymphatic one of the choices?

  18. it is now…… 🙂

  19. Wound up getting an ultrasound done. Thought I was having a heart attack. The joy is beyond words. LOL!

  20. oh dear, that does sound stressful *hugs*

  21. thanks nurse!

  22. Work.
    I do it to pay the bills.
    I write because that’s me.

  23. what sort of work do you do AM?

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