personalising the pugnacious

recently we quoted from Dr Gerald Epstein’s morphology page about the four different types of temperament. today he has moved on to personality types according to face shapes.

The earth or square-faced type is feisty, pugnacious, practical, materialistic, needs things, prizes logical thinking, is possessive, demanding, jealous, loyal, dutiful, and extremely competitive.

The saturn or trapezoid type is the most perseverant of all. They are also the most hypersexual, often mistaking sex for love. Saturns take a long time between a thought and an act and are quite ruminative. They are natural researchers and are meticulously attentive to detail.

The uranus, a long trapezoid, is the rarest type. People of this type are visionary thinkers, their ideas being far ahead of their time. They are difficult to relate to since they are intolerant of those who don’t resonate with or understand their ideas. They are the worst dressers having no sense of color coordination.

The mercury or triangular-shaped face is a person who is elusive, reclusive and accommodating to his or her surroundings like a chameleon They are elegant, often performers and entertainers, professors or physicians. (Mercury was the god of medicine, communication, thieves.) They are impatient and are always looking for new sensory impressions. Nancy Reagan, Madonna and Woody Allen are prime examples.

The mars or rectangular type is a gregarious person who is good humored, fickle in relationships, has a short temper and a penchant for war. The mars types are impetuous daredevils who risk life and limb in dangerous actions. They are the army officers and love a good fight. You’ll find many CEOs, surgeons, scientists, sculptors, cartoonists, football players amongst this type. Ronald Reagan is of this type.

The sun, with an oval face, is a natural leader; an individual who does not require intimacy while still being quite gregarious. Sun types are often mislabeled as haughty, snobbish and aloof which is not really the case. They are highly principled and cannot be intimidated. They often gravitate to diplomacy, medicine, high finance or aeronautics.

The venus type, with a lozenge-shaped face, is extroverted and has a lively intelligence. They glory in aesthetics, being related directly to beauty. They are conciliatory by nature, always looking to mediate disputes. Easily flattered, they tend to attract the opposite sex without trouble. They are never in want of a social life, are loving, and tend to talk voluminously. Elizabeth Taylor is the quintessential female venus.

The pluto type, with a hexagonal-shaped face are hugely successful in business, often having a midas touch. They have the most penetrating eyes of any of the types. They are unfazed by life, take things as they come, and don’t fret. Quite strong physically, they are resistant to illness and hardly ever miss work.

The moon individuals, or circular types, have a very slow rhythm, which makes them appear lazy to others. Their moods determine their relationships, they are moody and sensitive, as they feel deeply. They love children and are nurturing by nature. Moon women are dreamy, often poetic, are singers and dancers. For the moon women the bond to their children often supersedes their relationship to their husbands.

The neptune person, with an oblong-shaped face, is a spiritual, innovative, creative individual. Neptunes are musicians, artists, and muses in general. They often dream of angels and need to seek spiritual dimensions early in life. The characteristic trait distinguishing this type is the inability to sustain and to see a relationship clearly. They usually feel confused by relationships.

The jupiter type, with a reverse-trapezoid face, is generous, tolerant, understanding, devoted, objective, and very concerned with justice. Jupiters tend to find injustice everywhere and want to right all wrongs. They are religious by nature and can gravitate to the pulpit or to the judiciary. Their intelligence is synthetic, in that logic and intuition blend together very well, which makes them visionary.

nursemyra is an oval. what shape face do you have?

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  1. I’m sh+t-faced. Was a good night though…

  2. hahaha… good one!

  3. gee madonna had nice boobs… what oh sorry I missed the point.

    Um, I’m either square or oval, but the square description probably suits me better.

  4. oooo sort of a triangular / long trapezoid kinda shape I suppose with a hint of oblong …. my oh my it explains a lot….do you have the number of a good therapist 😉

  5. what? sex isn’t love? says who?

    i think i’m oval, but i’m not entirely sure. what is “lozenge shaped”?

  6. I’m an oval, too. And it’s spot on… although I’ve never even vaguely gravitated towards: diplomacy, medicine, high finance or aeronautics.

    I’m about as likely to wander in those directions as fly to the moon.

  7. I’m a trapezoid…

  8. I have a circular face at present, and a lot of it fits. Except the children thing, I never understood those critters. Dogs and old people I understand.

    I think Bush has an oval face, and a lot of that applies. It just doesn’t warn you that sometimes they are stupid and start premptive wars.

  9. I’m afraid to look.

    Ha! I’ve read your ghost stories. you’re not afraid of anything!

  10. If I were a woman, which I am not, I would have a hexagonal-shaped face mostly because I am least like any of the others.

    My most politically incorrect friend refers to Mormon garments as “magic underwear.”

    I thought Mormons referred to them as magic as well? Have you seen this clip from John Safran’s show? He plays a gormless reporter on a series that used to be shown here a few years back

    and I don’t know if you’ve already seen this…..

  11. Most folks say to me, “gee, did you get that visionary idea of yours from Uranus?”, so i guess i’m a long trapezoid.

  12. My face is shaped liked a parallelogram. I think it’s from being slapped too often.

  13. Not sure I like the description of “lozenge”…sounds like a strepsil.

  14. I’m box faced which wasn’t covered – typical

  15. I’m not sure if I’m square or rectangular – what do you think, nursemyra?

  16. hmmm….. I think your face shape is more square than rectangular, but maybe more round than square…. but the descriptions don’t really fit do they?

  17. There should be more pictures of topless or naked women petting cats. It’s enjoyable on so many levels I don’t even think I can properly explain why it works so well. Something about the “aww, cute widdle kitty” emotion and the “Aw yeah, breasts” emotion mixing together like chocolate and peanut butter to make the most awesomest thing ever.

  18. rf, you’ve given me an idea for a whole physique shoot.

    I think I am a rectangle face — I strongly resemble the young H. P. Lovecraft (except with glasses and long red hair: here’s a good shot — but I might be kind of hexagonal.

    Dick Deadeye in Pinafore said “I’m three-cornered, ain’t I?” I think it fit.

    oh my God – you sound like tetherdcow’s perfect woman – except that he just got married last year. Lovecraft and red hair all in one bundle….

  19. Trapezoid. Hmmm. But I think square fits me.

    Oh, and I got the movies. THEY WORK. I cannot wait to tell you about them…

  20. Round…though I can’t sing to save my life.

  21. Rassels: Cool!

    Lizza: now why don’t I believe you? about the singing that is…..

  22. I don’t know – I have never looked at my face – only reflections of it – and they are probably distorted – at least I hope they are – – –

  23. That’s quite interesting:-)

  24. I love your outfit today Romeika

  25. I think I’m a triangle, but I think it’d change depending on how long my beard is and how long my spikes are… so I’m open to your interpretation.

  26. Probably a triangle Gabe, I don’t think you’re supposed to take hair/beards into consideration 🙂

  27. I was kind of hoping I could get out of the triangular section… I don’t like my celebrities.

  28. oh I can forgive Woody his transgressions…..

  29. Believe me, I know how easy it is to fall in love and enter into a sexual relationship with your adopted daughter as well as the next guy, but would it have killed them to put Mickey Rourke in my section?

  30. Mickey Rourke??? Like every other red blooded mama I loved him in Angel Heart but since all that plastic surgery…..

    though I’ve heard he’s fantastic in The Wrestler, it hasn’t come to Oz yet but I’ll be checking it out when it does.

  31. Angel Heart was awesome. I’m not sure what face shape he’s got now but I kind of understood why he went with the whole new face thing. If you haven’t seen it there’s a movie called “Spun” about a pack of meth kids, Mickey plays ‘The Cook’. It’s worth seeing, but it was also the first movie Mickey did after his boxing thing.

  32. Hadn’t heard of it before but I would totally watch that movie if it ever came here, especially since it’s got jason schwartzman in it too!

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