corset friday 14.11.2008

flesh-007 flesh-0061 flesh-008   flesh-021

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  1. You make me want to get over my hatred of flying and visit the south side of the equator. Besides, it ought to be just about summer there, huh? I woke up to snow this morning. Haaaaaaate.

  2. Those stockings are absolutely gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous.

  3. As I believe I said last time, “win” :)))

  4. Can I lobby for a panties Tuesday?


    good try but “nope”. you can however make suggestions for different themes for corset friday. I’ve already used suggestions made by Ricardo and Charlie Mingles

  5. Effect use of light, shadow, and breasts in these pictures. Superb.

  6. far too respectable for me that one – youre virtually wearing a dress woman.

    I’ll expect something sluttier next time.

  7. LOVE the keyhole cut out on the corset – and the stockings are spectacular!

  8. Well, that certainly got my juices flowing.


  9. Well well well …… well

  10. have you developed a speech impediment daddyp?

  11. Heartily appreciated on an otherwise dull Friday.

    May I offer a “Hello delicious”?

  12. Haha! Offer accepted 🙂

  13. Yes, love the stockings. And the embroidery on the corset. Do they make them in size huge?

  14. As wonderful as ever, m’dear!

    My morning glory is even more glorious right about now.

  15. It’s 12:01 here now. does your morning glory extend to the afternnon?

  16. Very slinky indeed!

  17. for a moment I misread that and thought you typed “stinky”

  18. NEVER Nurse, never I’m sure you smell glorious.

  19. Thank you as always nurse. Feeling better already.

  20. [deep appreciation] now that the storms are over I can comment – thank goodness for preposting or my blog would have died 🙂

  21. So are these you, hot mama? Love em.

  22. That one is totally fetching! I love it.

  23. hey florida girl, there’s a corset shot of me every friday except the last one of the month which morphs into t-shirt friday. quite a few bloggers join in on t-shirt friday…. maybe you’d like to do it too?

    thanks, Fracas xx

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