hectic radiance

Back in 1895, R.V. Pierce M.D. had a lot to say about thinking too much:


The production of thought wears away the gray matter of the cerebrum as surely as the digging of a canal wears away the iron particles of the spade. Rigorous application of the intellectual faculties consumes the blood, exhausts the vital forces, weakens the organic functions, while pallor covers the face, and the eyes sparkle with a hectic radiance.


What results follow the excessive exercise of the EMOTIVE FACULTIES? 

If the emotions be acute and vehement, they  will revel in their culminating and delightful experiences. They exhaust all the bodily energies, and a functional suspension, termed ecstasy, follows. It is a swooning, or fainting, accompanied by involuntary movements of the arms, smiting of the hands, sighing, and short ejaculatory expressions of rapture. This condition is contagious, often spreading with mysterious rapidity. When the emotive faculties are suddenly and powerfully excited the individual swoons from sheer exhaustion.

Ordinary exercise leads to CALMNESS.
Proper exercise HAPPINESS.
Increased exercise ECSTASY.
Excessive exercise SYNCOPE.
Prolonged exercise TRANCE.
Fatal exercise MORTALITY


hmmmmm……. it’s hard to know what “exercise” Dr Pierce is referring to here. Perhaps to be on the safe side, just follow the advice of Mark Twain who said “when I feel the urge to exercise, I lay down until it passes.” unless of course it’s the type that results in short ejaculatory expressions of rapture…….


The Messenger by Bayros

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  1. I gotta. I hate it. But I gotta. Of all the exercises, though, the horizontal mambo is my favourite!

  2. oh I gotta too dolce. I keep promising myself I’ll go back to pilates and I haven’t done it yet. though I’ve played the dvd at home a couple of times and half heartedly followed the instructions….

  3. Paralysis by analysis …….

  4. …. I think it’s something to do with botties …..

  5. …… and sisters …..

  6. huh? have you been drinking anti-freeze again daddyp?

  7. Dear me, it seems that some of the management team at the office have been thinking too much.

  8. I was going to call my blog “short ejaculatory expressions of rapture”, but my ejaculations were too long.

  9. PS, i just googled Bayros and my computer almost threw a Blue Screen of La Petite Mort. It thanks you for that, and says it’ll have a raging hard drive for a week.

    you have to stop hiding your light under a bushel 🙂

  10. One of the goals of meditation is to not think. Or, if you get caught in a thought, to let it go. Think that’s easy? Try it for a few years and see if you can master it.

  11. To think, or not to think, that is the question. Nowadays we are told to exercise our brains to stave off Alzheimer’s and such. And then to meditate (or not think) to bring our blood pressure down. However, I think I shall indulge in some exercise in the hopes of provoking short, ejaculatory expressions of rapture. I usually can’t think in the middle of all that.

  12. DP’s comments might have to do with a lack of that little blue pill. A certain kind of excercise facilitated by that little blue pill can stimulate the brain and promote good mental function, so perhaps once he arrives in Mexico, his comments will make a little more sense?

    We can only hope.

    I’m starting a fund to help him with the trip costs. It’s what a good secretary would/should do.

  13. it’s winter here, and i must get back to running. committed to run a 5 miler on thanksgiving day. filed neatly under “WTF was i thinking?”. suspect i’ll be approaching “mortality” at the end of the run… having passed “ecstacy”, “syncope” and “trance” at mile markers 1, 2, and 2.5 respectively…

  14. I only run when the cops are chasing me.

  15. I think I will just settle for calmness if that’s ok? 🙂

  16. sure it’s ok 70s. That’s what I settle for too….

  17. 😉

  18. So that’s why I’m so lazy… I spend too much time thinking of fabrications and lies. My brain’s exhausted.

  19. Exercise always leads to ejaculatory expressions of some sort in my case. On a daily basis. If I don’t get the last rep on a heavy set I used say something scatological but lately I’ve tended to “m*****f***er.” But on a good set of squats I just always end up whooping out something inarticulate.

    Most of the workouts I’ve had were better than most of the sex I’ve had, which, well you know how it is, your mileage tends to vary.

  20. I KNEW it!

  21. Man that guy in the bottom pic has quite some stream going, how long was he holding off for is my question!

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