if it works for an ox…..

a few days ago nursemyra was recommending the use of cabbage. Cato advocated not just consuming the vegetable, he believed drinking the urine of someone who has eaten cabbage also helped fend off illness. Some of his other cures were applicable to humans as well as to the livestock on a farm.


“if you have reason to fear illness, before the patient/oxen gets sick give them the following remedy:

3 grains of salt, 3 laurel leaves, 3 spikes of leek, 3 of garlic, 3 grains of incense, 3 plants of Sabine herb, 3 leaves of rue, 3 stalks of briony, 3 white beans 3 live coals and 3 pints of wine.

You must gather, macerate and administer all these things while standing, and he who administers the remedy must be fasting. Administer to each ox or to each patient for 3 days and divide it in such a way that when you have administered 3 doses to each you have used it all. See to it that the patient and the one who administers it are both standing and use a wooden vessel.

Next year (2009) is the Year of the Ox. Apparently the ox rules between the hours of 1:00 am and 3:00 am and often appears rigid and slow: sounds like a good recommendation for a lover. Their greatest enemy is the Sheep which seems strange to me – couldn’t an ox just sit on a sheep if it were misbehaving? and then perhaps sell its stomach to make pretty lamps like these


 until I started looking for images to illustrate this post I was unaware of how popular sheep are…..


doesn’t this chair look comfortable? I want one for the gimcrack


and a usb sheep lamp to match.

sheep get mentioned in films occasionally. Amost everyone has seen Silence of the Lambs but how many of you know about New Zealand’s contribution to the niche market that is sheep cinema? Whatever you do, don’t watch the trailer before bedtime….. 

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  1. Oooo, Nog’s been wanting to get that DVD ever since he first saw it at Fnac a few months ago. He reckons it’s probably so bad it’s good. 🙂

  2. To be honest Az, I haven’t seen it either but Tetherdcow told me it was pretty funny.

  3. Is Flight of the Conchords available at Fnac?

  4. Disturbing is a better word than comfortable, I think.

    I take it you’re not a fan of the sheep chair then 🙂

  5. Ahhh – the great “Black Sheep” trailer – I suffered from nightewes for weeks after I saw that!

  6. A question for nursemyra, wearing her Dr. Freud hat.

    Why does the poor sheep excite so much sexual interest, when comparable animals (goats, large dogs, small cows) attract so little? I mean, there are plenty of jokes about rogering sheep, but how manz have you heard about rogering a llama?

    Are sheep that much more fetching and comely? Or am I missing something here?

    Let’s not bring goatse into it…… *shudder*

  7. I find three pints of wine on its own usually makes me feel better.

  8. That lamp is the bomb! I am so getting myself one for Christmas . . .

  9. the cure seems painful – until you realize that the 3 pints of wine will squish out the live coals… it’s not so hard. bunch of whiney oxen babies…. take it like a man… or we’ll feed you urine!

  10. I feel slightly queasy now.

  11. That chair is amazing–what kind of mind would invent it?

    hiya Kym, welcome to the gimcrack. I LOVE the photographs you post on your blog

  12. 3 live coals?!?!?

  13. Perhaps that’ll stop some people from knitting ….

  14. As much as I love cabbage water I think I will stick to it first hand from the pan….

    I was born in the year of the Ox and I must say I am not keen on sheep … but they produce some good knitting gear (DP 😛 )

  15. 70s I thought you’d love sheep. well, not LOVE in the biblical sense but you know what I mean……

  16. love ickle lambs (so very cute) but the full grown ones (oo and the feotal one ..) … mmmm? they look menacing which after watching those clips has convinced me even more 😉

  17. I was born in the year of the sheep. We are elegant and creative souls.

    Please make up your own Year of the Cock jokes.

  18. The reason that sheep are the enemy of the oxen is that sheep tend to close-crop grassland and destroy it, particularly in arid regions. Which is the reason there were range wars in the US between cattlemen and sheepmen.
    Can I put the chair, and the little sheepie lamp on my wish list? But no horror stories about the little lambsie divie.

  19. Then there’s this:

    My father, a professional musician, was fond of the chorus from Handel’s Messiah that commences “Oh We Like Sheep”. There is a solid beat of rest before the next line “have gone astray,” which he refrained from singing.

    I’ve dated sheep from that site before, they’re not all they’re cracked up to be 🙂

  20. I want that sheep chair, but the back head should have had horns.

  21. like this one?


  22. Nursie, you’re baaaaaaaaaa’d.

  23. but.. but… I’m innocent

  24. Farm Animals.
    Never Mind.

  25. But AM, they speak SO highly of you…..

  26. No I could not sit in that chair but the lamp is interesting.

  27. is it me, or is the chair a little creepy?

  28. oh it’s definitely creepy. that’s why i want one 🙂

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