pink pearl friday 21.11.08

I seemed to be having more camera trouble than usual tonight. couldn’t get a good shot of the black corset beneath the babydoll and also had a problem with the flash highlighting seam marks from the bra I’d just removed for the photo shoot. In the end I gave up trying and opened a bottle of red instead…..

resized-pearl-1 resized-pearl-2

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  1. Somehow, I don’t think anybody is going to complain about this.

  2. I told you those blog-review people know nothing about tits.

  3. *wink*

  4. Ooh, I want one.

  5. Corks!!!

    I can’t believe I just said, ‘corks’. Ah, the power of Corset Friday. It’s enough to drive a man to distraction (at least I think that’s what they call it).

  6. Thud.

  7. you need to take that corset back – they’ve left out a bunch of fabric!

    but it’s festive with the pearls and the barbell! needs a pearl necklace to match!

    Yes, I’m in dire need of a pearl necklace daisyfae.

  8. Trouble for camera is good luck for us…

  9. I salute your troubled camera!

  10. Did the piercing hurt like hell? I can only imagine . . .

    Nope. It only took seconds to do

  11. mmmm…pierced nipples make me think naughty things…

  12. Pssst… got something for you….

    (That could’ve sounded better in the circumstances.)

    thanks Kit. I see you’ve got a whole lot of great links for me to check out so I’ll be spending some time at your place later. break out some red wine and chocolate

  13. Pearls before breasts? In this case, yes.

  14. Speechless once again. For the life of me I just don’t “get” piercings in intimate places. Just rack me up with the old fogies, I guess.

  15. mmm chewy!

  16. My mother used to wear a twin set and pearls ……

  17. yep, those blog review people are friggin’ idjits! they’ve no clue what a beautiful woman looks like… and i have a pearl necklace for you, but don’t think it would travel well in the post…

  18. I’ll drink to that! CHEERS! 🙂

  19. mmmm I may have to consider a ‘blot through’ after that vision !! 😉

  20. Are you trying to compete with your sisters? They are enormous! Or is that some serious Photoshopping? Or I am I just jealous because mine look more like Grace in Will & Grace?

    Hi Mum! Are you trying to tell me that I’ve put on weight? (fellow bloggites – this is my mother commenting – don’t confuse her with daisyfae will you? We haven’t seen each other for 4 years but I’m flying down to visit her and my two beautiful well-endowed sisters for NYE. Perhaps if you ask nicely one of them may join me in a tasteful corset friday shoot – though it will be a LOT more covered up than this one)

  21. dearest nursemyra – i’d give you a necklace if i could… here’s to a future necklace


  22. You are making me dig into the dresser drawer for old bustiers and the like buried under sweat socks and Spandex power suits.

  23. “Yes, I’m in dire need of a pearl necklace daisyfae.”


    Is it just me or is getting really hot in here.

  24. It was hot in sydney earlier but it’s clouding over now Alex. What’s it like in bendigo?

  25. Wow Nursie. That’s fabulous!

  26. What does the tattoo read?

  27. Dolce: don’t forget next week it’s T-shirt friday! you wil join in again won’t you?

    Jack: The tattoo says Hoa Binh (with a grave accent above the o and the a) and there is a yellow star above the wording. It’s the vietnamese word for Peace and the star represents their flag

  28. Actually it was pissing down all yesturday… its quite clear today though.

  29. ARGH! Outed! No more the anonymous Daisy. OK, so I’m mom. And we all can’t wait to see you NYE — to check for ourselves whether you have put on weight 🙂 But seriously, darl, those are bigger than the ones Lenny Foster took photos of back in Taos so I’m guessing someone has been eating too much chocolate. I’ve atill got that pic somewhere … God help us, moms can be such a pain, can’t they! We never know when to keep our mouths shut.

  30. Ha… mothers have earned the right to say whatever they like 🙂

    the photo on the left doesn’t really look like my breast, even to me, I think it’s just the way I’ve angled the camera. and the extra couple of kilos from overindulging in chocolate seems to go have gone straight to my belly. I was probably too thin in Taos anyway.

  31. I find that you can generally massage the bra seam crease out with your tongue.

    OK, maybe not with *your* tongue…

  32. That’s fine nurse. They still look very tasty.

  33. First you post about the evils of self-abuse and the need for lots of precautions in case it accidentally happens.

    Secondly you post two of the most delightfully provocative photographs I have ever seen.

    Talk about mixed messages – – –

    Hiya Mom Daisy, a little bit of padding is always a good thing – and if the chocolate is stored on top of the fridge, the calories jump out because they are scared of heights.

  34. Absolutely lovely. I’m enjoying your photos and prose … thanks for sharing both.

  35. welcome to the Gimcrack, PrurientDiarist. do you have a blog?

  36. For the time being, I have one. We’ll see if it sticks around, but you can find it here. I was a bit long-winded a meandering in thought today, so be warned.

  37. ooh it’s very new isn’t it? only 2 posts old! I read them both and left a comment…..

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