heavy metal hangover


Thallium is a heavy metal that was once used as a therapeutic agent to treat syphilis, gonorrhea, tuberculosis, and ringworm, and was also used as a depilatory for excess hair. Marketed under the name Koremlu, when applied to the upper lip to remove an incipient moustache, it instead produced alarming effects such as baldness, foot pain, nausea, vomiting, cramps, dizziness and numbness of the lower extremities.

It was also proposed for one of the many assassination attempts on Fidel Castro.

guerreras snapcap071608-tm

The CIA planned to embarrass Fidel by sneaking thallium salts into Castro’s shoes; thallium salts are a “potent depilatory that would cause his beard, eyebrows, and pubic hair to fall out… like a follicle deprived Samson.”

Upon learning that Castro enjoyed scuba diving, the CIA purchased a diving suit and contaminated the regulator with tuberculosis bacilli. They also treated the suit itself with fungus spores that would cause the rare skin disease, madura foot.

gasmaskljspunk98 latex_fetish 

this attempt failed, but undaunted and still intrigued with the scuba diving idea, another plan was hatched  to place an exploding conch shell at one of Castro’s favorite diving spots. This was scrapped as being too unwieldy and impractical, as even the most casual observer might have suspected foul play.

“Perhaps the most visionary proposal came from the fertile mind of General Edward Lansdale, who supervised the Kennedy administration’s covert war on Castro. The general hoped to spark a counterrevolution by spreading the word to devout Cuban Catholics that the Second Coming was imminent and that Castro was none other than the anti-Christ. At the appointed hour, Christ Himself would surface off the shores of Cuba aboard an American submarine as star shell flares illuminated the heavens. In a pique of Cold War rapture, it was hoped, the Cubans would rise up and spontaneously overthrow their satanic leader.”


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  1. fascinating – wonder why the “pube attack” didn’t work? it’ll sure make me think twice before renting a wetsuit again!

  2. Mr. Castro obviously had some pretty imaginative adversaries.

  3. Thank God the CIA got their act together and no longer conjures up hair-brained evidence in order to overthrow foreign governments. I’m glad that era is long gone.

  4. People are weird. People in the government are weirder. Where do you find this stuff, Nursie?

    I found it when I was researching thallium. hesitated to post it because I thought it might be something that everyone else but me already knew. relieved to know I’m not the only one who was in the dark about so many failed attempts

  5. “I so much wish I could place a comment here today.”
    -Practically Joe

    On behalf of Rodney, the Practically Wisdom Blog Team is visiting everyone on the list of BLOGs he follows. He would like you to know that he greatly enjoys reading your posts and commenting on them.

    Unfortunately Rodney, sorry, we mean Practically Joe, has been heavily sedated for a long period of time now, following an accident which left him with two broken ribs and a number of minor injuries.

    He has been coming along fine and asked the team to post an account of the incident, which was posted on Sunday, 11/23.

    We have great expectations that he shall return soon, as good as new. He wishes you and every blogger a Great Thanksgiving Holiday.
    For those not in the USA … Have a great week!

    Thank You.
    The Practically Wisdom Blog Team.

  6. Quite interesting, I’m intrigued by the idea of “a follicle deprived Samson” …

  7. I shall cross thallium off my wish list immediately ….

  8. a CIA planning meetings …’how can we get rid of him?’
    ‘well I thought put some stuff in his shoes that makes his hair fall out and everyone will laugh at him!’
    … sounds like a Monty Python sketch 🙂

  9. That explains my foot pain, nausea, and sudden loss of pubic hair.

  10. really? I thought it was all due to a hangover and a shaving accident…

  11. I know you don’t normally like memes .. but have tried to tempt you and tagged you 🙂

  12. Forget sending Jesus, they should have sent latex jester lady. The Cubans would have followed anything she commanded just so she would go back from the kinky hell from whence she came.

  13. I absolutely love your blog. I’ll definitely be a regular visitor… you help throw light into my usually dark place! 😉

  14. Holy shit that latex fetish pick was cool, not in a sexy way… hmmm, I don’t think anyones going to believe that but I’m serious. That gas mask was cool to.

    Castro got his power from his beard… I’m going to have to remember that for something, thats hilarious.

  15. hey dethmama welcome to the gimcrack. you’ve got some great videos posted on your blog

    Alex: did you shave your beard off yet?

  16. Maybe Castro is the Anti-Christ. He’s still around when many of his contemporaries are gone. But I hope we have gotten rid of the Three Stooges section of the CIA. Although one of the stooges is still in the White House until January 20th.

  17. I actually took off all the cheek bits and seperated the mo from the goatee, kind of for ‘movember’. But I’m to lazy to shave and its all back again, I’m just one big rough and gruff handsome mess!

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