furore uterinus


image by atelier van

Frederick Hollick wrote a marriage guide that included basic descriptions of the genitals.  He uses the old fashioned term Mons Veneris when he talks about the pubic area and his word for pubic hair was tressoria.

“The covering of hair was formerly called tressoria, amd its absence was universally regarded as a reproach. In fact, it was customary to order it to be cut off, in open court, in ancient times, when a female was detected a third time in illicit intercourse. It is also liable to fall off after certain diseases or after taking powerful drugs, and will even turn colour after fright or severe agitation.


When discussing the labia majora he says the lips commence at the pubic bone then descend within an inch and a half of the fundament.


image by namio

“They are united together both above and below and their union below is called the fourchette or fork. Immediately within the outer lips are the labia minora. In some females these can grow to an extraordinary size and it becomes necessary to remove them. The labia minora are, in many persons, singularly sensitive and appear to be the principal parts in which sexual excitement is felt. When they are unusually large or irritable that excitement  becomes so overpowering that it cannot be controlled and is really a species of madness which irresistibly impels the individual to seek gratification regardless of consequence.


Speaking of the clitoris he compares it to the male penis, capable of being engorged and highly sensitive.

“When it is unduly developed or excitable, the sexual propensity often becomes irresistible causing nymphomania or Furore Uterinus which leads to moral delinquency. If a female, in ancient time, was detected a fourth time in illicit intercourse, the clitoris was amputated in open court.”

Frederick Hollick was dedicated to his work and made it a point to study vaginas very carefully.


this is not Fred

“as a general rule the vulva is higher up or more in front in white females than it is in coloured races. The vagina is shorter and smaller with rounder firmer lips. There is also less tressoria and a smaller clitoris. These differences I have taken great trouble to ascertain for myself.”


image by Reunier

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  1. I bet he never got the Monday blues lol 🙂

  2. Modern science wouldn’t be what it is today without the dedication to the cause of men like Fred Hollick.

    I’m off to Mount Venus in search of a species of madness…

  3. Does that diagram really intend to point out that you can tell whether a woman is a lesbian by the shape of her labia? WTF??

  4. Wow, that is some sculpture to wake up to on Thanksgiving morning.

  5. This reminds me of the best serious book on the subject, Eve’s Secrets (a woman had to write it, of course).
    Similar drawings, but no such weird speculations on the orientation of the owner/operator.

    I haven’t read it but I clicked on the link and see that those who have also bought The Story of V which is excellent

  6. “this is not Fred”… priceless!

  7. How satisfying for Frederick Hollick to find an opening in his chosen field ……….

    DaddyP! I’m shocked that you would stoop so low

  8. I like it when medical terms sound graceful and don’t come out sounding like you’re trying to hack up a something nasty from the back of your throat.

    Just saying.

  9. i’m not sure that’s a vagina sculpture – i saw something like that while snorkeling in the Galapagos… except it had teeth!

  10. I always admire a scientist who takes a hands-on approach and follows a probing line of enquiry.

  11. I fear that in these more enlightened and less innocent times, Fred would’ve, quite rightly, been locked up.

  12. well that would give him a fright. or at least cause severe agitation

  13. It sounds as if he looked without eating.

  14. “Frederick Hollick was dedicated to his work and made it a point to study vaginas very carefully.”

    So… Hollick (is that pronounced hoe-lick? just wondering….) in a bar…

    Woman (checking out his shoes) – “So, what do you do for a living?”

    Hollick – “It’s much easier if I just show you…”

  15. I like the fact that in the bottom-most picture in the post, if you look closely there’s a cat sitting on the floor totally ignoring the vaginal inspection/bondage session happening on the table. I think this is indicative of the contempt that cats have for humans.

  16. It’s not contempt. It’s a sort of benign, almost Buddhist confidence in the notion that the universe is doing what it should and the cat’s job is to be aware of it. The cat has registered the inane human activity in his neighborhood and is now contemplating the Ineffable. This is what they mostly do all day, after all.

  17. my cat spends his day eyeballing the aviary and the fishtank

  18. I swear one of those pictures is of me in my younger days. But I won’t tell you which one.

  19. the one on the left in “Naked Complex”?

  20. ‘These differences I have taken great trouble to ascertain for myself.’

    I’m sure he did, and I’m sure it was a terrible bore for him…

  21. Wow. This is history of medicine of a particular sort. Some of these images are…Arresting. Good stuff on this blog for a medical type like moi.

  22. and what medical type would that be?


  23. A historian of medicine. Already added you to the blogroll — feel free to do same. You got some great stuff here…

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