more advice from fred*


a few days ago nursemyra was telling you about falling vaginas according to Frederick Hollick. Fred was very interested in vaginas and the fearful things that could go wrong with them like hydrometra.

“one surgeon records a case where 85 pounds of fluid was evacuated from the womb, and another informs us he found the organ, after death, large enough to contain a child 10 years of age!

ayds_candy_1975_copy aydsadvert

another disease, supposed by some to exist was called physometra, or wind in the womb. Many curious accounts are given of this affliction but they are generally looked upon as fabulous. One tells of a woman who had long been sick with symptoms similar to hydrometra, from whose womb there escaped a kind of bag or bladder, full of wind or gas, which bounded on the floor!


and then there were the dreaded cases of “hydatids”……

“there is often a copious discharge of water from the vagina when a hydatid bursts. Dr John clark knew a lady to who this happened while sitting in an eating house, and she literally deluged the floor. This disease is often combined with a pregnancy, or with a mole, and rarely appears alone.


*Fred’s book, The Diseases of Women, was written in 1874. Thankfully medical science has come a long way since then as I suspect most men would not care to share their chosen vagina with a mole……


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  1. …… and which path did you choose I wonder?

  2. that’s me on the right 🙂

  3. You’re 60??????

    Or is that my aphasia acting up again – – –

  4. No, I’m the virtuous devoted one…

  5. at 13 i was reading bad literature. pass the cigarettes and heroin, please…

  6. In Florence King’s Confessions of a Failed Southern Lady, there’s a lot about the Southern culture’s preoccupation with female ailments, and having grown up about a mile from Florence I can testify that was still the case 20 years later. However I didn’t hear, as she did, about “watery moles” and how women would give birth to a ball of hair and teeth and a bag of water. After her first day at school Florence decided that a lot of the kids in her class were really watery moles that had survived somehow, and no one she wanted to associate with. She may have been on target there too.

    We have a Museum of Pathology here at one of our universities. Before being allowed in you have to be interviewed by the curator to ensure you have a strong enough stomach to view the exhibits. nursemyra passed with flying colours but her companion chose to exit early. there were several examples of those toothy hairballs – they are amazing (and gross).

  7. “at 40 an outcast”

    And damn proud of it I was, too. 🙂

  8. ps
    At 60 I plan to be a mad cat woman…

    in view of your current situation, that is my wish for you too 🙂

  9. I was virtuous until I was forty. Now nearer 60, I am considering becoming an outcast. I hope it’s not too late.

  10. P.S. I remember the really gross pictures of hyaditiform moles in the nursing textbooks. Fortunately for your readers, they seem to be too gross to put on the internet.

    and don’t think I haven’t tried to find some 🙂

  11. just looked at the first pic – “Just look at me at 125 lbs after 3 children”

    honey, at least 10 of those pounds are hairspray… bet there be spiders there….

  12. Mermaids are historically awesome at oral sex. You’d have to be when the bottom half of you is all fish tail.

  13. I wonder if Frederick of Hollywood is related to Frederick Hollick?

    One request dear Nursie?…please no more talking about falling-out-vaginas?….it’s really freaking mine out! 😉

  14. Did anyone else ever see the 1970’s pornographic Jaws parody, “Gums”? There’s a mermaid in it…

  15. Olga: I have a couple of Fred’s corsets but not this one which I am currently coveting

    Sledpress: No I haven’t. Is it funny?

  16. And I thought having a yeast infection was bad. Little did I know! As always, an informative and educational post, Nursemyra!

  17. Nursie: Well, it was really a one-shot joke, and an excuse to feature a Penthouse Pet or Playboy Playmate or something like that as the mermaid whose oral victims expired in ecstasy and washed ashore.

    Of the comic pornos screened in the 70’s, the topper was “Alice in Wonderland,” which had a crackerjack musical score that stayed firmly in my head after a single viewing, recently remastered to DVD. Close runner up was “Cinderella,” harder to find today. Where has that spirit of fun gone?

  18. ‘Deluged the floor’… and I squirm everytime the phrase ‘heavy flow’ is said on tv.

    Personally as a bloke, I think the left path is far more interesting. Who cares if you can’t read!

  19. I think my history of typos confirm which path I took … outcast?? I do object to that… I want to be / I will be the ‘honoured grandmother’…… (not just now later.. much later lol)

  20. Would somebody please explain to me just what the deuce is coquettery? It sounds jolly good fun whatever it might be.

  21. “85 pounds of fluid was evacuated from the womb”

    Hmmm. Sounds like what I always suspected of some of the floozies at the Bondi Lifesaver back in the 70s. They were wild girls!


  22. so many taking my name in vane lol
    70s x

  23. I’ll bet Fred had nightmares about them growing teeth.

  24. The left hand side of the the diagram is more interesting but there is still fear among many women even today that if they don’t do stuff by 40 that they will be outcasts. I know because I have had to listen and attempt to comfort a few women I know over this and I think it’s just nuts.

  25. That last picture, so awful how women used to be categorized in two “types”. tssskk

  26. sad but true. Many people hold with the madonna/whore theory even now. Feminism still has a long way to go.

  27. re: madonna/whore

    As a long-lapsed Roman Catholic, I’ve always been aroused when it appears that this either/or proposition is bridged. Maybe that’s why I have a thing for married women and find some nude photos of pregnant women to be far more stimulating than those of 20-something adult models …

  28. Bring me my purple hat and let’s party!

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