through an eyeglass darkly


artwork by Richard Wilkinson

nursemyra has been reading a 1984 book about Australian Oddities. One of these oddballs is Geoff Baker who wears a glass eye made in Taiwan featuring an Illawara Steelers Football club badge. He also owns one depicting the Australian flag. This reminded me of a holiday job I once had as a housemaid at the Norfolk Island Hotel. People left the strangest things behind in vacated rooms, most mystifying was the woman who must have boarded a plane without first inserting her false teeth and glass eye.


artwork by Eric Adler

Have you ever wondered how glass eyes are fitted and made? Here’s a link to a short video that shows the painstaking detail involved. It may make you a little queasy at times but the young girl’s smile at the end makes it all worthwhile…..


As a child, my eldest son had a friend who had lost an eye in an accident. While in hospital recovering he was visited by Michael Jackson who was touring Australia at the time. Don’t know if he received an invitation to Neverland but he did go through a disconcerting stage of walking backwards for a while.


image found here


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  1. I think I will leave the video until a bit later I have only just got up lol
    Like the idea (if I had to have a glass eye) of patterned ones … its a bit like those contacts you can buy .. quite weird 🙂

  2. the video is only squeamish in a couple of small parts but the ending is delightful. go have some coffee first…..

  3. You kept the teeth I assume… what what would be strange about that!

  4. I didn’t. But I wish I’d kept the eye.

  5. Think I’ll pass on the video for now too, nurse. Queasiness and all that. 🙂

  6. I once accidentally swallowed a glass eye. It gave me the wisdom of hindsight.


  7. loved the video! imagine – going to school with your child on career day and explaining that you are an artist who paints glass eyeballs! better, i suppose, than the parent who works in a vibrator factory…

  8. I heard on the radio a story about somebody who is getting a handy-cam fitted into his prosthetic eye. I don’t know if the video will be on YouTube or not, but it’s an interesting idea.

  9. I attended the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade only once. I froze my ass off, so once was enough for me. I saw Sammy Davis Jr. on a float. He passed by close enough for me to see his glass eye. I don’t know why I remember that so clearly.

  10. kyknoord: posts on this page keep reminding me of jokes… a guy swallows a glass eye, and ends up having to consult a proctologist for the resulting obstruction. On inserting the scope, the doctor sees the eye staring back at him; looks up at his clearly tense, mortified patient, and says “Now now Mr. Smith, if you don’t trust us, we can’t help you…”

    It’s better in performance.

    excellent. I’ll be telling this one at work today

  11. There’s a bloke who drinks in a boozer near me, and when he goes for a jimmy, he takes his glass eye out and puts it in his pint so that nobody will nick it.

  12. i have never believed in an eye for an eye, but I do believe in keeping an eye out for danger, and in keeping an eye on people, especially politicians and people who handle my money.
    i’ve seen beautiful eyes in my life, and scary, hard eyes too. if i see a flag in someone’s eyes, i’d probably stare a moment and then look away. i’d walk away probably.

  13. I would love a glass eye to put on a shelf …… I always have and I don’t know why ……… I’m going to worry now …….. oh well

  14. I have a t-shirt with that fencing image on it.

    seriously? that’s cool. where did you get it? or are you pulling my leg?

  15. No Sandy Duncan references?

    I also fence in the nude, so I can attack with my second foil.

  16. Oh, the video is not that bad, at least when compared to hyaditiform moles. And I looked for pictures, too, Nursie. Wait, I forget all your readers aren’t nurses, and might be more squeamish than I.

  17. No, I don’t think the video is bad at all, there’s only a tiny bit that some people may not want to watch. And isn’t her face gorgeous at the end?

  18. I have fast forwarded …. yes the smile of that girl is amazing .. a big hurrah to modern science 🙂

  19. Re the Norfolk Island Hotel – yeah but she’d been at the mini bar all night – and I had to carry her onto the plane 😉 (PS: Been a while – glad to see all is well at the Gimcrack – personally, I’ve been wading through some grim cack lately and have missed my blogging chums)

  20. Beach Bum! great to see you back. are your renovations finished?

  21. worked once with a man who had a glass eye. he had a habit of randomly popping it out and swishing it around in his mouth to ‘clean’ it, then popping it back in. hope there was lead in that paint…

  22. that reminds me of a couple staying in Bali at the same hotel as me about 15 years ago. their baby dropped a piece of peeled banana and they dipped it into the swimming pool “to wash the germs off”

  23. Another glass eye anecdote: my second cousin (your third cousin? probably dead by now…) had a friend who always left his glass eye on the bar next to his beer when he went to the toilet, saying: “Keep an eye on that”. His mates and other patrons gave it a very wide berth.

  24. Just watched the video. Nothing to be squeamish about. What a fabulous career choice. The man is an artist beyond compare and what a beautiful girl! If you want to be really freaked out by a video, PETA has footage of the Chinese skinning animals — while they are still alive! — for the fur trade. It breaks your heart to see the look in the eyes of the tramatised animals. It gave me nightmares, I can tell you. You can sign a petition, although you wonder how much good that actually does.

  25. oh I’m so glad you watched the video, the child is divine isn’t she?

    and no, I couldn’t bear to watch the footage you’re describing. Sad beyond words.

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