visions of vulva


a recent nursemyra tutorial concerned penis names gleaned from the perfumed garden. Today we move on to names for the female organs

“As regards the vulva called el feurdj, the slit, it has this name because it opens and shuts again when hotly yearning for coitus. The person who dreams of having seen the vulva, feurdj, of a woman will know that ‘if he is in trouble God will free him of it; if he is in a perplexity he will soon get out of it; and lastly if he is in poverty he will soon become wealthy”

Generally speaking, to see the vulva in dreams is a good sign; so it is of good augury to dream of coition, and he who sees himself in the act, and finishing with the ejaculation, will meet success in all his affairs. But it is not the same with the man who merely begins coition and does not finish it. He, on the contrary, will be unlucky in every enterprise.

El cheukk (the chink)–The vulva of a bony, lean woman. It is like a chink in a wall, with not a vestige of flesh. May God keep us from it!


ย Abou tertour (the crested one)–It is the name given to a vulva furnished with a red comb, like that of a cock, which rises at the moment of enjoyment.

Abou khochime (the snub-nose)–Is a vulva with thin lips and a small tongue.

El gueunfond (the hedgehog)–The vulva of the old, decrepit woman, dried up with age and with bristly hair.


El sakouti (the silent one)–This name has been given to the vulva that is noiseless. The member may enter it a hundred times a day but it will not say a word, and will be content to look on without a murmur.


El deukkak (the crusher)–So called from its crushing movements upon the member. It generally begins to push the member, directly it enters, to the right and to the left, and to grip it with the matrix, and would, if it could, absorb also the two testicles.


El tseguil (the importunate)–This is the vulva which is never tired of taking in the member. This latter might pass a hundred nights with it, and walk in a hundred times every night, still that vulva would not be sated–nay, it would want still more, and would not allow the member to come out again at all, if it was possible. The vulva is the pursuer, the member the pursued. Luckily it is a rarity, and only found in a small number of women, who are wild with passion, all on fire, and in flame.

El aride (the large one)–This is the vulva which is as wide as it is long; that is to say, fully developed all round, from side to side, and from the pubis to the perineum. It is the most beautiful to look upon. It is also said that this name applies to the vagina of women who are plump and fat. When such a one crosses her thighs one over the other the vulva stands out like the head of a calf.


El meusboul (the long one)–This name applies only to some vulvas; everyone knows that vulvas are far from being all of the same conformation and aspect This vulva extends from the pubis to the anus. It lengthens out when the woman is lying down or standing, and contracts when she is sitting, differing in this respect from the vulva of a round shape. It looks like a splendid cucumber lying between the thighs.

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  1. I think I just about bust my vulva from laughing.

    A vulva standing out like the head of a calf? Seriously?


  2. We call it a ‘Scrunchie’…who knows why!

  3. So many vulvas, so few nights – – –

  4. Archie! I’m telling buff…..

  5. I think I’m heading into hedgehog territory, here, but thank the goddess she invented many different and lovely types of lube. As with age, if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.

  6. I had visions of the vulva last night. It came to me in a polluted dream…

  7. Unfortunately I am most familiar with “the possum” which generally lies back and pretends to be dead.

    Nate Fulfillin

  8. just as yesterday i eagerly wanted to meet the committee of women who decide what penis type i have, i heartily volunteer to be on the committe of men who would peruse, test, and otherwise decide which each vagina should be named. call it a ‘civic duty’…

  9. If a woman is a “squirter” is it called an Aqua Vulva?

  10. i’m off to the dealership for a new car… and think i need a Vulva Wagon. Turbo Diesel, with in-seat heaters…

  11. A “splendid cucumber”? I would have thought would have been more applicable to yesterday’s entry?

  12. I agree with one of them, God save us from bony women. Ok, maybe only some of the time.

  13. El sakouti (the silent one)โ€“This name has been given to the vulva that is noiseless. The member may enter it a hundred times a day but it will not say a word, and will be content to look on without a murmur.

    …… connected to a goddess? – I doubt it ……

  14. Casey: you may have to retract that statement. I was definitely bony for the first 40 years……

    DaddyP: Long live the fanny fart ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. DaisyFae, I have a Vulva S70 with in-seat heater. It’s sweet. Were we talking about the same thing?

  16. Uncle Keith, can I sit on it too? You know Daisyfae and I come as a tag team….

  17. “and to grip it with the matrix, and would, if it could, absorb also the two testicles.”

    The Matrix? Like the Keanu Reeve movie? This must be the sort of vulva that makes you wish you took the blue pill.

  18. Hmm Nursemyra, now you have me wondering if there has ever been a Petomane of the vulva.

    Yes, Sledpress, her name is Wako ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Russian standard:

    The Song Of The Vulva Boatmen?

    Andrew Goulding

  20. I dont think I’d trust a women where I’d lose my balls aswell. But thats just me.

  21. Abou khochime (the snub-nose)โ€“Is a vulva with thin lips and a small tongue
    Oh … sort of like Jennifer Aniston

  22. I bow my head in reverence before Wako, a true artiste and athlete as well. This makes the Subik Bay cuties who used to pick up silver dollars with their quims look like rank amateurs.

  23. pick up silver dollars with their quims? I can’t even pick up a regular root..

  24. Well, I always enjoy lovely vulva but didn’t realize they came in so many varieties. What would you classify yours at nurse?

  25. that information is definitely classified ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. LOL! I was afraid that would be the answer.

  27. You had me at visions, NM.

    You lost me for a bit at hedgehog (ewww!!), but that’s irrelevant.

  28. Oh, my!

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