til the cows come home

according to this site, the urine from bulls and cows can cure many things including alcoholism, baldness, calculus, infertility and insanity.

“Just by smelling bull’s urine, infertile women can conceive.”


as far as I know Delores Del Raye didn’t believe their urine had any magical properties, but she liked to incorporate bull paraphenalia into her stripping act.

“Dolores Del Raye, who is best known for her matador strip-tease act in which she uses a long, nasty-looking bull whip, dreamed up a clever scheme not long ago to get her name in the papers. Between engagements in Southern California, Dolores took a jaunt south of the border to Tijuana, Mexico. Here she attended a bull fight and put on an unscheduled performance during a lull in the festivities. While spectators roared their approval, Dolores entered the bull ring to try her hand at taming a bull.

Dolores confessed later that she felt mighty naked at the time, although she was fully clothed for the event, because she had forgotten to bring her trusty bull whip with her. Her only means of defense against a none-too-friendly bull turned out to be a red G-string, a prop which she often uses for picture purposes in lieu of the traditional cape.”


nursemyra grew up in new zealand where the butter produced from kiwi cows is the most delicious ever tasted. several of our gimcrack patients are also from the land of the long white cloud and one of them told me the secret to making butter is to get an ugly person to look at the cream which will cause it to “turn”


the popularity of cowgirls has not declined over the years. wantedcowgirls.com have some great images of female gunslingers, some of which I’ve never seen before like this one of Janet Leigh in a corset


and don’t forget to check out the king of all things bovine over at tetherdcow.com. He’s over in hollywood making a movie at the moment but if we give him some attention he may post again soon…..

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  1. Wow, that is indeed a terrific picture of Janet Leigh.

    Bovine urine cures calculus? If only I’d known about that back in high school… 😀

  2. I love a lady with a gun…

  3. Wow nursy, shes yummy, no guns allowed where I’m from though but for her I think we’d make an exception.

  4. Love the Janet shot! gives such authority to the phrase “Hey, shithead! Get offa my lawn!”

  5. This post udderly tittilated me – – –

  6. And it sounds like a lot of bull to me.

  7. once I heard that the term ‘cowboy’ was slang for guys who…you know loved their cows A LOT.
    Don’t know if it’s true, but if you say it to a drunk redneck here in the States their heads explode.

  8. Once in the parking lot of an Irish bar the guy who was driving our party got frustrated with a van parked across two spaces. The rear bumper sported a sticker reading “Cowboys Make Better Lovers, Ask Any Cowgirl.” Our driver had an X-acto knife in his pocket, and I’ve always wondered how long that guy drove his van with the last four letters missing from his bumper sticker.

  9. i came from the kind of family that, if they had known, would have said to each other, look at the butter. it’s the kind of humor we had. it’s messed. but we ate the sweetest butter anywhere. unsalted butter is the secret to a happy life.

  10. Hmmm. If you really wanted to get my attention, you only needed to post the headline ‘Janet Leigh in a Corset – PICTURE!’

    Have no fear, I will be back and posting soon. We are in creative furnace mode at the moment, with a certain major Hollywood star just about to arrive on our doorstep for screenings and conceptual hobnobbing. I’m not at liberty to say more unfortunately, but if I happen to stumble across pics of said star in corset, I’ll post them up with appropriate headlines…

  11. If I were a bull
    fighter, matador, whatev…
    I’d always bring it.

  12. Bull’s urine cures insanity? Looks like my xmas list is sorted.

  13. There used to be stripper in the pub round the corner from my art college called Yvonne D’Arcy. She used to try and whip beer out of people’s hands. She was rubbish and people often left bleeding …… great fun!

  14. Coincidentally, cowgirl is my favorite position, because I’m lazy.

  15. DP! You just can’t help but talk about those D’Arcy girls, can you?

    (An aside nursemyra… fuelmyblog is offering a prize to the top five vote holders in the category who is displaying santa hats on their avatars. As you are in the entertainment category and it behooves us to try make sure all those ‘personal’ bloggers such as DP don’t win… I have added a santa hat to your avatar. All you have to do is save it and go update your fuel profile with it!)

    See the fuel post about it here:


    Here’s the avatar. Olga started it… I thought I’d help her out.

  16. I had to enlarge the top picture (purely for research purposes, of course) before I realised the woman had four breasts. Forget the benefits of bull’s urine. Aren’t we glossing over the fact this woman has four boobs?

  17. perhaps other readers were distracted by Janet Leigh in a corset…..

  18. … It certainly is distracting.

  19. Oddly, I just got an e-mail from the local cheeseshop introducing their new spokescow, “Uddwina.” Hm.

  20. Ah, here it is

    she’s pretty cute…..

  21. Hmmm… for some reason four boobs doesn’t do anything for me. That’s just another bra to clumsily take off. But a third boob situated in the middle of the other two… now we’re cooking with Crisco!

  22. Urine always seems to come up as a ‘cure’ all that I read not just here … I am stil not convinced after smelling the underpass I have to walk though daily .. it definitely smells like the kill all………..

  23. Janet Leigh – Wow! Now I understand where Jamie Lee gets it from.

  24. That picture of the breast pumps. That I didn’t need to see. I’ve been trying to scrub out my brain since a mate whipped out her breast pump recently and proceeded to scar me for life. *shudder*

  25. Pil: Yep! I hadn’t realised they were so much alike (in every department)

    Dolce: Have you asked your mate how far she can shoot? I used to have squirting competitions with a friend when we were both lactating…..

  26. *snort* Whahahahahahaha.

    I’ll have to remember that for when I breed.

  27. Now I’m reminded of a story told by a onetime friend. As soon as her first kid was old enough to be left for the evening her friends took her to an old favorite disco in NY. She was still lactating and overheard someone in the cramped little bathroom snarkily remarking about her big “fake” tits, which were actually just getting to feel uncomfortably full, so she turned around from the mirror and let rip with a squirt right on target. One so rarely gets the perfect squelch.

  28. The butter of Kiwi cows, eh? I don’t think you can get that around these parts.

    I think bull urine is a sure way to get infected.

  29. I mean like some kind of nasty parasite. I don’t think it will help the bald.

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