world cover up

according to Paul Ableman’s Anatomy of Nakedness (1982), if you chanced upon a woman in her bath, the part of her body she would choose to cover would differ from country to country.

“If she were a moslem she would cover her face, if chinese it would be her feet, sumatrans would hide their knees, samoans hide the navel, laotians cover their breasts and alaskans would rush to put the ornamental plug back in their lip”

I didn’t know alaskans wore lip plugs, have always associated them with africans. there are some amazing images at which is where I found this one. But it’s well worth visiting the site for yourself to see the man with a lip plug, ipod and machine gun…..


perhaps I should consult fevah from nearby tonga about samoan women’s navels but while doing my own research I found this interesting site about traditional tattooing. apparently the navel or pute is the last part of the body to be tattooed and also the most painful.


Laotians may well cover their breasts when surprised in the bath but this gorgeous photo shows they sometimes cover other parts. you can read about Catzie at this site where you can also vote for the Manicured Playmate of the Year


she’s based in Phily so I’m not even sure if she is Laotian but the scarf certainly is. it reminds me of the way the women in vietnam dress up like bank robbers when they’re riding their motorbikes around town.


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  1. I remember as a small child my dad having a book,, published circa 1920s about different nations of the world and the lip plugs where in there. Totally fascinating ….. that guy with the machine gun though, looks like what horror films are made from

    [hope you are feeling better hun :-)]

  2. Yes, much better thanxxxx

  3. Is it any coincidence that pute is French for whore? Just asking.

  4. i loved the masked motorbiking women of vietnam, too! bought a bunch of the masks as souvenirs from the markets – the puppy masks were my favorites.

    someone walks in on ME in the bathtub? i don’t have enough hands… so i hit the lights!

  5. Catzie is Laotian-American according to her site (your link is misspelled, your link is misspelled but we’ll blame that on the migraines).

    thanks renalfailure – I’ve fixed the link

  6. I’d probably cover their eyes.

  7. I always take showers, myself.

  8. yeah I’m mostly a shower person too, though I do have a bath for special occasions 🙂

  9. I guess I’m the only exhibitionist in the crowd. A hold-over from Pagan festivals where, let’s just say things are not gender specific. You either lose your shyness or you don’t go anymore.

  10. baths are glorious occasions …..

  11. If someone chanced upon me in the bath I’d cover my eyes. Weird, isn’t it?

  12. Animar, that’s a cat reaction. Cats believe that if they can’t see you, you can’t see them.

  13. There is little point covering up when you scream for help just becuase you want people to see you naked… what no one else does that…

  14. renalfailure: I think it’s a girl thing too. I’ve had discussions with friends when we’ve talked about this phenomenon. if we’re walking down the street and a good looking guy is nearby, we always look away if we’re in tracksuits and have unbrushed hair – this is in the odd belief that if we don’t make eye contact then we can remain invisible….

    Alex: No one else does that – it’s only you 🙂

  15. I’m with 70’s….baths are glorious. Cover up?…never! Bath time has always been conversation time. My grandmother…my mother…to myself & my twin. Must be something in the water… 😉

  16. “this is in the odd belief that if we don’t make eye contact then we can remain invisible”

    You mean it’s not true??? 😕

  17. I’m still not sure…… 😉

  18. Most of the women I know lock the bathroom door.

  19. he he funny nursy poo
    I don’t know much about the Samoans, but here we don’t tattoo traditionally. We started in the 50’s and most of the tattoo’s are of your college, true so if I went to Gimcrack college I’d have GIMCRACK 1978 tattooed on my arm, funny we are a strange people.

  20. If you caught a Tongan woman in the bath it would be very strange indeed as we don’t have baths here, We shower or wash in the sea. But if you did catch one I think the first thing they would cover up is their boy friend, and then plead with you not to tell their husband or the minister. lol

  21. *chuckle*

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