exhilarating gas

In the mid 19th century a fad arose for the use of nitrous oxide as a salon amusement. Inhaling gases was so much in vogue even carbon monoxide was popular for a while, the pink rosy cheeks it caused were believed to be beneficial to one’s health.

pink_ass_jpg pink_bottom_jpg

A dentist named Horace Wells was one of the first to notice that nitrous oxide provided pain relief. Unfortuntely he committed suicide after a demonstration in front of his peers was less successful than anticipated.

At the height of its popularity a Grand Exhibition of Laughing Gas was held where “probably no one will attempt to fight”


Nitrous oxide is rumoured to be mixed with viagra to enhance athletic ability, not in the bedroom but in the sporting arena. Enterprising Israeli engineers are experimenting by adding it to Czech beer and Russian vodka, apparently to make drinkers laugh. Their own alcoholic drinks must already be funny enough not to need further doctoring……..


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  1. I think I would find those rosy cheeks beneficial to my health.

  2. I bet you would 🙂

  3. Slapping the cheeks produces the same effect and makes a nice sound as well.

  4. nitrous oxide will also make your car go faster if you inject it into the carburetor… i’m thinking i need a nitrous/viagra boost for my jeep. make that li’l ol’ thing jump like a cricket!

  5. When I was a kid I worked in a grocery store. My stoner friend and I use to huff the nitrous oxide out of all the cans of whipped cream in the dairy department. Management couldn’t understand why all the shipments of whipped cream were flat. Seriously!

  6. Laughing gas seems to be fun – but does the body absorb it, or is it farted out – the sort of question which is asked after a series of 18 hour days! And now I’ve torn my intercostals!

  7. Added as in NO2 carbonation? That’s just an ad gimmick.

  8. I would have thought israeli engineers would have assiduously avoided anything to do with gas.

    Unless it involved exporting zyklon-b-enhanced lagerbier to argentina for the oktoberfest.

  9. i had laughing gas once, at the dentist’s office. it might have enhanced his performance, but i felt decidedly unathletic afterwards.

  10. I had a very different thought when I read the title! 🙂

  11. @Dolce

    So did I – coupled with those cheeks it seemed to make sense.

  12. to create different thoughts is part of my mission statement….

  13. I would be afraid of replacing too much oxygen in the blood with nitrous oxide. Huffing is not for me. A little for pain relief, maybe.

  14. I’d be afraid of getting frostbite 🙂

  15. @Dolce & Ian .. me too
    & in my minds eye may ass looks just like the pink ladies (hey I can’t see it on a day to day basis unless I contort … which I don’t lol ) 😉

  16. Nitrous Oxide is what Dennis Hopper’s character in Blue Velvet inhales.

    Well… if you want to crazy kinky, fire up the tank!

    Blue Velvet is definitely in my Top Ten

  17. i have exhilirating gas… but i don’t think it’s nitrous oxide. i do feel much better after, though.

  18. Can you send me some over here nursy poo. We sure could use it at the moment. Dam Govt are thinking of bringing back whaling to the Island (pricks) Ive been over on the main Island tiring to stop them.

  19. Either we club baby seals to preserve the fishing industry, or we go whaling to preserve the seal pelt harvests. I say we do both, asap. Get rid of the argument altogether, and then we can work on the Island Pricks.

  20. I have heard of them using this to give a boost to athletic performance but I remain skeptical. The “happy beer” may have legs but I wonder if they would allow it to be sold here in the states.

  21. I doubt it.

  22. Thanks for the visit and signing the stop whaling in Tonga petition on my blog nursypoo.
    Ofa atu

  23. you’re welcome. did you see I linked to your blog a few days ago too?

  24. Thanks nursy. i’ve been linked to you since day one I think , I love your blog.

  25. ps do you mean on your blog roll or on a post.

  26. on a post….


  27. A few days ago in a building I was working in someone was doing work on one of the upper floors and all of the fumes slowly made their way down to where I was.

    I had no idea why my fingers went numb all of the sudden-

    And then someone walked in and almost passed out from the smell.

    That’s my gas story.


  28. […] Probably no one will attempt  to fight. [Via Nurse Myra.] […]

  29. Nitrous makes going to the dentist fun. What? I need a root canal? Take all day.

  30. I was at the beauticians the other day and I saw they had an enormous tank in the corner. apparently it’s for the lip plumping injections…. I’d end up with more than a trout pout if I had access to that tank…

  31. […] Probably no one will attempt to fight. [Via Nurse Myra.] […]

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