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During the 18th century, it was thought that events witnessed by a pregnant woman could influence the appearance of her unborn child. Particularly widespread was the idea that coition during the menses produced only puny redheaded offspring.

ginge realistic-jessica-rabbit-red-hair-knockout-figure

another ridiculous belief was lactational heredity where the quality of the wet nurse’s milk could influence the character of the infant in her charge. I once breastfed a friend’s child as well as my own but I didn’t manage to make her son gay, only my own.

Telegony has been thoroughly discredited now of course but as recently as 1981, a study by English dentist Dr. W. C. Shaw, revealed 20% of people interviewed believed that a “portwine” stain was due to the mother’s craving for strawberries. While pregnant with Gay Son, I was addicted to a certain chocolate bar.


I was reminded of this twenty years later when he started entering drag queen competitions. There is no prouder moment for a mother than to see her male offspring wearing a faux leopardskin corset,  fishnet stockings, three blonde wigs and four inch long eyelashes while slithering onto a stage on all fours lipsynching to “The Lime and the Coconut”….


My son, Cherrie Ripe

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  1. I love that song.Is a drag queen a boy that dresses up like a girl? We have boys like that here they are called “fakaleiti ” and are very highly thought of. It is said they have the spirit of a woman inside them and are treated with much respect. In fact mothers will try and encourage boys to become fakaleiti if she has no girls in the family.

  2. oh I saw a great doco about that some years ago, though I thought the boys were called fafafini?

  3. fafafini is the Samoan name for them.But hey close enough girl.

  4. Um… i thought that a girl couldn’t make a baby during her menses…

  5. nitpicking again?


  6. Cherrie Ripe is a great drag name! So clever.

  7. Cherrie is lovely! One of my favorite drag names is Fonda Peters (local performer)…

    Trying desperately to remember what i craved when pregnant – looking for insight into my kids… will have to think on this some more! i’m afraid it was oreos…

  8. If you need to be a drag queen, I say do it up right. Cherrie Ripe is an excellent name.

  9. Cherrie is dazzling. I want to see a whole album.

    Gully: You’re never safe… ovaries do the damndest things…

  10. N.M. You make beautiful babies.

  11. Myra, may I ask if your lad/lass is CherrY Ripe, or CherrIE Ripe?

    For international readers, both the original and her namesake are quite famous in Sydney drag circles, and elsewhere.

    It’s a story that would enchant your readers, Myra. And, perhaps, help us to de-code your pseudonym a lttle better?

    J didn’t know of any other drag queens with that name when he was using it. Was Cherry Ripe one of the original Les Girls? He’s too young to remember them. I’ve read books by Cherry Ripe the food writer, but he hadn’t heard of her either

  12. Thank goodness he turned out normal.

  13. the main thing is you’re happy and he’s happy. a little spilled wine or craving for chocolate is nothing without happiness.
    i think a child who is stimulated in the womb is quicker, perhaps more intelligent upon birth. i believe in music, ice cubes, “belly farts”, talking to the child before birth. everyone likes attention and thrives in it.

  14. If I were to pretend to be a male pretending to be a female, my drag queen name would probably still be Rassles. Or if I were a stripper.

    This is mostly due to the fact that I lack imagination.

  15. Cherrie is gorgeous! Unlike many of the drag queens I have known. One of the cooks where I used to work did drag, and we’d often go to his shows. But he wasn’t as pretty as your son.

  16. ahh, drag queens, i know some great ones and some not so great ones, Marsha Mello is my personal favorite, a Pittsburgh legend, Cherrie looks smashing though, kudos to you both.

  17. J doesn’t do drag competitions any more, I think it was just a phase he went through. the drag shows in sydney are great fun and the names of the performers are hilarious. Some of my favourites are Maxi Shield, Tora Hymen, Portia Turbo, Courtney Act, Miss Dolly Wood……

  18. there are many red heads in my family tree.. my teen is so pleased that she isn’t one of them ..
    Your son is gorgeous 🙂

  19. My mom wouldn’t let the nurses take her socks when she gave birth to me. While this explains why I’m loathed to let anyone see my feet, it doesn’t explain my other quirks and perversions. Ah, the limitations of pre-natal predestination…

  20. The timing of some of your posts….always astounds me.

    The V-man & I watched To Wong Foo yesterday. Not nearly as good as Priscilla Queen of the Desert….but Patrick Swayze sure is pretty.

  21. it’s that webcam Gaz installed for me 🙂

  22. So I’m going to have to choose a different name for my act… dammit! Please don’t tell me Skittles McNougat is taken!

  23. It doesn’t sound very gay to me…..

  24. Okay … I admit … I don’t know very much about drag queens. I’m curious to know…
    His outfit included a faux leopardskin corset, fishnet stockings, three blonde wigs and four inch long eyelashes, right?
    Now I know one of the blonde wigs goes on his head, what about the other two?

  25. One was a full wig, the other two were hairpieces piled on top for height. Merkins are not encouraged….

  26. I find such ideas especially curious considering that my Gay Dad seems a little disappointed about how hetero I’ve grown up to be.

    My mom couldn’t care one way or the other.

  27. hmmmm…. so you work in the movie business. did you find me via my friend at

  28. Well its more just me doing a bad Christopher Walken impression in a summer dress.

  29. I’d like to see that!

  30. webcam?…yikes! 😉

  31. haha… gotcha! xx

  32. “Particularly widespread was the idea that coition during the menses produced only puny redheaded offspring.” And here I thought my sons inherited their redhair from me.

  33. I take it they’re not puny?

  34. Well, the two oldest tower over me at 6 foot plus but my little guy at only 6 years could still be classified as puny.

    Gullybogan points out an important flaw in this belief above so perhaps this flaw is why I don’t see many puny redheads. Jessica Rabbit embodies the beauty, intelligence, passion and energy of this rare but exquisite hair color. (Nyah, so there to all the negative stereotypes about redheads;> )

  35. The Original Cherry (with a Y) Ripe is actually a Melbourne Queen (transgender) who originally performed in Melbourne Les Girls and was known as Juliette.

    Cherry Ripe has performed for more than 25 years here in melbourne and to date is still going Strong.

    Cherry still Comapres every Saturday night at Priscilla’s@153 on Commercial Road South Yarra.

    Great page by the way

  36. Next time I’m in Melbourne I’ll try to catch her show

  37. […] But my favourite will always be my son, Cherry Ripe. […]

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