corset friday 19/12/2008

ok so this is not a corset but it’s summer over here now and damn hot today so it’s nursie and a snowman. because it’s xmas dammit…..





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  1. I do find your Friday posts highly titillating.

  2. Wow nice red cross nursy poo. Lucky little snow man, big smile on his face.

  3. Your boobies have never looked better, Nursie.

  4. Xmas. Dammit.

  5. Frankly, I am surprised the snowman has not melted, on account of how hot you are looking, m’dear!

  6. looks like a Wonder Woman Goes First Aid costume…and i mean that in every good way possible.

  7. I agree with thegnukid; it looks like a superhero costume.

    Which superhero would have a snowman as a sidekick, i wonder?

    maybe we should ask renalfailure?

  8. Oooh, how wonderfully close fitting.

    (The likes of us UKers* are currently wearing about 14 jumpers, you do realise that…? Jealous. Jealous. Jealous!)

    –*Perhaps I should have just said ‘Brits’.

  9. I have GOT to improve my wardrobe 🙂

  10. Sexy as usual, nursie.
    I know I ask for too much sometimes, but how about panning down for us so we could get a look at your mistletoes.

    my mistletoe has featured on corset fridays two or three times in the past. you just have to search the archives 🙂

  11. Happy snowman!

  12. Very cute snowman! Do you play nurse with your friends in that costume? I’m sure it would cure what ails you.

  13. Looks like a water rescue Speedo to me — how many guys have pretended to drown so far? 😉

  14. Back on line [in a way] just in time ……..

  15. It’s the new cross-your-solar-plexus bra!

  16. I think you can be crowned the queen of Switzerland in that outfit. Claim your crown!

  17. i keep looking but i cannot find a snowman. i will continue the search.

    Cew! welcome back, glad to see you’ve stopped lurking again

  18. i don’t think the snowman really minds.

  19. very festive 😉

  20. Now that Christmas Ornament shot was just cute N.M.
    though I wonder how you will express your New Years Wishes.

    AM, I haven’t been able to comment on your blog for the last three days though I notice that other people still can. I type in a comment and then press submit but nothing happens…. any clues?

  21. How come we can see these really big anymore?! I want that top one for my desktop . . .


  22. And by “really big” I mean . . . oh, never mind . . .

  23. It’s not that hot here… well it wasnt before.

  24. love the ‘fire and ice’ theme… or if it’s really “lifeguard”-esque, suspect you’ve got an assload of victims across the interweb…

  25. Well I love it and why not give these Fridays a summer theme. I think that’s a wonderful new direction actually!

  26. Not fair. I clicked to “enlarge” and nothing happened. Tease.

  27. blame wordpress. it’s been happening ever since they updated…..

  28. I can enlarge quite happily. In fact, I am enlarging right now.

  29. Are you clicking on File URL before you “insert into post”?

  30. In this case, bigger IS better.

  31. Azahar: No, am I supposed to? the images are from my document file by the way. Does that make a difference?

    Stiletto: I LOVE your post on the gyno exam and the crackhead 🙂

  32. Why, you’re welcome, Nurse Myra. I hope to bring your further reading pleasure down the road.

  33. Myra,

    Just wanted to let you know that there was a comment left on my post about the Petit documentary that was in response to your comment. Moderating is my specialty . . .

    Happy holidays, my friend. May your new year be filled with many wondrous surprises . . .

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