throwing a bean into the lion’s mouth


for those of my readers who are not familiar with Boccaccio’s Decameron, it contains a charming tale about a naughty monk seducing an innocent girl by telling her he has a devil attached to him and he can only be redeemed if it’s put safely into hell, which, fortunately, the girl is equipped with.


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Alibech grows so fond of putting Rustico’s devil into her hell that she begs the monk to perform this redemptive practice more often than he is capable of.


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“So he satisfied her demands on a few occasions, but so seldom that it was like throwing a bean into a lion’s mouth.”


She eventually tells the ladies of the village that she is not serving God as often as she would wish and they laugh sympathetically, assuring her when she marries her fiancee (Neerbale) all will be well.


the story ends with this quote…

“and so, all you young ladies who are in need of god’s grace, learn to stuff the devil back into hell, for that is highly acceptable to him and pleasing to both parties, and much good may arise and proceed from it.”

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  1. devil stuffing .. mmm a very acceptable & pleasing pastime 😉

  2. D’accord 🙂

  3. I have always appreciated it when a lady throws her bean into MY mouth.

  4. That sounds like MY kind of bedtime story 😉

  5. My devil is always out on the loose.

  6. “I absolutely must send the devil to hell – RIGHT THIS MINUTE!”

    i can try it as a pick up line, but not sure it’ll work on the sorts i like to exorcise…

  7. I used that one on my sexually reluctant college boyfriend. He was a Jewish atheist, but the humor seemed to help him with his inhibitions. A classical education comes in handy at the damndest times.

  8. I need more hell. LOL

    Merry Christmas, Nursemyra!

  9. There’s more than one road to hell :mrgreen:

  10. What a scam! Why didn’t I think of it first. My usual method of seduction–dinner and begging–was rarely successful.

  11. “So he satisfied her demands on a few occasions, but so seldom that it was like throwing a bean into a lion’s mouth.” – or “it’s like waving an HB pencil around in the Albert Hall.” ……… sort of …….

  12. A classic win-winsome with a happy ending that just seems so right for the holidays. Who doesn’t enjoy a red-hot faith-based need-meeting directive now and then?

    Lou Screws

  13. So if the vagina is hell, is the ass considered purgatory or limbo?

  14. the lil devil lives in me. and i like it.
    merry christmas nurse myra! hugs to all.

  15. Merry Xmas to you Seraphine and to all my readers xx

  16. Give ’em Hell!

  17. 🙂

    and kisses to you uncle keith

  18. merry christmas hun xxx 🙂

  19. I recently heard masturbation being referred to as “flicking her bean.” Throwing it into someone’s mouth is even better.

  20. Pssst… Merry Christmas, you little devil.

  21. It’s officially Christmas here in America! Merry Christmas my dear nurse, from your favorite American.

  22. Merry Christmas, from a drunk daisyfae, who’d like to arm wrestle renal failure for the title of nursemyra’s favorite american…. grrr….

  23. Oh, hell, you just want to arm wrestle RenalFailure, Daisy Fae. Title of favorite American notwithstanding. Anyway, it is I who am her favorite (yeah, right.)

    Meanwhile, I prefer to think of the act as honoring Pan and Aphrodite. And to hell with the devil.

  24. Good evening, Aphrodite98121, my name is Pan – – –

    Archie you are EVIL.

  25. Merry Christmas, Nurse M! My beanstalk is always at your disposal should you need to climb it to the heavens.

    Bill! delighted to see you back here after such a long hiatus. merry xmas xx

  26. Perhaps this is what is meant by “the Lord works in mysterious ways…”

    So, what happens if one is unable to send his devil to Hell for a long span of years? Just wondering…

  27. Hell ain’t a bad place to be…

    Merry Xmas, Nursey!

  28. Merrrrrrry Christmas from one little devil to another! XOXO

  29. thanks everybody – hope your xmas was full of xxxxxx

    don’t forget it’s the last friday of the month – Tshirt Friday!!

    hope there will be some participants when you all wake up from your post xmas sleep…

  30. Merry Christmas

  31. So your title reminds me of a euphemism I read today for boinking an extremely cavernous vagina:

    “Like throwing a hotdog down a hallway…”

    Merry Christmas, Nurse Myra!

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