t shirt friday 26.12.2008

I’ve had this t-shirt for about ten years and it’s a little too short in length now that showing one’s belly is no longer a la mode but I can’t bear to part with it.

nursemyra doesn’t smoke marijuana (though I have no great objection to those who do) so it’s worn with a sense of irony. my mother was mortified when I wore it while visiting her in New Mexico in 2001. I’m sure she thought we were all going to be arrested when we stopped at a diner for breakfast one morning and there were cops at the next table……

marijuana-girl-002 marijuana-girl-005

you can click on these if you want to read the fine print

daisyfae is playing along and so is gnukid and Sledpress and just in the nick of time…… renalfailure and CheekofGod

and one more…..TigerEyeSal

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  1. I don’t partake either, or object ……. although it’s quite tedious when surrounded by potheads …… or drunks … and Mum’s were invented to be wound up [in a nice way of course]

  2. Glad you’re not a smokey type Nursey and I love those little red flashes in your hair.
    Happy Holiday.

  3. hey thanks daddyp and mick xx

  4. nice shirt. happy holidays.

  5. I used to smoke – but now I only eat the very occasional cookie. Daughter dear has a great recipe – – –

    Nice shirt, tho. Pity those designs become cracked with use 😦

  6. thanks mister anchovy I like your new blog header:-)

  7. Archie! we’re online together. happy xmas you loveable old curmudgeon

  8. And back atcha, my favourite nurse. 🙂

  9. Nice!

  10. […] T-Shirt Friday!  Not sure who else is playing along, but nursemyra is in the game… Boobies rock. […]

  11. love the “reefer madness” look… bad girls should rule the earth! my pic is up at The Park!

  12. dang… no marijuana in the house. how about some percocet? love the look, nursie.

  13. absolutey effing gorgeous, and yes i do partake, often, usually before work so i don’t strangle my co-workers and sometimes i even use it for medicinal purposes like when the old knees get creaky in wet weather but mostly it’s just to get stoned and contemplate the universe though i’m the rare hop-head who prefers to be stoned alone.

  14. […] friday 26.12.2008 By thegnukid Taking a cue from the delectable Nursemyra and the delicious Daisyfae, I decided to join in on T-shirt Friday.  Nursemyra has, in the past, […]

  15. Reminds me of that guy in the Petit documentary, who arrived the night before Le Coup stoned. When asked about the accusation, “I smoked pot every day for 30 years. There’s no reason to think I didn’t that day . . . ”

    And I also dig the flash of red hair. You are such a rebel!


  16. If this is a belly shirt, where is the belly?

  17. Merry Christmas to you too!

    I don’t smoke myself but I much prefer pot heads to piss heads – I’ve never been in a bar where people have been fighting ‘cos they’re stoned!

  18. Great Shirt!

  19. May old faves never die – they just shrink and unravel. A bit like people really. Thanks for the visit. Love the Shirt.

  20. Hi Crofty – long time no see! and welcome to two new faces, squirrelqueen and Abigail. hope to see you back here sometime 🙂

  21. Love the t-shirt nursy and the hair soooo cool. People wear pot shirts here to but the don’t know what it is most of them. There are so many plants here that look like pot they just think it’s them. Funny aye nursy.

  22. Merry just a little after Christmas!

  23. Lovely shirt, m’dear! It shows off your Christmas Puddings wonderfully.

    Good tidings I bring!

  24. Even gnukid is welcome at Vista Chapel!

  25. You are ridiculous. Amazingly so.

  26. Hey Rassles, why don’t you join in next year? It’s the last friday of every month…..

  27. […] Nursemyra and her redoubtable fans have a charming tradition here. It made me root through underbed drawers for this one, which I was sure I still had; it’s a one-off custom printed by my notoriously quirky Albino Ex in commemoration of the day he wrapped his mind around the idea that I was in business for myself. “You mean, when someone’s butt hurts, they call you and say they want a butt appointment,” he said. “And no butts means — no lunch money. That takes guts.” […]

  28. Good news! My t-shirt just came in the mail today! And it’s up for all to see!

  29. […] while I have your undivided attention, am a tad bit picture-happy, and The Good Nurse is going to spank me if I don’t start playing along after so many promises to do so, here are […]

  30. You have family in the states? That’s great. I love the shirt actually and say wear it.

    my mother lived and worked in the states for about 5 years but she’s back in Oz now.

  31. Sorry I didn’t play along this time, Nursie, but it was too cold to strip down to a T-shirt last night. Glad you got the “click to enlarge” thing going, it makes things better. Love the T-shirt.

    Never have indulged in weed, but if the knees keep it up, I may ask for Archie’s daughter’s recipe.

  32. Can I play, too? I posted a t-shirt, too…

  33. (It’s still Friday where I am, for another 2 hours…)

  34. So glad you joined in Sal!

  35. I cracked up thinking about how my mom would react if I wore that tshirt in public. She would be trying to look as if it didn’t bother her but…

  36. “Click on the picture to read the small print ..”
    Yes, Nursie … That’s why I’m zooming in.

  37. Okay nursie … I’ve posted mine.
    Let’s party!

  38. i want that shirt!!

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