ordeal of the cursed morsel

West’s Encyclopaedia of American Law  would appear to be an interesting book if only I could get my hands on a copy.

“An ancient form of trial required the accused person to submit to a dangerous or painful test on the theory that God would intervene and disclose his or her guilt or innocence.

The ordeal of water was performed by casting the suspect into a pond or river. If the suspect floated to the surface without any action of swimming, she was deemed guilty. If the suspect sank, she was pulled out and pronounced innocent. The hot water ordeal required the accused to plunge his bare arm up to the elbow into boiling water without injury. In the ordeal of the cursed morsel, the suspect swallowed a piece of dry bread with a feather in it. If the suspect did not choke, he was found innocent.”

we’ve had a few choking episodes at the gimcrack. geriatrics who are still feeding themselves often gobble their food. thankfully the heimlich manouvre is not practised at our facility. I once saw it performed on a choking grandmama in a restaurant and her false teeth flew across the room and landed in my friend’s creme brulee. there was a lot of gold in granny’s teeth and my friend was tempted to take them to a pawn shop but a surly waiter wearing double latex gloves intervened.


(I’d love to credit this but I don’t know where it came from)

but to get back to feathers, which have a long history associated with sex. Sally Rand was charged with being lewd, lascivious and degrading to public morals when she performed her famous feather and fan dance at the 1933 World Fair

sallyswan feather-dancer-sally-rand

she also performed in a see through bubble ball and hosted a nude ranch at the Golden Gate Exposition. She became famous for her finale, a fan-twirling dance, which she rendered in the buff. But, when challenged in court, she claimed that her audience never saw a thing because “the Rand is faster than the eye.”


This is NOT Sally but the panties DO feature a strategically placed feather

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  1. “the cursed morsel”

    I’m pretty sure that’s what Nog calls brussels sprouts.

  2. maybe if you panfried them with BACON……?

  3. Funny Nursy. And that’s all I can say.

  4. why? is your mouth full of feathers?

  5. he he look what the cat dragged in.

  6. Well, I’m sure it tickled everyone’s fancy at the time!

  7. I like the story about the Heimlich maneuver and granny’s false teeth.

    Alas! I fear the last picture is too small for my poor eyesight to discern what is happening there.

  8. given the choice of drowning to prove my innocence, immersing my arm in boiling water, or eating a breaded feather? ummm…. did the accused have a choice? those with a suppressed gag reflex would do well with that feather…

  9. Frac, people were stupid back then. LOL.

  10. Ahhh, the whole god will save you if you’re not guilty thing.

    How I do love the religious.

    I wonder…. how many of the accusers knew this was crap to secure the fate of the innocent and how many swallowed their own bullshit?

  11. So if she weighs the same as a duck, she’s made of wood. And therefore… A WITCH! BURN HER!!!

  12. She turned me into a newt…I got better.

  13. Oh dear – Monty Python and the Nurse who says “Ni” – – –

  14. Ah, nothing like Monty Python and Sally Rand in the morning. We have lost the artistry of the striptease with the ready availability of porn, I fear.

  15. feathers do have tendancy to get between the teeth…. so I have been told 😉

  16. You can get a copy for $2 American… 😉


  17. Weighing a witch is great and all….but what I immediately thought of after reading the post was this:

    Oh, shit – It’s Mr. Creosote!


  18. Thank you Rev … That was a bit overwhelming … luckily I had a waste paper basket under the desk.

  19. Hapy new year Nursy poo xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxoooooooooooxxxxxxxxxxx

  20. A wafer-thin mint? 🙂

    “We have lost the artistry of the striptease with the ready availability of porn, I fear.”

    And it seems that porn is now losing out to funny farts… Flatulence Wins Out Over Mammaries

  21. i think we all have strategically placed feathers. it just depends what we don’t want others to see: cellulite, moles, or even past loves. who likes to highlight ones flaws or shames to the world?
    i’m off for a couple of weeks to costa rica for holiday. i’ll see you when i get back. i’ll miss you nurse myra.
    don’t send the guards or the men in white, i’ll be quite ok.

    Costa Rica? how fabulous – you must tell us all about it when you return Sera xx

  22. Happy New Year, Nursemyra! A sexy 2009 for everyone!

  23. nursemyra, hoping you have a Happy New Year.

  24. Happy, Happy New Year to you and yours. I hope 2009 is a great one for you.

  25. But the application of dentures to a creme brulee after the mandatory torching is *the* latest methode sweeping the Continent…


    (gives nurse a big wet kiss and hug before running away)

  27. best blog site ever!
    gracias Nurse M!

    onward..into the future!

  28. Ah, lovely Sally Rand! she happened to be a heroine of mine when I was a teenager, much to my mother’s dismay. . .

  29. I’m so confused right now! SET ME UP WITH YOUR SON!

  30. I dated a guy once that I could describe as
    a Cursed Morsel.

    Guess we all have at least one in our lives.

    Two if we’re lucky

  31. Tom: not until you get straightened out first 🙂

    Anita: if I wasn’t already confused by Tom’s comment, I certainly am now by yours…..

  32. i want to touch your boobies! they look fun!

  33. […] [Image from Nurse M.] […]

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