pink on pink corset 2.1.2009

nursemyra has been visiting her mother and sisters on the mornington peninsula so I haven’t been posting or reading blogs for a couple of days. but before leaving I took a corset friday shot for today to start the new year off on a pink note. normal transmission will resume shortly…

pink corset under partially removed pink baby doll

pink-on-pink-001   pink-on-pink-005pink-on-pink-003

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  1. Spectacular as always Nurse.

  2. You’ve got it all Nursie. Your face is as lovely as your body.

  3. Kind of a coral pink. Gorgeous. Love the necklace, too.

  4. HNY hun …. I forgot it was Friday being Xmas & NY & all
    Hope you are are well xxx

  5. Happy 2009, hot stuff!

  6. Hey, Happy New Year, Nurse M.

  7. Some time ago, I mentioned in one of you corset posts that I have a thing for pink. So innocent, yet, not. I like to imagine that each time you post a pink corset it’s a secret wink to me.

    Of course, Happy New Year.

    it’s not your imagination. I also give you a secret wink when I wear white 🙂

  8. what a superb way to start the new year. happy new year, beautiful.

  9. Good Blog. I have a blog aroud Italian Culture. I’d like to exchange our links. If You’re right, please leave a comment in the last post; I’ll add you quikly after I read it.

  10. Saucy in pink … Hope your visits are going well.

  11. Happy New Year!

  12. Hope you’re having a lovely holiday! Happy New Year!

  13. Stunning, as always. May 2009 be a most rewarding year for you, dear heart.


  14. Flamingos all over the world are jealous of what you did with their color.

  15. hey thanks guys’n’gals – I hope we all have a spectacular 2009 xoxoxox

  16. Feliz año nuevo, flamenco rosa!

  17. happy new year to you too Azahar!

  18. happy New Year, Nurse M…and a lovely pink one for you!

    I once went to a wedding on the Mornington Pen. It’s gorgeous!

  19. oooh dolce, you must tell me about that someday. Not many overseas visitors would make it down to the peninsula. It’s a well kept secret 🙂

  20. Pink works for me!

  21. Hello, netchick sent me.

    Had I known that there was going to be pictures of beautiful bodies in a pink corset, I would have visited sooner…

    Happy New Year!

  22. hey welcome shnewt – netchick’s introduction is a great idea isn’t it?

  23. You have left us with a wonderful gift. I am in receipt of the DVD you sent me and can’t wait to watch it!! Hope you enjoy the family visit.

  24. I haven’t seen the dvd myself, hope it’s a good screenwriting tool.

    Family visit was fun but I’m back now and on my way to work. there’ll be a new post tonight xx

  25. Are those your very own pert buns in the picture top missus? If so I salute them. If not I salute them anyway. In fact my arm is stuck in that position. Arthritis you know. x

  26. all the friday corset shots are of nursemyra. though there are a couple that also feature daisyfae…..

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