sexy checkered past

nursemyra loves to play mahjongg, but many years ago she dabbled badly in chess. this is a game with a laudable history, the second book to be printed in the English language (in 1474) was Game and Playe of the Chesse.


Glamour Chess by Dany Pedro

Hippocrates believed chess cured diarrhoea while Galen thought it was the best treatment for erysipelas. Iran is the only country in the world that bans chess. The Ayatollah Khomeini once said that the game affected memory and could even cause brain damage.


3 way sex chess

Recently, chess has become a much sexier game with its own pinup girls and calendars. And who can forget Garry Kasparov’s recent runin with a dildo attached to a helipcopter. Much more imaginative than a flying shoe!


chess set by Jake and Dino Chapman

Ian has a great chess set to show you here

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  1. Gotta learn to play mahjongg!

  2. maybe I should come over and teach you…..

  3. “The Ayatollah Khomeini once said that the game affected memory and could even cause brain damage.”

    Whew! Good thing I’ve never really cared much for it then. Prolly saved my very life.

  4. Now I’m just reminded of that ‘Queen bee’ video by ‘puscifer’, I think its queen bee…

  5. A cure for diarrhoea and erysipelas? That’s just weird. 🙂

  6. I play mahjonng, too; tried chess when I was a teenager, but never got into it. I like mahjonng simply for the tiles, which are some of the loveliest game pieces ever designed. One of these days (I tell myself), I’m going to design my own tile set. I’d like to see you design a tile set using some of the remarkable curiosities of sexuality that you have curated in this blog. What fun!

    (Humble request: could you either use larger images on your blog posts, or link the thumbnails to larger images as you used to do? The images you share with us have always been fascinating, and it’s very frustrating when they are so small that my eyes can’t resolve them. Thanks!)

  7. sorry about that tobymarx. here’s a link to the glamour chess set

  8. I dread to think what the ‘Winds’ would look like on a ‘Nursey’ designed set of Mahjong ………..

  9. oooh I can see you know your mahjongg pieces….

  10. And yet the Ayatollah’s brain is rot now anyhoo!

  11. Those sexy chess sets give new meaning to “banging the bishop”.

  12. i’m getting me one of them there flying flesh probes… best way to end a meeting. ever…

  13. I’m glad Toby asked for an enlargement. I can make out the pieces, sort of, but as always it’s more fun when they are bigger. And I want to be in the meeting when Daisy Fae flies her helicopter. We could try it out at “She’s Geeky.”

    oh man I would love to go to that convention. I’m not a technology geek but I so identified with the girl who read the dictionary 🙂

  14. Oh man! So I basically have a choice between diarrhoea and brain damage? Maybe I should stick to scrabble.

  15. I’ll be your pawn if you’ll be my queen.
    Just a suggestion nursemyra.

  16. I find sex and chess to be a rather vexed link. My former husband, dear man though he was, was so addicted to chess and playing over master games by himself that he actually did it after coming home from our wedding party, before turning in…

    Didn’t the Romans go in for winged penis amulets?

  17. you’re right. I think they did it to ward off the evil eye.

    I’m rather fond of the “evil eye” 🙂

  18. “Iran is the only country in the world that bans chess.” Wow, that’s so unusual. Iran is known for being forward thinking and reasonable.

  19. But they sure knew how to throw a party. Back in 1971, they celebrated 2,500 years of Iranian monarchy. The menu included one ton of caviar, 5,000 bottles of vintage wine and champagne, and a roasted peacock stuffed with foie gras…..

  20. I can’t win at chess, however I can play to a stalemate really well. Because if you don’t win, I don’t lose. And then we can go do something more fun.

  21. I have only played Mahjong on the ‘tinternet not for real…. love chess but I am so rubbish but I keep trying, my nephew is a whizz, he learned how to play whilst in the army and had me in check mate before I could take a second breath!! Backgammon is more my game…… but the pieces can never be as sexy as chess 🙂

  22. Sexy chess just sounds wrong.

    And kind of hot.

  23. but “hot” and “wrong” go so well together 🙂

  24. Yes Please!!!!!

  25. Call me a simple man but I can barely manage a game of checkers.

  26. I’m not really a games person either Ricardo. Mahjongg is aesthetically pleasing, that’s why I play it but most other games bore me.

  27. The Ayatollah was probably speaking from personal experience.

    Wish you’d have linked to my Hitler chess pieces!

  28. oh I’d forgotten all about your fabulous set. Have added a link now…

  29. Ah nurse, you’re such a sweetie. 🙂

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