the cockfighter’s diet

The Compleat Gamester had this to say about cocks

“if your cock’s neck be invested with a scarlet complexion , it is a sign he is strong, lusty and courageous: but on the contrary, if pale and wan, it denotes the cock to be faint and in health defective.

whatever you do, let your hen be of good complexion. Let her body be large and well poked behind.

bottom bum-bra

White corn is good for the cock and so are white bread toasts steeped in drink or man’s urine, which will scour them inwardly. As to the diet of a cock for battle, cunning cock merchants are very cautious of divulging the secrets.


After sparring matches, a champion cock should be put in a basket covered with hay and set to sweat near a fire to bring away his grease. Give him white sugar candy, chopt rosemary and butter. In the evening take him out of the stove, lick his eyes and head with your tongue, fill his troughs with white bread, piss therein and let him eat while the urine is hot.


After battle, search your cock for wounds, suck the blood out and wash well with warm urine. In the morning if you find his head swelled you must suck his wounds again and let him not feel the air until the swelling be fallen.

If he hath received any hurt in his eye, take a leaf or two of ivy, chew it in your mouth and spit the juice into the eye of the cock


Charlie the gay doll by Fernando Carpaneda

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  1. I find giving mine a regular dip keeps him in fine fettle.

  2. Lawd. Thank goodness all the cocks I know can look after themselves!

  3. I’ve run into a few dependent ones in my time 🙂

  4. I’ve got to get one of those Charlie dolls for my wife. It’ll make a great ring holder.

  5. oh your poor long suffering wife…..

  6. Who on earth felt this was sound advice?!? lol! It is too out there not to share with us however. The dolls remind me of the inflatable ones of women made for us straight folk.

  7. There’s some damn useful advice there young Nursey…… that is if you’ve got a champion cock …….

  8. well I did have once 😉

  9. Oh yum, yum … just what I was looking for as a new diet aid in 2009. Lmao!

  10. piss on your cock to keep it healthy? isn’t that kinda hard to do? is it done with mirrors? pvc pipe?

  11. i piss on my cock on a regular basis if i’m in a rush, must be why he’s so healthy, i won’t divulge any more though cuz i don’t want the cock merchants to discover my secrets, though i will say this, be very careful with the white sugar candy, it can make your cock flaccid at the crucial point in battle.


  12. Chooks – we are talking about pissing on chooks aren’t we? I wonder how the colonel feels about that – Or how his customers feel about that – – –

  13. I’m all for the diet and exercise routine, but I really must draw the line at “put in a basket covered with hay and set to sweat near a fire”.

  14. Surprised you didn’t use the skinhead version of Charlie, nm, though I do rather like the photo of the boner patrol. I love Brazilian sensibilities…

  15. “boner patrol”… that’s a good one…

  16. As I asked in the previous post by mistake..”Are those your own pert buns……..etc”

  17. This doesn’t work. I put my cock in a basket of hay, and all it did was make my cock itch till the hay caught on fire. Whom should my lawyer contact concerning the malpractice suit I’m bringing due to the second degree burns on the head of my cock?

  18. Tom: oh how I wish…..

    UncleKeith: did you piss on it to put out the flames? if you didn’t I don’t think you have a leg to stand on

  19. If you’re going to enter a cockfight, your fighting cock needs a Spanish name. Like El Martillo Erguido or El Fuego Negro.

  20. “…a well poked behind…” good lord, now i won’t be able to concentrate on drinking beer tonight. not that that’s a bad thing.

  21. Do you care if someone is circumcised? I am SO GLAD that I don’t have to deal with a foreskin. Thanks, mom and dad!

  22. I never realised there was so much to caring for your cock.

  23. And if he continually has the drips, I guess you could always make cock-a-leeky soup out of him.

  24. eww… silverstar you’ve just put me off my dinner…

  25. That’ll explain why it tastes like chicken.

  26. only partially Ms Wayne-Bough 🙂

  27. I don’t mind a little caring ministration. But outright dependancy gets the boot.

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