look english and you’ll be safe


a 1902 guide to travel etiquette had this advice for tourists


“It is a bad habit to run in a revolution; somebody may think you are ‘the other side’ and shoot at you – but if you go calmly and look English there is no particular danger.”


Of course, revolutions were not the only thing to be wary of.


“There exists among hotel porters on the Continent a system of wireless telegraphy, by which the characteristics of a visitor in the matter of tips are communicated from one hotel to another. The medium of communication is the hotel label pasted on the visitor’s luggage, and the code is formed by varying the angle at which the label is placed. In one position the label means that the guest is worth cultivating and may be relied upon for liberal acknowledgment of services received; in another, that special attention bestowed upon him will be entirely wasted. Travellers, therefore, who find themselves treated with studied indifference by the servants in hotels should lose no time in cleaning the labels off their trunks.”


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  1. Planning some travel, myra?

  2. yes I want to go somewhere warm for winter 🙂

  3. It’s too bad that last picture doesn’t get much bigger. I had to get my magnifying glass out to read it.

  4. Nice piccies Nursey – I love the exotic broom!

  5. here you go silverstar


    daddyp – I thought that might be one of your relations holding the broom?

  6. Good trunk hygiene is so important.

  7. yes, nothing quite like a scrub with a hard brush

  8. I’d be in trooble the noo. I dinna ken hoo t’ play the Sassenach! I’d toss ma caber at any revolting natives!

  9. i generally try to pass for a Canadian when i travel internationally… people hate them so much less, eh?

  10. Have you seen the English on holiday sometimes. I’d rather look foreign 🙂

  11. Paranoid, now.

  12. Daisyfae: all you need to do is address everyone as “buddy” or “guy”, eh?

    I never before realized what an emotional burden it is when traveling, having to constantly pack and unpack the hubby’s rubber ting. Thank you for this most enlightening tidbit.


  13. again I must agree with Dolce lol 🙂

  14. Well we don’t stick labels on bags hear Nursy poo And we don’t act English but it is warm over here, so when winter arives at yours come over to mine.

  15. Tonga is sounding more and more appealing fevah

  16. This is good advice considering I just applied for a passport over the holidays, though the Irish side of me would kick my ass for posing as an Englishman.

  17. how about posing as a long passed race? say, for example, a Hittite? i’m thinking no one could get pissed at you in your travels if you said you were a Hittite… you’d have to speak with a Hittite accent, of course.

  18. But you’d be the Hittite of the party…

  19. That has to be a fake beard.

  20. Are you sure alex? It looks so real to me…..

  21. Yeah on second look… I think you might be right.

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