corset friday 9.1.2009

this is a very old slip/corset set from the fifties. I like wearing it because the stitching gives the “pointy bullet look” that was in fashion back then. It’s teamed with madame lash boots with six inch heels. There’s no way I can walk well enough in them to actually leave the house but it feels marvellous to be almost 6 foot tall on special occasions…..

black-on-black-005black-on-black-002 black-on-black-004  black-on-black-006


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  1. Very pointy, Nursie! I’d like to scratch my back against them!

  2. I love corsets. I don’t wear them but they are so feminine and beautiful.

    Those damn boots are hot!

  3. I’ll take that as a compliment 🙂

  4. Kitty – you should treat yourself to one. bet your husband would love it!

  5. God those boots are FANTASTIC! I WANT!

  6. Those boots are certainly impressive, although for special occasions when I need to be taller, I prefer a step-ladder.

  7. You know, Friday used to be only notable for heralding the week-end.

    Now, thanks to you my dear nurse, it heralds a very strong end instead.


  8. I like the x stitching Nursy but I don’t know about the boot bit hard to work the plantation in I think.

  9. My husband used to go crazy when he’d see me in just my nursing stockings. LOL.
    He’s easy.

  10. uplifting as always 🙂 Happy New Year nursemyra, hope all is good in sunny Australia x

  11. damn… i should’ve been born in the 50’s. oh, wait…

    another triumph, nursemyra.

  12. be careful, sir… you could put your eye out…

    and nursemyra? you ARE a special occasion!

    (must. get. more. boots.)

  13. Happy New Year. Can I also add to the clamour for more boots? Nice.

  14. So round, so firm, so fully packed. And love the stilts… on you. My feet hurt just looking at them. The Boyo gives his approval also.

  15. Mercy! You are the very embodiment of the women whose photos filled the magazines my father thought he had hidden away from me when I was a boy. Pointy-bullet brassieres and corsets, nylon hose with seams, stiletto heels–all were imprinted upon my psyche as feminine sexual icons; archetypes, if you will. That alone would be reason enough for me to enjoy your photos so very much, but by virtue of who you are, as revealed in both your writing and the things you choose to share with the world, you have added another dimension, which is why you are to me so indescribably irresistible and delicious.

    I hereby testify that this is an accurate and true statement of fact, and that I was entirely sober when I wrote this.

  16. Nice

  17. When my Catholic, Republican, practically a virgin girlfriend and I, Pagan, Socialist, libertine, first got together, everyone around seemed to wonder how she’d deal with the fact that my weekends involve loud German language music and hanging out with lots of people dressed like this.

    It’s always been my theory that everyone secretly wants to be something out of Kraft-Ebbings. I bought her a pair of ass-stomping boots and introduced her to garments made of extruded material and three years later she’s counting the days to each suspension show and the fetish ball.

    Oh how people do change when you let them be as deviant as they want to be.

  18. The only thing missing is a good kick ass whip dear! Put it on the shopping list.

    I prefer a paddle 🙂

  19. oooh, madame lash boots! It’s been a while. Best for 2009 sweet pea! x

  20. Superb boots 🙂

  21. MMMMmmmmmm – Much appreciation – Vargas in photographic form – – –

  22. Good Lord! Why on earth would you want to leave the house looking like that! And I do mean that in a good way!

  23. Nice boots.

  24. Oh, the good nurse knows my ultimate weakness is boots. What are your orders, my mistress?

  25. I love the silver starred stockings. I just bought a new black bra, and what I liked about it is that it has similar small silver stars on the straps… stars are sexy.

  26. Ah, the retro “collie muzzle” profile.

    I wish I could loan you my fur-lined leather paddle…

  27. Yes I like you wearing that aswell.

  28. I love those things, though I have to say, it looks much better on you than it does on me.

  29. Captain Smack – is this your first visit? If so, welcome to the gimcrack. you have a very funny blog

  30. All I have to says is hubba x 2 and this:

  31. I want the dress on page 35

  32. It does remind me of Bettie Page.

  33. that’s exactly who I was channelling 🙂

  34. You took a page right out of the book of Bettie Page! NICE!

  35. Page 34 goes with page 35.

  36. With the boots you’d be almost 6 feet tall.
    I’m 5 foot 4 … Let’s slow dance.

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