everywhere I look…..

…. I see genitalia. Recently I watched Nigel Marven’s Ugly Animals and was struck by how many of them bore resemblances to male genitals. Not that I think human male appendages are ugly but they don’t look quite so appealing on some animals


the adjunct stork appears to have an enormous hanging testicle


the proboscis monkey sports a nose like an uncircumcised penis


and isn’t the naked mole rat just like a penis with legs?

nursemyra has fallen prey to the Zafi.B trojan worm and even though I’ve nuked it with my virus protector it’s damaged my hard drive. Dr. PC will make a housecall on Wednesday afternoon so hopefully the gimcrack will be back in business soon. I have no idea how I got infected as I’m scrupulous about not opening email attachments or downloading free software. Has anyone else encountered this viral worm?

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  1. The mole rat is a combo of penis and testicles.

  2. Eww, they are ugly, poor things. Where do you find this stuff? Lol!

  3. no viral worm here ..not heard of it either.. will keep a watchful eye out 🙂

  4. Speaking of naked mole rats, didn’t you have a contest a while back to come up with the best name for a penis?

  5. It would be a worm, wouldn’t it?
    By the way, I should send you a picture of my boss. Everyone calls him “knobhead”.

  6. The monkey bears a fair resemblence to Jimmy Durante… And the mole rat? penis with teeth

  7. Eww… I thought for a second those pictures had put me off the real things… but it’s ok, they haven’t.

    Hope the wormy thing gets sorted. Never heard of it but it sounds highly nasty.

  8. On the subject of the African Naked Mole Rat, I really suggest the Errol Morris documentary “Fast Cheap and Out of Control.”

    yes I’ve seen it – fabulous doco. I love all errol morris’ work

  9. Willies are easier to see than front bottoms …… a wise man once said that …… probably

  10. Gaaaa! Not the Trojan Worm! Or is that another one of your genitalia references and I’m being too thick to see it? McAfee keeps me clean.

  11. no it’s for real. is macfee better than norton? I’m pissed off that I renew my anti virus subscription every year and I still got one…

  12. This is why I cover my keyboard in latex… that and I like the way it squeaks when I type.

  13. Wow – is that what a penis looks like? It’s been so long – mind you I keep running into ‘dick heads’ in my dating . . LOL

    the problem with Trojans is that they are usually something that’s new and outside of the regular viral parameters. I hope the Dr. can cure yer ills.

  14. almost missed this one:

    everywhere i look i see genitalia

    i didn’t realize you were a midget!

    (ba dum DUM!0

  15. sorry your PC is hosed… karmic (penis shaped, i’m sure) gods wreaking vengeance on you?

  16. Get well soon.

    are you talking to me or my computer Joe?


  17. Naked mole rats are ugly. They have a whole bunch of them over at Pacific Science Center that you can watch scurry around. Much rather play with penises.

    Get well soon, Nursie. I wonder if this is the same worm that Kym got? And I had heard there was something new out that didn’t require you to open an attachment. Farking hackers.

    yeah, i was wondering if it was the same as Kim’s 😦

  18. Nurse you should try ‘CA security centre’ I use it and have never had any trouble, its a little intrusive but with the amount I download I still havent been hit by anything.

    On the other topic I really don’t see how anyone can find a penis attractive, to quote Kryten from Red Dwarf, ‘did they really have to go for the last chicken in the shop look’.

  19. oh I think you and Kryten are being a little harsh Alex

  20. I always think of cock and balls when I make maps of northern Europe. Finland, specifically.

  21. A penis with legs … kind of describes most men really.

  22. I don’t think a Proboscis Monkey face looks like my genitals, I think my genitals look like a Proboscis Monkey, face.

    Thelonius Monkey

  23. whahahahaha. Nurse M. I love your view on the world

  24. you don’t think it’s too skewed?

  25. I’ve never been a fan of Norton or McAfee. AVG (Full version, not the freebie) has always had a good name.

    Do you use any P2P services? If so, that could be how you got it.

  26. Commiserations on the Trojan (though, that is an apt name for a virus that slipped in during this posting;>)

    Your naked mole rat caused me to nearly spew cereal all over my keyboard. I’m going to have a wary eye on my husband later tonight.

  27. Fracas I’m so technologically retarded I don’t even know what you mean by P2P so it’s fairly safe to assume the answer is No

    Kym: didn’t you have a computer virus recently too?

  28. That rat is freaky. And I think the stork is kind of sexy, don’t you?

  29. P2P person to person–chat;>

    and, unfortunately yes I did have a virus and then my hard drive went down as they were trying to retrieve my data.

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