delurk on white corset friday

Practically Joe has alerted me to National De-Lurkers Week. May I extend it to an Inter-National celebration? Contrary to popular belief my stats don’t necessarily skyrocket with more visitors on corset fridays. this post has had thousands of hits and nursemyra’s breasts are nowhere to be seen.

today’s corset is in two pieces. the top has the cutest little daisy straps which I didn’t manage to get into the photo and the lace on the suspender belt is really pretty. this is for UnbearableBanishment as he prefers the more innocent colours. any comments from the lurkers?

white-lace-002 white-lace-003 white-lace-007  white-lace-014

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  1. The lacy lower bit is quite tantalizing, Nursie!

  2. Lawd, Nurse M…utterly scrumptious! And I love pretty straps too…I got lovely detatchable ones from you once, if I recall.

  3. If this doesnt get the lurkers out nothing will.

  4. [rapturous applause]Wonderful, beautiful, tantalising – – – Thank you.

  5. Does the opposite also hold true? Are ‘regulars’ discouraged from commenting? If so, please don’t read this.

  6. that’s adorable… and hot… love the daisies!

  7. lordy, but that certainly woke this boy up this morning. thank you, dear.

  8. This is a lovely way to start the last day of the week.

  9. I can’t say I know what’s going on here because I just start following you. But I can’t say I disapprove either.

    we celebrate corsetry here every Friday except the last one of the month which is T-shirt Friday. To participate in TSF you just post a picture on your blog of yourself in a t-shirt and let me know so I can link back to you

  10. The innocent ones tend to be more transparent.

  11. No comment, just lurking.

  12. It’s fun to be a lurker. Thanks for the invitation to comne into the light and view your splendour.

  13. De lurkers are on de prowl.

  14. Perhaps the lurkers lurk because your photos leave them speechless?

    You are lovely, as always. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Hey! I’ve been uninformed about this corset Friday thing you have going on, damn it. So, although not a lurker, as I’m a new reader, I’m coming out of the closet! And commenting. And planning on checking out some of your…ummm..previous…posts…yeah…posts…because…uh…I I enjoy your writing…yeah,…writing…that’s it!


  16. I like white too … very pretty.

  17. For goodness sake – don’t go catching a chill …….

  18. Better stay indoors with that outfit….might turn a few heads! (And it’s winter, so I hear).

    I apologize for my lurkiness of late (humble hat tip).

  19. Ah white is always the bestest colour.

  20. lurk lurk lurk lurk

  21. If you insist … love the lace 🙂

  22. Even when we are sitting at -30 you make fridays hot!

  23. To paraphrase a comment Cew left on my blog… it’s hard to delurk with only one hand on the keyboard.

  24. Brazilian wax?

  25. Oh my word NM … ;-).. very virginal with a Brazilian twist 😉

  26. You’re kinda cute…To say the least. Does the fact that I got voted off the blogroll make me a “lurker”?

  27. I was away from a computer all day and didn’t get a chance to see this until the end of the day. Welp, I’m off to bed now! This will certainly come in handy. Ho ho. Thank you, my little lamb.

  28. I’m not having much luck bringing out the lurkers at my blog. Perhaps I don’t have any? I know … I’ll wear a corset and see if that helps.

  29. […] 17, 2009 by sledpress I caught this notion from Nursemyra who caught it from someone else who… well, apparently it’s a national week for owning […]

  30. Nursie! That’s not your vertical smile lurking behind the white lace, is it?

    Ooooh. You’re the wee wicked one!

  31. there’s a lurker in all of us headbang8 🙂

  32. ooooooh Nurse, that’s really cute 🙂

  33. These images would have kept me warm the other night. I did not have any lurkers surface on my blog from delurker week.

    I love Friday on your blog .

  34. not that friday needed another reason to become my favorite day of the week but this is certainly helping…

  35. Wow…

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